The architecture of the heavens


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Sivu 115 - Canst thou bind the sweet influences of Pleiades, Or loose the bands of Orion ? Canst thou bring forth Mazzaroth in his season ? Canst thou send lightnings, that they may g°> And say unto thee, Here we are ? Hast thou an arm like God ? Or canst thou thunder with a voice like him?
Sivu 129 - Whilst fly and leaf and insect stood revealed, That to such countless orbs thou mad'st us blind! Why do we then shun death with anxious strife? If Light can thus deceive, wherefore not Life?
Sivu 114 - I think I may safely say, that there can be little, if any, doubt as to the resolvability of the nebula.
Sivu 129 - MYSTERIOUS Night! when our first parent knew Thee from report divine, and heard thy name, Did he not tremble for this lovely frame, This glorious canopy of light and blue. Yet 'neath a curtain of translucent dew, Bathed in the rays of the great setting flame, Hesperus with the host of heaven came, And lo! creation widened in man's view.
Sivu 42 - I am but as a child standing upon the shore of the vast undiscovered ocean, and playing with a little pebble which the waters have washed to my feet.
Sivu 250 - LECTURES ON THE PRINCIPLES AND PRACTICE OF PHYSIC. Delivered at King's College, London. A new American, from the last revised and enlarged English edition, with Additions, by D. FRANCIS CONDIE, MD, author of ".A Practical Treatise on the Diseases of Children,
Sivu 251 - Becker's Gallus ; or, Roman Scenes of the Time of Augustus, with Notes and Excursus.
Sivu 100 - ... we therefore either have a central body which is not a star, or have a star which is involved in a shining fluid, of a nature totally unknown to us.
Sivu 124 - We are not at liberty to argue that at one part of its circumference our view is limited by this sort of cosmical veil which extinguishes the smaller magnitudes, cuts off the nebulous light of distant masses, and closes our view in impenetrable darkness; while at another we are compelled by the clearest evidence telescopes can afford to believe that star-strewn...
Sivu 83 - Oh ! how the spell before my sight Brings nature's hidden ways to light : See ! all things with each other blending— Each to all its being lending — All on each in turn depending — • Heavenly ministers descending—- And again to heaven up-tending — Floating, mingling, interweaving — Rising, sinking, and receiving Each from each, while each is giving On to each, and each relieving Each, the pails of gold, the living Current through the air is heaving ; Breathing blessings, see them bending,...

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