Sivut kuvina

gearing; also machinery for lifting, forcing, conducting, or storing water. Railways.-Traversers, turntables, railway, and cart weighing machines, points, crossings, fittings, couplings, wheels, axles, axle-boxes, and ironwork for railway carriages, rails (temporary and permanent), spring buffers. Workshop.-Punching, shearing, plate-bending, plate-cutting, rivetting, drilling, boring, planing, shaping, slotting, screw.making, sawing, tenoning, mortising, moulding, rebating, tongueing, and grooving machines; lathes; file-cutting, carving, engraving, bolt-making, rivet-making, and washermaking machines.

Sundries.-Machinery for the manufacture of fish, guano, or other manures; bonecrushing and peat compressing machinery; machines for the manufacture of casks; machinery for the manufacture and brewing of beer.

All the machinery above stated, either whole or in parts.

Manures of all sorts, and ingredients imported solely for the manufacture of manures, and certified as such by the importer. Manuscripts.

Nets, fishermen's.

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Majesty's public stores only, or under the directions of the Collector by authority of the Governor.

Books wherein the copyright shall be first subsisting, first composed, or written or printed in the United Kingdom, and printed or reprinted in any other country, and of which notice that copyright subsists shall have been given by the proprietor to the Commissioners of Customs, London.

Coin, viz., false money, or counterfeit sterling coin of the realm, or any money purporting to be such, not being of the established standard in weight or fineness. Dangerous substances, viz., earth, oil or mineral naphthas, fulminating powder, gun cotton, nitro-glycerine, except by license of the Governor, and under regulations to be made by the Governor, with the advice of the Executive Council, from time to time, for the safe landing and deposit thereof. Indecent or obscene prints, paintings, books, cards, lithographs, photographs, engravings or any other indecent or obscene articles. Infected cattle, sheep, or other animals; also hides, skins, horns, hoofs, or any part of cattle or other animal, which the Governor may by Proclamation prohibit, in order to prevent contagious distemper.

Fish, grain, and other articles in a damaged, stinking, offensive condition, unfit for food and legitimate use, and likely to breed sickness or any contagious disorders. Parts of articles, viz., any distinct or separate part of any article not accompanied by the other part, or all the other parts of such articles, so as to be complete or perfect, if such articles be subject to duty according to the value thereof.

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1796 The Hon. the Governor of Madras in Council. 1798 The Hon. Fred. North (afterwards Earl of Guildford).

1805 Lieutenant-General Right Hon. Sir Thomas Maitland, G.C.B.

1811 Major-Gen. John Wilson, Lieut.-Governor. 1812 General Sir Robert Brownrigg, Bart., G.C.B. 1820 Major-General Sir Edward Barnes, K.C.B., Lieutenant-Governor.

1822 Lieutenant-General the Hon. Sir Edward Paget, K.C.B.

1822 Major-General Sir James Campbell, K.C.B., Lieutenant-Governor.

1824 Lieut.-General Sir Edward Barnes, K.C.B. 1831 Major-General Sir John Wilson, K.C.B.,


*Ordinances No. 17 of 1869, and No. 14 of 1871. + Ordinance No. 22 of 1877.

Proclamation 27th July, 1882.

§ Notification of 7th August, 1884.

Ordinance No. 9 of 1882, Clause 4, and Proclamation of 12th January, 1884.

1831 The Right Hon. Sir Robert Wilmot Horton,, Lieut.-Colonel F. C. H. Clarke, R.A., C.M.G, Bart., G.C.H.

1837 The Rt. Hon. James Alex. Stewart Mackenzie. 1841 Lieut-General Sir Colin Campbell, K.C.B. 1847 Sir J. E. Tennent, K.C.S., Lieut.-Governor. 1847 The Right Hon. the Viscount Torrington. 1850 C. J. MacCarthy, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor. 1850 Sir George William Anderson, K.C.B. 1855 C. J. MacCarthy, Esq., Lieutenant-Governor. 1855 Sir Henry George Ward, K.C.M.G. 1860 Sir C. J. MacCarthy, Knt.

