When You Look in the Mirror, Do You See Jesus?

AuthorHouse, 2002 - 168 sivua
'To hear the voice of God, you have to listen.'

Jenny Alder's life has been transformed by a miracle. Prompted by her mother, the troubled teenager from Arjay, Kentucky tells the story of Dr. Peter Casey, beginning twenty years before. Bored and lonely the night before his interview for medical school, Peter goes out and gets arrested. His career is over before it starts. But on his way to jail Peter is saved. A man he's never met takes his place.

Twenty years later, Peter Casey is a prominent Knoxville plastic surgeon with a loving family, a large bank account, two nice houses and a mistress he isn't sure what to do with. Then one night while making hospital rounds, he sees a breaking news report on a patient's television. Jenny Alder has been arrested for the brutal murder of a store clerk. The very next day the man from his past shows up in Peter's office. It's Peter's turn, he says, to do unto others. And the other is Jenny. And what Peter does is a miracle.

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