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such as profess Christ and Christ's peace. All christians are to mind God's and Christ's teaching, who teach christians to love one another, yea, enemies; and persuade kings and princes to give liberty to all tender consciences in matters of religion and worship, they living peaceably under every government: so that for the time to come there may be no more imprisonment and persecution among christians for tender consciences about matters of faith, worship, and religion, that the Jews, Turks, Tartars, and Heathens may not see how christians are persecuting one another for religion. Seeing from Christ and the apostles christians have no such command, but, on the contrary, to love one another; and knowing that Christ said to such as would have been plucking up tares, “Let the tares and the wheat grow together till the harvest (which is the end of the world) lest they plucked up the wheat;” and at the end of the world Christ would send forth his angels, and they should sever the wheat from the tares. So Christ tells you, it is the angels' work at the end of the world, and not men's work before the harvest at the end of the world. Hath not all this persecution, banishing, imprisoning, and putting to death concerning religion, been the pretence of plucking up tares? and hath not all this been before the harvest, before the end of the world? have not all these been actors against the express command of Christ, the King of heaven? all kings and rulers, especially those that call themselves christians, should obey their Lord and Saviour's command; “Let the tares and the wheat grow together till the harvest;” and the harvest is the end of the world. Also, Christ told some of his disciples, that would have had “fire to come down from heaven, to destroy such as would not receive him (in their zeal) that they did not know what spirit they were of:” and rebuked them, saying, “He came not to destroy men's lives, but to save them.” Have all such as have destroyed men's lives concerning religion, and the worship of God, known what spirit they have been of 1 have they not done that they should not do? that which Christ forbade, who saith, “Lest ye should pluck up the wheat with the tares,” and saith, “It is the angels' work at the end of the world !” hath not God showed unto man what is good, and his duty, to “love mercy, to do justly, and to walk humbly with his God?” which man is to mind. “And the apostle exhorts christians to “follow peace with all men, and holiness, without which no man shall see the Lord.” Heb. xii. 14. Why should christians war and strive one with another, seeing they all own in words one King, and Lord and Saviour Christ Jesus, whose command is, that they should “love one another;” which is a mark that they shall be known by, to be Christ's disciples, as I said before. And Christ, who is the King of kings, and Lord of lords, saith, “As I have loved

you, so love one another." John xv. 12. and John xiii. And the apostle saith, “christians ought to be patient towards all men.” 1 Thess. v. 14. “From him who is a lover of truth, righteousness, and peace, and desires your temporal and eternal good; and that in the wisdom of God, that is pure, gentle, and peaceable from above, you may be ordered, and order all things God hath committed to you to his glory, and stop those things among christians, so far as you have power, which dishonour God, Christ and christianity G. F. ‘Amsterdam, the 21st of the 7th month, 1677.’

end or vol. ii.


The Roman numerals refer to the volume, and the Arabic to the page.

Abuses done to George Fox, i. 138,
154, 156. By professors, &c. i. 172,189,
203, 242, 321. Friends abused, ii. 13, 71.
Action in the fields, near London, where
Friends had been much abused, G. F. had
a meeting, i. 384.
Adam the first and second compared,
ii. 311.
Affections, lusts and desires, mortified,
i. 340.
Aged Friend of 100 years old, i. 130; one
aged 122, ii. 24.
Allegiance to the king, ii. 32, 35, and
supremacy, ii. 160.
Ambassador with Irishmen come to dis-
turb the meeting, i. 428.
Ambassadors at Nimeguen: G. F.'s epis-
tle to them, ii. 382 to 385.
America, G. Fox’s travels there, from
Maryland to New England, &c. through
the woods and wildernesses, over bogs
and great rivers, (not without imminent
danger of some of their lives,) and lying
on nights in the woods, by a fire in a very
cold season, the wolves howling about
them, ii. 121 to 142. Truth’s prosperity
there, ii. 215. G. F.'s epistle to those
places, ii. 356.
Anointing within teacheth the believers,
i. 71. ii. 192.
Antichrists. See false prophets.
Apostacy entered since the days of the
apostles, i. 303.
Apostates, backsliders, and false bre-
thren, are got into the temple of God, ii.
285, 307, 347, 349.
Apostles were tradesmen, ii. 350.
Apparel for pride judged, ii. 283.
Apparition, foreshowing the death of
O. C. seen by G. F. i. 382.
Appeals of London Friends tried, ii.