1863 Major-Gen. Terence O'Brien (acting).

1865 Sir Hercules G. R. Robinson, Knt., G.C.M.G. 1871 The Rt. Hon. Sir W. H. Gregory, K.C.M.G. 1875 A. N. Birch, Lieutenant-Governor. 1877 Sir James R. Longden, K.C.M.G. 1883 Sir J. Douglas, K.C.M.G., Lieut.-Governor. 1883 The Hon. Sir Arthur Gordon, G.C.M.G.

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Surveyor-General. J. Van Langenberg.

P. Ramanathan.
F. M. Mackwood.
Clerk, R. W. Jevers.

A. L. de Alwis. R. A. Bosanquet. R. B. Downall.

Civil Establishment.

Governor, &c., His Excellency the Hon. Sir Arthur
Hamilton Gordon, G.C.M.G., Rs 80,000.
Private Secretaries, Francis P. Murray; G. Browne.
Aide-de-Camp, Major L. F. Knollys, C.M.G.

Colonial Secretary's Office

Colonial Secretary, C. C. Smith, C.M.G., Rs. 24,000
Principal Assistant, G T. M. O'Brien, Rs. 12,000.
Second ditto, R. W. Jevers, Rs. 7,200.

Cadets, commencing at Rs. 3,000 per annum :-
H. White, Colville Eardley Wilmot, W. H. Jack-
son, J. H. F. Hamilton, S. M. Burrows, W. E.
Davidson, A. S. Pagden, W. R. B. Sanders.
Maha Mudaliyar, C. P. Dias Bandaranayaka.
Rs. 2,500.

Government Printer, G. J. A. Skeen, Rs. 5,000.
Assistant ditto, F. M. Coleman, Rs. 2,500.

Audit Office.

Auditor-General, Hon. W. H. Ravenscroft, Rs. 18,000.

Assistant ditto, C. Dickman. Rs. 4,000.

Treasurer's Department. Treasurer, Hon. W. D. Wright, Rs. 18,000.

Government Agencies.


Government Agent, Hon. F. R. Saunders, Rs. 18,000. Office Assistant, Colombo, H. L. Crawford, Rs. 4,500. Assistant Government Agent, Ratnapura, G. W. Templer, Rs. 9,600.

Ditto, ditto, Kegalla, H. C. P. Bell, Rs. 7.200. Ditto, ditto, Negombo, S. Haughton, Rs. 7,200. Ditto, ditto, Kalutara, H. H. Cameron, Rs. 7,200.


Government Agent, R. W. D. Moir, Rs. 14,400.
Office Assistant, Kurunegala, C. M. Lushington,
Rs. 4,500.

Assistant Government Agent, Puttalam, A. R. Dawson,
Rs. 9,600.


Government Agent, E. T. Sharpe, Rs. 14.400.
Office Assistant, Galle, R. H. Sinclair. Rs. 4,500.
Assistant Government Agent, Ilambantota, G. S.
Williams, Rs. 9.600.

Ditto, ditto, Mátara, C. E. D. Pennycuick, Rs. 7,200.


Government Agent, A. Bailey, Rs. 14.400.
Office Assistant, Batticaloa, E. T. Noyes, Rs. 4,500.
Assistant Government Agent, Trincomalee, R. Reid,
Rs. 9,000.


Government Agent, W. C. Twynam, C.M.G., Rs. 18,000.

Office Assistant, Jaffna, H. W. F. C. Brodhurst, Rs. 4,500.

Assistant Government Agent Mannár, E. M.D. Byrde, Rs. 7,200.

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DISTRICT OF COLOMBO AND MIDLAND CIRCUIT, District Judge, Colombo, T. Berwick, Rs. 14.400. District Judge and Joint Commissioner of Requests, Kandy, A. C. Lawrie, Rs. 14,400. District Judges, Commissioners of Requests, and Police Magistrates, at:

Anuradhapura, F. C. Fisher.

