The Married Women's Property Act, 1870: And the Married Women's Property Act, 1870, Amendment Act, 1874. Its Relations to the Doctrine of Separate Use. With Appendix of Cases, Statutes and Forms

Stevens & Haynes, 1875 - 92 sivua

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Sivu 20 - Knowledge is of two kinds. We know a subject ourselves, or we know where we can find information upon it.
Sivu 19 - Law books never can die or remain long dead so long as Stevens and Haynes are willing to continue them or reVive them when dead. It is certainly surprising to see with what facial accuracy an old volume of Reports may be produced by these modern publishers, whose good taste is only equalled by their enterprise.
Sivu 7 - LORD CAIRNS'S DECISIONS. Reported by FRANCIS S. REILLY, of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law. ;In 8vo., 1871, price 2ls., cloth, A TREATISE ON THE STATUTES OF ELIZABETH AGAINST FRAUDULENT CONVEYANCES. The Bills of Sale Registration Acts, and the Law of Voluntary Dispositions of Property generally. BY HW MAY, BA (Ch. Ch. Oxford), and of Lincoln's Inn, Barrister-at-Law.
Sivu 18 - A married woman may maintain an action in her own name for the recovery of any wages, earnings, money, and property by this Act declared to be her separate property, or of any property belonging to her before marriage, and which her husband shall, by writing under his hand, have agreed with her shall belong to her after marriage as her separate property...
Sivu 50 - that such jurisdiction shall only be exercised where it is proved to the satisfaction of the Court that the person making default either has or has had since the date of the order or judgment the means to pay...
Sivu 41 - ... shall enure and be deemed a trust for the benefit of his wife for her separate use...
Sivu 4 - ... Chalmers's Opinions of Eminent Lawyers.' . . . The constitutional relations between England and her colonies are becoming every day of more importance. The work of Mr. Forsyth will do more to make these relations perfectly clear than any which has yet appeared. Henceforth it will be the standard work of reference in a variety of questions which are constantly presenting themselves for solution both here and in our colonies.
Sivu 69 - Court, for an order to protect any money or property she may acquire by her own lawful industry, and property which she may become possessed of, after such desertion, against her husband or his creditors, or any person claiming under him.

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