Apprentices put forth by Monthly Meet-
ings, ii. 94.
Arminians, strangers to the spirit of the
apostles, i. 436.
Assizes of G. F.'s trials at Carlisle, i.
180; Lancaster, i. 158. ii. 28, 46, 50; Lan-
ceston, i. 252; Nottingham, ii. 4; Worces-
ter, ii. 156. See sessions.
Astrologers. See stargazers.
Vol. II.


Backsliders warned, ii. 284. See apos-
Banishment of G. F. in Scotland, i. 354.
Banishment and imprisoning for religion
is no part of Christ's doctrine, ii. 216.
Friends banished in England, ii. 61; at
Dantzic, ii. 344.
Baptism, i. 246, 307, 314.
Baptist meetings, i. 80. 178, 211. Bap-
tists discoursed by G. F. i. 96, 179, 221.
A teacher convinced, i. 188, 223, 240.
Baptists in Warwick, i. 242. In Notting-
hamshire, i. 83. Baptists and Fifth-mon-
archy-men prophesied of Christ to come
that year to reign, i. 286. A Baptist wo-
man restored, i. 244. Baptists deny G. F.
their meeting-house, i. 246. Particular
Baptists, i. 247.
Battledore, the author's account thereof,
i. 433. ii. 27.
Believers are born of God, i. 71.
Bible given to G. F. to swear upon,
which forbids swearing, ii. 48, and teaches
the plain language, ii. 58.
Bonds for appearance refused, ii. 17.
Bonds for good behaviour, ii. 156.
Book, see bible. Books written and
answered by G. F. ii. 52, 66, 167, 170.
Bowling and foolish exercises denied,
i. 295.
Bread and wine. See Papists. *
Brown's prophecy of G. F. i. 80. ."
Brownists, i. 436. ii. 191. -
Butchers and rude people bind them-
selves with an oath to kill G. F. i. 199.


Calvinists, i, 436.
Cambridge, scholars' rudeness, i. 228.
Captain much given to laughter con-
vinced, i. 245. In Scotland his impious
saying, i. 402.
Carlisle in an uproar, i. 179. G. F. in
Carlisle prison, i. 182, 188.
Cartmeil Wapentake Court, ii. 250,
Certificates to be brought by Friends
proceeding to marriage, ii. 72.
Cheat discovered by G. F. ii. 75.
Christ, the teacher of his people, i. 177.
The Rest. ii. 273. Sun of righteousness,
ii. 305. A quickening spirit, ii. 309.
Who can speak to men's conditions, i. 74,
76,79; and is known by revelation, i. 74, &c.
Church, the true and the false, i. 367.
The church of Christ clothed with the
sun, ii. 304.
Of Rome degenerated, i. 372, 435; per-
secuting, i. 375.
Of England's faith, i. 381.
Climate's sudden change and variety in
America, ii. 137.
Cloisters, monasteries, &c. there is no
scripture for them, i. 372.
Coldbeck steeple-house; Robert Wid-
ders going thither, &c. was almost killed
by the people, i. 188.
Colleges cannot make ministers of
Christ, i. 362.
Collegians, ii. 192, 195.
Committee of safety, &c. their pro-
claiming fasts is like Jezebel's, i. 381.
Conjuror (so reputed) reproved by G.
F. in jail, i. 115.
Conscience, a witness to truth, i. 378 to
381; is not to be forced, ii. 292; must be
void of offence, ii. 300.
Contentions not to be in meetings, ii.
Conventicle act is, not to do as they
would be done by, ii. 95, 99.
Convincements, in the nation in the be-
ginning, i. 82, 83, &c. 189, 191, 195, 196,
200; London, i. 213.
Convincements in Oliver Cromwell's
house and family, i. 213.
Cromwell, Oliver, his discourse with G.
F. i. 209, 300. A Friend offers himself to
O. C. to lie in prison for G. F. i. 290.
Cross, the power of God, i. 76,79, 371.
Covetousness of wrecks, &c. reproved,
i. 395, ii. 362.
Cutpurse at sessions searching Friends'
pockets is set at liberty, ii. 14.
Dangers and perils of G. F. i. 92,98, 136,
150, 155, 157, 162, 171, 173, 180, 182,
199, 250, 254, 262, 301, 324, 335, 346,
372, 398, 400; ii. 14, 22, 63, 68, 86, at sea,
100; by knives, rapiers, rude multitudes,
beatings, bruisings, and binding themselves
with an oath to kill him.
Day of judgment coming upon persecu-
tors, ii. 105. The day of the Lord's wrath
is kindled upon them, i. 218,
Deceivers beyond the priests that stand
in deceit described, i. 86.
Declaration of G. F.'s offered by him to
the court instead of the oath, ii. 160.
Devil, he was not made of God, i. 224,
ii. 18.
Differences about outward things to be
shunned, ii. 348.