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(additional Magistrate), W. R. B. Sanders

Kalutara, J. H. de Saram, Rs. 9,600.

Kurunegala, C. F. H. L. Liesching, Rs. 9,600.
Negombo, F. J. de Livera, Rs. 7,200.
Badulla, G. A. Baumgartner, Rs. 7,200.
Ratnapura, J. W. Gibson, Rs. 7,200.
Kegalla, W. Penney, Rs. 7,200.

Commissioner of Requests, Colombo, W. J. S.
Boake, Rs. 7,200.

Police Magistrate, Colombo, W. R. Ellis, Rs. 7,200. Commissioners of Requests and Police Magistrates


Kandy, T. M Gibson, Rs. 7,200.
Gampola, J. P. Lewis, Rs. 4,500.
Matale, G. S. Saxton, Rs. 4,000.

Hatton, J. Northmore (Acting), Rs. 4,000.
Haldammulla, E. F. Hopkins, Rs. 4,500.
Galagedera, A. E. Paranagama, Rs. 4,000.
Panaduré, M. S. Crawford, Rs. 4,000.
Kalutara, P. Arunachalam, B.A., Rs. 4,500.
Nuwara Eliya, C. A. Murray,

Panwila, E. M. De Coucy Short, Rs. 4,000. Avissawela, L. W. Booth, Rs. 4,000

[blocks in formation]

Galle, J. D. Mason, Rs. 7,200.
Hambantota, G. S. Williams.

Balapitimódara, W. G. Haines, Rs. 4,000. District Judge and Joint Commissioner of Requests Matara, J. Maclean, Rs. 4,000. and Police Magistrate, Jaffna, G. E. Worthington, Rs. 12,000.

District Judges, Commissioners of Requests, and Police
Magistrates, at:-

Batticaloa, P. W. Conolly, Rs. 9,600.
Chilaw, G. C. Roosmalecocq, Rs. 7,200.
Trincomalee, R. Reid.

Mannar, E. M. D. Byrde.

Vavuniya Vilan Kulam and Mullaittivu,

R. Massie.

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Provl. Assistant, Western Province (Maritime), Frank J. L Hampton, Rs. 3,250

Vine, M.S.E., Rs. 8,000.

Provl. Assistant, Uva, C. Prime, Rs. 8,000. Provl. Assistant, North-Western North Central Prorinces, H. M. Ffinch, Rs. 6,000,

Provl. Assistant, Northern Province, H. J. Deslandes, Rs. 6,000.

Engineer of the Factory, E. C. Davies, Rs. 5,000 Second Financial Assistant, A Murray, A.M.I.C.E. Rs. 4,000.

Superintending Officers, 1st Class :—

J. Robertson, Rs. 5,000.
E. J. H. Christie, Rs. 4,000.
Capt. K. H. Coxe, Rs. 4,500.
E. Holland, Rs. 4,500.
S. Fuller, Rs. 4,000.

H. B. Harvey, Rs. 4,000.
W. H. Hawkes, Rs. 4,000.
Superintending Officers, 2nd Class:—
H. B. C. Christie, Rs. 3,500.
M. MacGregor, Rs. 3,500.
E. Venning, Rs. 3,500.
L. Creasy, Rs. 3,500.
A. G. Burleigh, Rs. 3,500.
H. E. H. Hayes, Rs. 3,500.
W. Wrightson, Rs. 3,000.
A. J. Winchester, Rs. 3,000.
C. T. Koch, Rs. 3,000.
H. A. Grant, Rs. 3,000.
A. W. Butlin, Rs. 3,000.
C. E. Spooner, Rs. 3,000.
A. S. Moss.

L. M. Ackland.

A. E. Williams, Rs. 3,500.
F. W. Johnson, Rs. 3,000.
H. S. Potger, Rs. 3,000.
J. Trump,

R. Macpherson, Rs. 3,500.
J. Mac Donnell, Rs. 3,000.
T. Johnstone, Rs. 3,000.
A. W. Taffs, Rs. 3,000.
Superintending Officers, 3rd Class:——
F. Armstrong, Rs. 3,500.
J. T. Stewart, Rs. 3,000.
F. M. Templer, Rs. 3,000.
W. Deed, Rs. 3,000.
E. R. Fretz, Rs. 2,000.
J. H. Fretz, Rs. 2,500.

