Sivut kuvina

Second do., R. W. Richter, 75l.

Third do., R. E. Quartey, 604.
Port and Examining Officer, J. M. Halm, 1007.
Addah, Assistant Examining Officers, E. E. Quist and
J. W. Myers, 50%. each,


Comptroller, W. Manford, 7007.
Assistant do., Sam. Bannerman, 4507.
Chief Examining Officer, Joseph Worall, 4007.
Supervising Officers, E. S. Hawker, 300% to 4001.;
T. H. Stevens, A. Allan, J. H. Dillet, 3007. cach;
S. M. Bennett, C. R. Williams, 2501. each; J.
Hagan, 1507.

First Clerk and Warehouse Keeper, W. G. Hesse, 150%.

Addafia, Assistant Examining Officer, T. F. Bernasko, 50%.

Adjuah, Assistant Examining Officer, J. L. Nierzer, 100%.

Appam, Clerk and Examining Officer E. Aikens, 60%. Appolonia, Assistant Examining Officer, J. W. Bedford, 501.

Azim, Clerk and Examining Officer, R. Kuofi, 60%.
Cape Coast, Sub-Collector, D. B Yorke, 175l.
Clerk and Warehouse Keeper, G. H. Brooks, 1007.
Port and Examining Officer. Barend Anan, 1207.
Assistant Examining Officer, J. Welsing, 751.
Chamah, Sub-Collector and Examining Officer, J. D.
Gardiner, 100%.

Commendah, Assistant Examining Officer, R. R.
Aikins, 507.

Danoe, Sub-Collector (vacant), 2007.

Dizcore, Clerk and Examining Officer, A. Teschemaker, 601.

Elmina, Clerk and Examining Officer, R. Dodo, 801. Half Assinee, Assistant Examining Officer, E Essilfie, 50%

Jellah Coffee, Assistant Examining Officer (vacant),


Lagos, Chief Clerk and Warehouse Keeper, H. M. B. Griffith, 300l. to 3501.

First Clerk and Bookkeeper, S. S. Davies, 2501.; Second, W. R. Harding, 1501.; Third, J. T. Leigh, 751.; Extra Clerk and Powder Magazine Keeper, E. F. Harrison, 751. Examining Officers, Senior, B. J. Gilpin, 175l.; First, P. N. Jones, 751.; Second W. W. Decker, 601., with an allowance of

127. each in lieu of fees.

Sub-Collector (Badagry), T. Tickel (acting),


[blocks in formation]

Pong, ditto, 361.

Audit Office.

Auditor, H. Bartlett, C.B., 7001.
Assistant Auditor, L. J. Bertram, 4007.
Examiner of Accounts, W. B. Mais, 2507.
First Clerk (vacant), 1501.; Second, J. Quartey,
100l.; Third, 721., E. W. Bruce.

Clerk at Lagos, H. A. Caulerik, 100%,

Post Office.

Lecra, Postmaster, E. R. Cole, 2007.
Clerk and Sorter, J. F. Thompson, 751.
Cape Coast, Postmaster, N. S. Thompson, 80%.
Lagos, Postmaster, J. G. Cole, 1507.

Printing Department.

Gold Coast, Government Printer, S. S. Cole, 2007.
Second ditto, G. T. A. Thompson, 1007.
Lagos, Head Printer, J. S. George, 801.

Public Works and Survey.

Surveyor-General, J. Pagan, 8007.
Surveyor-General (Lagos), G. H. Ross, 6007.
Assistant Surveyor, M. Jones, 450l.
Assistant ditto, F. Anderson, 4001.
Draughtsman, G. W. Ward, 3007.
Foremen of Works, John Snowley, F. A. Wheeler,
T. Donaldson, T. Rowe, E. M. Ellis, and W.
Thompson, 3007. each.

Government Vessels.

Master (vacant), 2887., and 48. a day messing allowance.

Ditto, A. T. Shuttleworth, 2887., and 4s. a day messing allowance.

Chief Officer (vacant), 1927., and 4s. a day messing allowance.

Engineer, F. Crane, R.N.R., 3501., and 4s. a day messing allowance.

