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In this edition of "Familiar Quotations," many authors are cited who have not been represented in any former edition, and numerous phrases added which have been gathered by patient gleanings from the old fields.

To the quotations from Shakespeare more than three hundred lines have been added ; and those from Emerson, Gibbon, Johnson, Lamb, Lowell, Macaulay, Montgomery, Pope, and other authors, have been largely increased in number.

The notes and appendix contain much new matter, and the index has been carefully revised as well as enlarged.

CAMBRIDGE, June, 1875.


The fourth edition of “Familiar Quotations” was published in 1863. The present edition embodies the results of the later researches of its editors, besides the contributions of various friends, and includes many quotations which have long been waiting a favorable verdict on the all-important question of familiarity. A few changes have been made in the arrangement, and the citations from Shakespeare have been adapted to the principal modern editions.

The former edition has been freshly compared with the originals, and such errors removed as the revision has disclosed. The editorial labors have been shared with REZIN A. Wight, Esq., of New York, who has been a generous contributor to the former editions.

The editor takes pleasure in acknowledging his renewed obligations to PROF. HENRY W. viii

HAYNES, of Burlington ; D. W. WILDER, Esq., of Leavenworth ; JUSTIN WINSOR, Esq., and JAMES J. STORROW, Esq., of Boston, and to

many other friends.

CAMBRIDGE, June, 1868.

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