W. H. Gratiaen, Rs. 2,000.

Irrigation Officers:—

J. H. Dawson, Rs. J. F. Brunton, Rs. 3,000.


H. Parker, Rs. 7,000.

Survey Department

Surveyor-General, Lt.-Col. F. C. H. Clarke, R.A.,
C.M.G., Rs. 12,000.

Office Assistant, G. H. Symonds, Rs. 6,500.
Trigonometrical Computer (vacant), Rs. 5,000.
Chief Surveyor, Central Province (vacant), Rs. 9,000.
Ditto, Southern Province, Rs. 6,500, T. J. Reynolds.
Ditto, Central Province, D. G. Mantell, Rs. 6,500.
Ditto, North Western and North Central Provinces,
Rs. 5,500, J. H. Grinlinton.

Ditto, Northern and Eastern Provinces, W. A. B.
Fyers, Rs. 5,000.
District Surveyors :—
H. L. Ward, Rs. 4,500.
E. F. Vansittart, Rs.

J. Ingleby, Rs. 4,500.
S. J. More, Rs. 4,000
W. H. Thornton. Rs.

P.D. Warren, Rs. 4,000. C. H. Allen, Rs. 4,000. J. J. O'Dowd, Rs. 4,000. W. H. Thornton, Rs. 4,000.

S. Snowden, Rs. 3,500.

H. P. Lovering, Rs. 3,500.

R. B. Young, Rs. 3,250. C. M. Fyers, Rs. 3,250. Registrar General's Department. Registrar-General, P. A. Templer, Rs. 9,600. Assistant Registrar, B. E. Alvis, Rs. 2,500. Post-Office.

Postmaster-General and Director-General of Telegraphs, T. E. B. Skinner, Rs. 14,400.

Assistant to the Postmaster-General, F. W. Vane,
Rs. 5,000.

Additional Assistants, W. C. Macready, Rs. 2,000.
T. Twynam, Rs. 1,500.


Electrician, E. B. Hurley, Rs. 7,250.
Superintendent, G. Simpson, Rs. 4,125.

Royal Botanic Garden.

Director, H. Trimen, Rs. 7,000.

Colombo Museum.

Director, A. Haly, Rs. 7,000.

Department of Public Instruction.

Director, H. W. Green, Rs. 10,000.

Inspector of Schools, W. Blair, Rs. 5,000

Ditto, J. H. Marsh, Rs. 5,000.

Ditto, W. H. de Alwis, Rs. 4,000.

Principal of the Royal College, J. B. Cull, M.A., Rs. 7,500.

1st Principal Assistant, A. Walker, Rs. 4,000. Medical Department.

Principal Civil Medical Officer and Inspector-General of Hospitals, W. R. Kynsey, Rs. 12,000. Colonial Surgeons :


J. T. Morgan, M.R.C.S., Eng., Rs. 8,000. W. Dias, Rs. 8,000.

F. Keyt, Rs. 6,000.

J. L. Vanderstraaten, M.D., M.R.C.P., Rs. 6,000.

Surgeon Lunatic Asylum, J. L. Plaxton, Rs. 7,500.
Assistant Colonial Surgeons:-

John Attygalle, M.B.C.M., M.R.C.R., Eng.,
Rs. 4,000.