District Commissioners. Accra, W. B. Griffith, junior, B.A., 6002. Deputy Registrar, F. J. Wulff, 751. Addah, District Commissioner, J. S. Parker, 2501. Badagry, District Commissioner, T. Tickel (acting), and free quarters.


Lagos, District Commissioner, E. H. Richards, 5007.
Interpreter, T. W. Johnson, 1007.
Deputy Registrar, R. C. Cole, 1007.

Palma and Leckie, District Commissioner, George
Smith, 2501., and free quarters.

Pram Pram, District Commissioner, H. Vroom, 2004, and 301. allowance for quarters.

Saltpond and Anamaboe, District Commissioner, John Smith, 350, free quarters, and 607. hammock allowance.

Secondee, District Commissioner (vacant), 2507., and free quarters.

Volla River, Civil Commissioner,


Deputy Registrar and Interpreter, C. E. Asante, 80%., and 201. rent allowance.

Winnebah District Commissioner (vacant), 300l., free quarters, and 607, hammock allowance.

Judicial Department.

Chief Justice, N. Lesingham Bailey, 1,5007.
Puisne Judge, H., W. Macleod, 1,0007,
Ditto Smalman Smith, 1,000l.

Winnebah, Sub-Collector and Examining Officer, Queen's Advocate, W. H. Quayle Jones, 1,000l.

Alfred Mensah, 1007.

Clerk, J. H. Mills, 607.

[blocks in formation]

Educational Department.

Inspector of Schools, The Rev. Metcalfe Sunter,
M.A., 4007. from Gold Coast Colony, and 3007.
from West Africa Settlements.
Assistant Inspector, J. Marke, 100l. to 1607.
Schoomasters, Cape Coast (vacant); Accra, F. W.
Smart, 1007. each.

Schoomistresses (Cape Coast), Sophia Hutchison.


Inspector-General, L. A. Brydon, 7007.
Inspectors, C. Dudley, R. E. Firminger, and
F. M. F. Hackett, 4501. each.

Adjutant and Musketry Instructor, an Assistant
Inspector detached, 4s. a day.

Pay and Quartermaster (vacant), 350%.
Superintendent and Paymaster (Lagos), A. C. Wil-
loughby, 2501., and 2s. 6d. a day horse allowance.
Assistant Paymaster, C. Wharton, 1507.
Artillery Inspector, E. A. W. Newenham, 4007.
Assistant Inspectors, R. H. B. Campbell, A. W.
Forbes, George Brennan, W. Higginson, R. D.
Douglas, E. A. Barnett, A. E. Balfour, C. A.
Fraser, W. H. F. Musgrove, C. M. D. Stewart,
M. P. Grissell, Edmund Peel, G. C. Bayly, A. A.
H. Inglefield, H. D. Cockeram, L. W. A. K.
man, J. J. P. Moran, J. Dalrymple, and E. E.
A. Dennison, 3501. each.

[blocks in formation]

An island situated in the North Sea, in 7° 51′ E. long. and 54° 11' N. lat., opposite, and about 25 miles from, the mouth of the Eibe. Area, inclusive of the adjacent island termed "Sandy," threequarters of a square mile. The population, as taken at the census of 1881, was 2,001.

Heligoland was surrendered to the British arms in 1807, and formally ceded to Great Britain by Denmark in the Treaty of Kiel, 1814. It was formerly much larger than it now is, in fact the two islands, now nearly a mile apart, formed one up to 1720, when a storm separated them. It is on Sandy Island that the sea bathing, perhaps the finest in the world, takes place. The reefs round the islands are very dangerous, and wrecks, formerly were very common; now an excellent lighthouse with a fog signal station render them fortunately of rare occurrence. A rocket station and life saving apparatus are also established on both islands, and are worked by the English and local Coast Guard.

The main island is a red sandstone cliff about 170 feet high, with (but in one spot) inaccessible sides. The town is divided into two parts, the Unterland on the beach containing the Bathing Establishment (hot and swimming baths), ConFree-versations House, Theatre, Coast Guard Barracks, Hotels, &c.; the Oberland, to which access is now obtained by a flight of 192 steps, and by a lift worked by steam power, contains the largest number of houses, including the church, schools, lighthouse, governor's residence, &c.

Sub-Intendant Civil Police (Lagos), A. Pratt, 1507.
and 2s. 6d. a day horse allowance.

