Henry VIII and the English Monasteries: An Attempt to Illustrate the History of Their Suppression, Nide 2


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Sivu 534 - ... being a divine work, not the mere creation of human genius. Instead of progressing on plan and system and from the will of a superior, it has shot forth and run out as if spontaneously, and has shaped itself according to events, from an irrepressible fulness...
Sivu 68 - How presumptuous then, are ye, the rude commons of one shire, and that one of the most brute and beastly of the whole realm...
Sivu 34 - It is a lamentable thing," said Chapuys in the summer, "to see a legion of monks and nuns who have been chased from their monasteries wandering miserably hither and thither, seeking means to live, and several honest men have told me that what with monks, nuns and persons dependent on the monasteries suppressed there were over twenty thousand who knew not how to live.
Sivu 482 - We will not receive the new service, because it is but like a Christmas game; but we will have our old service of matins, mass, even-song, and procession in Latin, as it was before. And so we the Cornish men, whereof certain of us understand no English, utterly refuse this new English.
Sivu 509 - Competition, in fact, has only become in any considerable degree the governing principle of contracts, at a comparatively modern period. The farther we look back into history, the more we see all transactions and engagements under the influence of fixed customs. The reason is evident. Custom is the most powerful protector of the weak against the strong ; their sole protector where there are no laws or government adequate to the purpose.
Sivu 314 - Visitors caused to be brought into their presence: and when they had so done, turned the Abbot with all his convent and household forth of the doors. Which thing was not a little grief to the Convent, and all the Servants of the House departing one from another, and especially such as with their conscience could not break their profession: for it would have made...
Sivu 434 - ... turned to better use as hereafter shall follow, whereby God's word might the better be set forth, children brought up in learning, clerks nourished in the universities, old servants decayed to have livings, almshouses for poor folk to be sustained in, readers of Greek, Hebrew, and Latin to have good stipend, daily alms to be ministered, mending of highways, exhibition for ministers of the church...
Sivu 390 - But above all are their riches displayed in the church treasures ; for there is not a parish church in the kingdom so mean as not to possess crucifixes, candlesticks, censers, patens, and cups of silver ; nor is there a convent of mendicant friars so poor, as not to have all these same articles in silver, besides many other ornaments worthy of a cathedral church in the same metal.
Sivu 163 - Doncaster, you shall, without pity or circumstance, now that our banner is displayed, cause all the monks and canons that be in any wise faulty, to be tied up without further delay or ceremony, to the terrible example of others: wherein we think you shall do unto us high service.
Sivu 337 - ... of our coming, examined him upon certain articles. And for that his answer was not then to our purpose, we advised him to call to his remembrance that which he had as then forgotten, and so declare the truth...

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