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Luku 9

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Sivu 241 - Whitehall on horseback with two lacqueys only, he attended my coming back in a place called Scotland Yard, at the hither end of Whitehall, as you come to it from the Strand, hiding himself here with four men armed on purpose to kill me.
Sivu 179 - Meflage from his Majefty to the houfe of commons, commanding their attendance in the houfe of peers. The commons being come thither accordingly, his Majefty was pleafed to give his Royal...
Sivu 235 - At the humble petition of the lord mayor, sheriffs, commons, and citizens of the city of Dublin, be it enacted,
Sivu 179 - Rod, was fent with a meflage from his Majefty to the Houfe of Commons, commanding their attendance in the Houfe of Peers : The...
Sivu 119 - We have thought fit, by and with the Advice of Our Privy Council, to issue this Our Royal Proclamation...
Sivu 48 - Porte, the sultan advanced him to the post of cadi, from whence by degrees he rose to the dignity of mufti, who is the head both of the religion and the law among the Turks.
Sivu 241 - I, finding myself in this danger, did with both my arms reaching at his legs pull them towards me, till he...
Sivu 267 - I saw my friends I applied to them for their help, because I was unequal to the burden alone. I did not indeed foresee that any member of the house of commons would move for leave to bring in a bill to take away the right of appeal from the people in cases of murder; but I did foresee that lord Mansfield would make such a motion...
Sivu 267 - not believe either of them lawful. Mr. Stam" ford, the attorney who was employed by the " widow, applied to a gentleman of character "and fortune in the city for assistance; that •' gentleman brought Mr. Stamford to me, who -- told me what he had done, and what he...
Sivu 179 - ... of Europe. In the mean time, I have called you together thus early, in order that I may be able to receive from you fuch advice and affiftance, as, in the farther progrefs of this very important bufinefs, may happen to become requifite.

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