New facts upon all subjects, by the author of 'Enquire within'.


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Sivu 98 - I was promised on a time To have reason for my rhyme; From that time unto this season, I received nor rhyme nor reason.3 Hereupon the queen gave strict order (not without some check to her treasurer) for the present payment of the hundred pounds she first intended unto him.
Sivu 135 - Mightiest of all the beasts of chase, That roam in woody Caledon, Crashing the forest in his race, The Mountain Bull comes thundering on. Fierce, on the hunter's quiver'd band, He rolls his eyes of swarthy glow, Spurns, with black hoof and horn, the sand, And tosses high his mane of snow.
Sivu 170 - God for his benefits bestowed on them. These were called bonfires as well of good amity amongst neighbours that, being before at controversy, were there by the labour of others reconciled, and made of bitter enemies, loving friends, as also for the virtue that a great fire hath to purge the infection of the air.
Sivu 19 - Nothing in this Act contained as to hours of closing shall preclude the sale at any time, at a railway station, of intoxicating liquors to persons arriving at or departing from such station by railroad.
Sivu 145 - Or if, in running, the wicket be struck down by a throw, or by the hand or arm (with ball in hand), before his bat (in hand) or some part of his person be grounded over the popping crease— but if both the bails be off, a stump must be struck out of the ground; 22.
Sivu 208 - The Tree of the Ten Thousand Images seemed to us of great age. Its trunk, which three men could scarcely embrace with outstretched arms, is not more than eight feet high ; the branches, instead of shooting up, spread out in the shape of a plume of feathers, and are extremely bushy ; few of them are dead. The leaves are always green, and the wood, which is of a reddish tint, has an exquisite odour, something like that of cinnamon. The Lamas informed us that in summer, towards the eighth moon, the...
Sivu 16 - Every person found drunk in any highway or other public place, whether a building or not, or on any licensed premises...
Sivu 150 - It is innocuous as compared with alcohol, it does infinitely less harm than opium ; it is in no sense worse than tea ; and by the side of high living, altogether contrasts most favourably.
Sivu 15 - For the third and any subsequent offence he shall be liable to a penalty not exceeding one hundred pounds, or to imprisonment with or without hard labour for...
Sivu 96 - ... that may be harmless which you have hitherto been taught to think dangerous ? Has it tended to make you dissatisfied and impatient under the control of others; and disposed...

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