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Disputes at Leicester, i. 83. with the
priest of Grayrigg, &c. i. 171, 172, at Dray-
ton, i. 202. G. F. with priest Wilkinson, i.
Dispute of James Nayler with eight
priests, i. 240. A vain disputer answer-
ed., ii. 29. Vain janglings to be shunned,
ii. 175.
Dogs did not move their tongues against
them, ii. 137.
Do unto others as you would have others,
&c. i. 93, 395, ii. 293,339, 350.
Dreams relied on by a people, i. 72.
Drought was great in England, i. 325.
Drunkenness testified against by G. F.
at inns in his travels, i. 247, 299, 307. Great
drunkenness at the choosing of parliament
men, i. 401.
Dwarfs not to come nigh the altar of
God, ii. 332, 335. Out of Christ all man-
kind ure imperfect and deformed, ii. 314.
Egyptians afflict Israel till the Lord over-
throws them, i. 283.
Election and reprobation, i. 129, 178,
246, 332, 348, ii. 89, 91.
Enemies, who are the worst to truth,
ii. 179.
Episcopal men cannot affirm they have
the same spirit as the apostles had, i. 436.
Errors pleaded in Margaret Fell's indict-
ment, ii. 46, in G. F.'s indictment pleaded
by himself, ii. 46, 47, and the second in-
dictment quashed by errors, ii. 50.
Examples. See judgments.
Excisemen"warned, i. 98.
Excommunicated Friends in Scotland,
none was to buy or sell with them, i. 355;
in England, ii. 58.
Experiences formerly had, or other men's
spoken and preached from, i. 151, ii. 172,
Faith gives victory over sin, i. 350.
Christ is the author of, i. 375. Stands in
the power of God, ii. 170, 177.
Fanatics, who and what they are, i. 392,
Fashions, and vanities of the world tes-
tified against, i. 93, ii. 352. See Apparel.
Fast of G. F.'s, i. 161, 173. Of a wo-
man in Lancashire, i. 79. Proclaimed by
O. C. for rain, i. 326. A day of humilia-
tion, i. 377. The true and false, i. 323,
327. And holy days, so called, ii. 147.
Fasting and prayer, ii. 372, 373.
Feasting and sporting, whilst others
were, G. F. visited the poor, relieving
them, i. 71.
Fees, Marshal's, i.419, ii. 60. G. P. could
not pay, being innocent, and the jailer's,
i. 294, ii. 13.

Fell, Judge, sends a warrant against the
abusers of G. F. i. 151, and grants a super-
sedeas of a warrant against him, i. 153.
Fell, Margaret, shows to the king
Friends' sufferings and innocency, i. 426.
Fellowships in outward things will cor-
rupt and wither, ii. 43.
Fifth-monarchy-men's uproar, i. 425.
They cleared Friends openly at their exe-
cution, i. 434. They look for Christ's
personal coming, i. 436. Are fighters, ibid.
Fighters are not of Christ's kingdom, i.
387. Sion needs no such, ibid. and i. 434.
See wars.
Fox, George, his place of birth, parents
and relations, i. 67, 69, 109, 206, 400, ii.
67, 150; his clothes and wear, i. 128, 247;
his marriage, ii. 101; a great weight fell
upon his spirit, ii. 110; his travels and suf-
ferings at Reading, i. 385, 387, 400, 417;
offers his hair and cheek to the threatener,
i. 429; and labours diligently in the work
of the Lord, ii. 350; his persecutors would
have hanged him, i. 179; his care for truth
and Friends, ii. 362; he prays to the Lord,
i. 79, ii. 107; and for the afflicted, i. 98,
ii. 257, &c. see miracles; his weakness of
body, ii. 343, 363; death and burial, ii.
362, 363; whose name is written in the
Lamb's book of life, which was before the
foundation of the world, i. 87; his epistle
left sealed up, ii. 364.
Fox, Mary, mother of G. F. died, ii. 156.
Frederickstadt, Friends' cause pleaded
by G. F. ii. 276 to 280.
Friends much abused by priest and peo-
ple, i. 137, 154. Their charity to the poor,
i. 403.

