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MISCELLANEOUS ITEMS. Railroad Routes from Albany to Buffalo, for Emigrants. Fare and time of departure. Rates of Fare of Hackney Coaches, Cabs, etc., in the city of New-York. Steamboats on Lake Champlain. Duties on a few articles in the United States. Table of coins. Average Passages. New Ships.


MANY emigrants prefer to take the railroad at Albany for Buffalo, instead of the canal. By so doing, they cercainly save time. It is a route we can recommend. The present price from Albany to Buffalo, by the emigrant cars, is, $5 50; luggage free. The time of running the entire distance, is about 25 hours; while by the canal it would take eight days. The emigrant cars leave Albany, daily, at half-past one in the afternoon.

The first class cars leave Albany for Buffalo, daily, at 7 A. M.-1 P. M.—7 P. M. Through in 25 hours. Fare to Utica, $3 00; to Syracuse, $5 00; to Auburn, $6 00; to Rochester, $8 50; to Buffalo, $10 75.

RATES OF FARE OF HACKNEY COACHES, CABS, &c., in the city of New-York, for one person, going to or from the Hotels to the Steamboat Landings, &c.

Hackney Coach Fare, with baggage,..

Cartmen's Fees,.

Porter's Fees,........

.37 cents.



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STEAMBOATS ON LAKE CHAMPLAIN, running from Whitehall to St. Johns', Canada; a distance of 150 miles. Usual fare, $3 00.

The above boats form a daily line, stopping at the intermediate ports.

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Beer, otherwise than in bottles...

Blankets, the value not exceeding 75 cents

each, and dimensions not exceeding 65 by

60 inches.......

Blankets, all other woollen....

3 cts. per lb.

2 cts. do.

20 cts. per gal.

15 cts. do.

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Boots, laced, silk or satin, for children......... 25 cts.


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Boots and bootees, women's, of leather......... 50 cts.


Boots and bootees, children's, of leather........ 15 cts. do.

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Carriages of all descriptions, and parts thereof 30 per cent.




Clothing, ready-made...

Clothing, all articles worn by men, women, or children, not otherwise specified, of whatever material composed, made wholly or in part by hand..

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Coins, cabinets of, not specially imported, and

of copper...... Cotton, all manufactures of, or of which cotton shall be a component part, not otherwise enumerated


30 per cent.

Cotton, all manufactures of, not dyed, colored, printed, or stained, not exceeding in value 20 cents per square yard, shall be valued at

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Furniture, brass, copper, iron, or steel, not

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Inventions, models of, according to material. Leather, and all manufactures thereof, or of which it is the material of chief value, not otherwise specified.......

Leather, sole.......

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35 per cent.

6 cts. per lb.

Leather, upper, not otherwise specified......... 8 do.

Leather, patent...


Machinery, models of, and other inventions... free.
Philosophical apparatus, instruments, books,

maps, and charts, statues, statuary, busts, and casts of marble, bronze, alabaster, or plaster of Paris, paintings, drawings, engravings, etchings, specimens of sculpture, cabinets of coins, medals, gems, and all other collections of antiquities; provided the same be specially imported in good faith, for the use of any society, incorporated or established for philosophical or literary purposes, or for the encouragement of the fine arts, or for the use and by the order of any college, academy, school, or seminary of learning, in the United States, free. Stuff goods, all kinds of worsted...... 30 per cent. To come under the denomination of "worsted

stuff goods," the articles must be composed entirely of worsted; and be of that class of goods well known and understood by merchants as coming under the denomination of "worsted stuff goods," namely—such as worsted plaids, bombazettes, and the like. Tools and implements of trade of persons arriving in the United States.



Franc of France or Belgium, (fixed by law)......

Pound Sterling of Great

$0 18 4 80 40

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331 40



4 10


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The passage to the northern ports of the United States, say from Great Britain, and from Havre, by first class ships, will average about thirty-five days. From the above ports to Great Britain, Havre, etc., about twentythree days, is a fair average. In 1840, an accurate examination of this matter was made, which gave the above results. Since 1840 there has been some changes in the various packet lines. Some of the older ships have been changed for new ones. But these changes have been for the better; for the new ships, such as the Montezuma, the Yorkshire, the Ashburton, the Victoria, the Prince Albert, and others, are of a decidedly improved model for sailing. An entirely new line has been put upon the route between New-York and Liverpool, since 1840; consisting of the magnificent ships, the Queen of the West, the Liverpool, the Rochester and the Hottinguer.

The models of transient ships have been improved since the above date, and the average will be under rather than above that we have given.

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