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Scorn,) A Putative Righteousness; yea, Cant, and Mummery: And the Faith in our Lord's Satisfaction, nothing but a Sandy-Foundation. And nothing is more studiously Loaded with all their Disgrace ; than that only Refuge, which all men in their Wits, will at lait, be glad to Fly to: Priding and Justifying themselves in the Filthy Rags; which are Abomination in the fight of God. Luke 16.15. And making but a Mock of the Only thing in the World that should Save 'em: And still so void of good Sense, as to Mistake the Covenant of Grace, for a Covenant of Works : Whenas they are so widely Different, That the voice of the one is, Do this and Live : And the voice of the other, Believe, and thou shalt be saved. They will by all means, be under the Covenant of Works: None can keep 'em off it. And there they keep the Clutter,to set

up that Righteousness; which no man ever did, or ever shall, find sufficient. When after all, The Gayest of 'em is not Arrayed like one of the humble Lillies; that neither Toil nor Spin, to Weave an impossible Web, (Spider-like,) out of their own Bowels. Thus the Foolish Virgins may make a Flourish

. with their Lamps: Though when the Bridegroom comes, The Oyl will be Wanting; That Grace which now they do not think worth the Providing ; Nay that Grace of the Gospel, which they put from 'em; and


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will not Admit of it ; Because their own Righteousness must be thrown down, for this Grace to be Set Above it. Thus the God of this World Blinds the eyes of them that Believe not. 2 Cor. 4.4: And though they so stand in their own Light, to Reject the only Saviour : Yet they think they do well in it : and are very Confident in the Delusion : However our Apostle Labours to Convince the World, That it is of Faith, and not of Works : Still they go on to Contradict ; and are as Flat and Peremptory in it, That it is of Works, and not of Faith.

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II. This Attempt of Establishing their Own Righteousness, is no less Wicked than Silly. 'Tis a Confronting the plain Declarations of the Gospel: As if nothing at all had been said; or they Car’d for never a word that our Lord speaks, to throw down all Confidence in the Righteousness of Works ; and to put men out of it; to take Shelter in the Righteousness of Faith. How do they Despise the Wisdom of God, in this gracious Method of Salvation, by Faith in Christ Jesus? And Resist the Authority of God, when he Commands 'em to Believe in the Name of bis Son, to the Saving of the Soul? How do they Trample the Son of his Love, whom he gave to Dye, as the Propitiation for our Sins; And not count him Worthy to be Re

lied on? Though he says, That Believing in him, shall secure us from Perishing; and help us to Life Everlasting. John 3. 10. Yet they dare not Trust to that; But think their Own Works are more to be Trusted to: And that they have a Better String to their Bow. And fo, like the Pharisees, Luke 7. 30. They Reject the Counsel of God against themselves ; And will have it their Own way; whatever he has said in his Word: If it do not jump with their Pre-conceptions, and the Systems that they have fram'd in their heads; It's all one to them, as if it had never been said. The Bread which came down from Heaven, to give Life uinto the World, They set at naught; To feed upon the Trajn of their Own Imaginations. And Tread under foot the Son of God : and do Despight to the Spirit of Grace; in setting up a Paganish Religion, above all the Gospel Revelation. And whom God hath sent to make Reconciliation for Iniquity; and to bring in Everlasting Righteousness; Dan. 9. 24. And to put away Sin, by the Sacrifice of diim elf ; Heb. 9. 25. Him they have little Respect to; But run on with their old Rumble, of attaining Happiness, even in the fame way, as the Eihnic Philosophers taught. As if they had better Light and information from them; than from all the Revelation of Jesus Chrift: And look upon all that he has Introduced afterwards, as Srpervacaneous; and they


could do even as well without it. For it is but to Lead an Honest, Sober, and Good Life: And that they knew well enough without Book: If he had said nothing to 'em in his Gospel. But as to their Believing him the only Begotten Son of God: Yea Jesus Christ, over all God Blessed for ever; And that we have Redemption through his Blood', even the Forgiveness of Sins, according to the Riches of his Grace. Eph. 1.5. And that he was made Sin for us, that we might be made the Righteousness of God in him. 2 Cor.5. last ver. In these, and sach like Mystical matters of Faith, They Leave him, and deGre to be Excused; and would be left to the Latitudinarian Liberty, and not Impos'd upon. i. e. Let him say what he will; They'll Believe what they List. And so not only Socinus, or Crellius ; But Socrates, or Epictetus, is more their Master, than Christ Jesus. And what more Impudent, Blasphemous Usage of the Blessed Saviour of the World; Than so to fly in his Face; instead of Believing in his Name? And if not downright Denying, yet fo rudely Handling the Lord that Bought them: For which we must leave him to deal with them; when he shall come to call such his Enemies to Account, as would not be should Reign over 'em; nor give the Law of Faith; as well as of Works, to 'em.

III. This

III. This Establishing their own Righteousness, is as Dangerous and Destructive to themselves ; as it is Silly and Ungodly in it felf. For thus do they turn themselves out of all the Blessed Benefits, which come by the Redeemer of the World. Seeing Chrift is of no Effect to them, whosoever are Justified by the Law: They are fallen from Grace. Gal. F. 4. Why, what if they be? They may hope to do as well without Grace ; If they have but the Moral Works. Sit Anima mea cum Philofophis. (In a sense worse than Averroes us'd it,') They may with themselves with the old Philosophers; not so much to Escape the Scandalous Lives, as the Unintelligible Faith, of Christians. The Gentiles Divinity is even as Wholesome to them as the Gospel. Nay they find more Edification in the honest Seneca, than in this Mystery. monger, S. Paul. There they Learn the brave, noble Resolution, enough to make their Worthy Good man. (Unum Bonum tibi fidere.) Not to hang and depend on any other; but Confide and Trust to thy self only. To Live all upon their own Stock, That's the Happy Life. But o how will they get into that Life Eternal; where none but the Righteous shall Enter? Why, They are Righteous, Square, and Upright : And that's enough for them. But I doubt, they


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