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Jailer of Derby watches G. F. for evil,
being in a rage against him, i. 100; his vi-
sion concerning G. F. i. 207; was convinced
of truth; G. F. finding him among Friends,
i. 400; and afterwards he wrote a sensible
letter to G. F. ii. 7.
Jailers of Carlisle, their cruelty against
G. F. i. 180, 183; so that the under jailer
was put into the dungeon to G. F. for using
him so badly, i. 187.
Jailer at Lanceston, i. 252; his wicked-
ness and rage against G. F. &c. i. 260; had
been a thief and burnt in the hand, i. 261,
and afterwards was put into Doomsdale
himself, and died in prison, i. 291.
Under-Jailer at Lancaster, a very wicked
man, i. 406; and the upper-jailer, Hunter,
was cut off in young days for his wicked-
ness to G. F. ii. 54, 64.
Jailer at Leicester was very cruel to
o in prison before G. F. came there,
ii. 12.
Jailer of Durham, incensing the governor

and soldiers of Scarborough Castle against
G. F. was cut off in his wickedness, ii. 64.
God’s people to be like unto him, ii. 321.
The power of God thundered amongst the
magistrates of Derby, &c. i. 101.
Good behaviour, G. F. could not consent
to be bound to, who had committed no ill
behaviour, i. 109. See Bond.
Good morrow, good evening, &c. vain
customs and traditions, forbidden, i. 92.
Goods ill-gotten are a curse to men, i.
Gospel is not the four evangelists, ii. 20.
Governments, change of, God has a
mighty hand therein, i. 413.
Governor of Dover convinced, i. 223.
Governor of Tinmouth Castle, with
others, visits G. F. in prison, ii. 57.
Grace of God teaches those that turn to
it, i. 90,317; which hath appeared to all
men, ii, 57.
Grammar and accidence distinguish the
singular from the plural, ii. 58.
Groans which broke forth through G. F.
did reach to people and strike them, i. 124.

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IIabeas Corpus, &c. for G. F.'s removal,
i. 410. ii. 154, 160, 166.
Hacker, Col. his son Needham’s wicked
saying of G. F. i. 207.
Hacker, Col. cut off, being hanged at
Tyburn, i. 208; his wife and marshal con-
vinced of the truth, i. 239.
Hagget, judge, his wife visits G. F. in
Lanceston jail, and was convinced, i. 275.
Hair worn long of G. F. i. 249,297, 338.
Hale, judge, his answer to G. F.'s adver-
saries in court, ii. 167.
Hands not to be laid on any suddenly, i.
Honour, hat, proud flesh looks for, i. 92,
191, 253, 255, 258, 353, 359; a professor's
proof for it from scripture, (pretendedly)
i. 261; professors offended at it, i. 322, 385;
Friends fined for it, i. 286; and imprisoned,
&c. i. 332, 384. ii. 100, 155. The hat kept
on in prayer by J. Perrot and his party, ii.

Hebrew, Greek, and Latin make no mi-
nister of Christ, i. 361.
Hirelings and diviners for money get vast
sums of it by selling the scriptures, i. 94,
Honour, the true from the false distin-
guished, i. 92, 277, 370. ii. 29, 66.
Hornby Castle robbed of the wainscot,
and bucks' horns in Major Porter's house,
i. 409, 410.
House-creepers leading silly women cap-
tive, &c. are such as having crept into tem-
ples, with tithes and offerings, keep people
always learning under them, &c. i. 382.

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