G. W. Fowler, Rs. 5,000.

Assistant Colonial Surgeons:

W. G. Rockwood, Rs. 4,000.

F. A. Van Dersmagt, M.D., Rs. 3,500.
E. Gratiaen, Rs. 3,500.

J. Carbery, M.B.C.M., Rs. 3,500.

W. E. Misso, M.R.C.S., Edin., Rs. 3,500.
C. J. Kriekenbeck, M.B.C.M., Rs. 3,500.
W. G. Keith, M.B.C.M., Rs. 3,500.

H. T. Staples, Rs. 3,500.

T. F. Garvin, M.B.C.M., Rs. 3,500.
P. F. Solomons, Rs. 3,000.
G. P. Schokman, Rs. 3,500.
E. de Livera, Rs. 3,500.
H. A. Moraes, Rs. 3,500.
W. H. Swan, Rs. 3,000.
S. Fernando, Rs. 3,000.
A. H. Fretsz, Rs. 3,000.
T. D. Macdonald, Rs. 3,000.
F. Oorloff, Rs. 3,000.

J. H. Ebell, L.R.C.S. and L. R.C.P. Edin.,
Rs. 3,000.

N. Suppayah, L.R.C.P. Eng., Rs. 3,000.
A. H. Toussaint, Rs. 2,250.

E. Wytealingam, Rs. 2,000.
W. H. Meier, Rs. 2,000.
M. Eleyitamly, Rs. 1,500.
G. Thomarz, Rs. 1,500.

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America W. Morey, Consul at Colombo; E. Aitken, Vice-Consul at Colombo; A. B. Scott, Consular Agent, Galle; F. Mortimer, Consular Agent at Jaffna.

Austro-Hungary-F. W. Schultze, Acting Consul, Colombo; A. B. Scott, Consular Agent, Galle. Belgium-J. D. Robinson, Acting Consul, Colombo; J. M. Vanderspar, Consul, Galle; G. A. H. Vanderspar, Acting Consul, Galle.

* Paid from Colonial funds; total amount to be drawn limited to Rs. 5,000 a-y ear.

France-C. Ruinat, Consular Agent, Colombo.
German Empire.-P. Freudenberg, Consul at
Colombo; W. Freudenberg (acting); G. A. H.
Vanderspar, Vice-Cousul, Galie.

Italy-G. A. H. Vanderspar, Consul at Colombo.
Netherlands-P. Darndliker, Consul, Colombo;
G. A. H. Vanderspar, Consul, Galle.
Norway and Sweden-F. W. Bois, Consul, Colombo;
A. B. Scott, Vice-Consul, Galle.

Spain and Portugal-A. A. Delmege, Consul, Galle.
Turkey M. Hussen Lebbe Inaricar, Consul,
Colombo; Hadji Ibrahim Didi Ben Hadji Ali
Didi, Consul, Galle.

Russia-A. Delmege, Consul, Colombo.
Spain-A. A. Delmege, Vice-Consul at Colombo.

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The Falklands were discovered by Davis in 1592, and visited by Hawkins in 1594. In 1763 they were taken possession of by France; subsequently, they were held by the Spaniards until 1771, when they were for a time abandoned, and the sovereignty of them given up to Great Britain.

In 1820 the Republic of Buenos Ayres established a settlement in these islands, which was destroyed by the Americans in 1831.

In 1833 they were taken possession of by the British Government, for the protection of the Whale Fishery.

The climate is healthy. During the summer a calm day is unusual. The winds rise at about 10 a.m., and fall away again between 4 and 5 p.m. During the middle of the day, the wind often amounts to a gale. The mornings and evenings In winter the weather is less are delightful. boisterous than in summer, and the thermometer seldom falls below 30°. Ice has not been known to exceed two inches in thickness, and snow seldom lies on the low lands. The temperature, on the whole, is equable. The thermometer ranges from 30° to 50° in winter, and from 40° to 65° in summer. The dryness of the atmosphere in summer is remarkable, and evaporation is rapid.

A peculiar feature in the geology of these islands is presented by streams of stones or fragments of quartz, which appear to flow down the sides of the hills. These streams are twenty to thirty feet wide, and the stones vary in size from one to four cubic feet, and are spread out in the valleys to a great extent. Sandstone, in which are beautifully perfect impressions of shells, occurs in beds. The soil is chiefly peat, but near the surface, where the clay is of a lighter quality and mixed with vegetable remains, it is good soil fit for cultivation. Stone of two or three kinds suitable for building is found in different parts of the islands.

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