Accra, Galer, T. C. Trant, 1007.
Elmina, Gaoler, G. J. Peters, 1007.
Lagos, Gaoler, E. T. Scott, 150l., and quarters.

Medical Department.

Chief Medical Officer, J. D. McCarthy, 800l. to 1,000Z.

Assistant Colonial Surgeons, C. S. Grant, C. F.
Castor, J. W. Rowland, J. F. Easmon, at 500/
each; D. Waldron, at 4507.; C. H. Eyles, Cecil
A. Digby, E. Mattei, F. Sullivan, and A. Wood-
burn Heron, 4007. each.

Dispenser and Clerk, Accra, H. Steinwehr, 607.
Ditto ditto, Cape Coast, F. Boham, 751.

ditto, Elmina, J. Vanderpuye, 751.
Clerk and Steward, Lagos, F. D. Cole, 721.
Inspector of Nuisances, Lagos, T. F. Palomeras,
1507., and 28. 6d. a day horse allowance.

Gold Coast.

Germany, J. J. Fischer, Accra.

Holland, Roelof Veldhuis, consular agent, Elmina.
United States of America, G. E. Emisang, ditto.

From its isolated position Heligoland is wonderfully healthy, its climate being most bracing, equable, and mild, cooler in summer and warmer in winter than either England or the Continent.

From 9,000 to 10,000 visitors generally come over during the bathing season, from May to October, exclusive of excursionists, who flock over in large numbers from the neighbouring towns.

The Heligolanders formerly existed solely by pilotage and fishing. In 1830, public gaming tables were established (they were abolished in 1871), and subsequently the island became one of the most fashionable bathing places of North Europe, so that now the inhabitants live mainly by fishing in the winter, and the letting of lodging houses, and the proceeds of the bathing establishment, in summer. Pilotage has almost entirely ceased, the larger vessels fitted out in the Elbe and Weser enabling the pilots from these rivers to go further out to sea to seek for ships.

Heligoland was governed under its antique Frisian constitution until 1864, when a new and more directly representative form of Government was substituted; but this constitution not having been found to work in a manner conducive to the

interests of order and good government, the legislative and executive authority were centred in the hands of the Governor, by an Order of Her Majesty in Council, bearing date 29th February, 1868. By this Order in Council an Executive Council was established to afford advice to the Governor.

The inhabitants have a pure but unwritten language of their own, and are of Frisian origin. They belong entirely to the German Lutheran Church. Education is compulsory between the ages of 6 to 14. 345 children attend the one Government school in the island, and are taught in both the German and English languages.

The only imports subject to duty are wine per 40 bottles (anker), of value of 38. per bottle, 148.; of less value, 10s.

Spirits 17. on each anker of 37-67 litres, when such spirits do not exceed a strength of 40°, and 58. extra for every 10° of additional strength. Beer, per anker (40 bottles), 3s. Petroleum, per

cwt., 3s.

Connection with the mainland is maintained by steamers leaving Bremerhaven once a week in winter, and by 22 steamers a week from the neighbouring ports in the summer months. The island is also connected with the Continent by telegraph. The Governor is judge of the Court of Sessions, and in matrimonial and divorce cases is assisted by the clergyman and J. G. Bufe.

List of Governors and Lieutenant-Governors since 1807:

1807. Lt. C. J. D'Auvergne, R.N., Lt.-Governor. 1814. Lt.-Col. Hamilton, Lt.-Governor.

1817. Sir H. King, Lt.-Governor. 1839. Admiral Sir J. Hindmarsh, Lt. Governor. 1857. Major R. Pattinson, Lt.-Governor. 1863. Major H. F. H. B. Maxse, Lt.-Governor. 1868. Lt. Col. Sir H. F. H. B. Maxse, K.C.M.G., Governor.

1881. Lt.-Col. J. T. N. O'Brien, C.M.G., Governor.

Governor and Com.-in-Chief, Lieut.-Col. J. T. N.
O'Brien, C.M.G., 8007.

Government Secretary, H. Gätke, 1307.
Stipendiary Magistrate, Capt. J. Campbell, 501.
Clerk of Courts and Supervisor of Public Works,
P. Botter, 381.

Town Clerk, Treasurer and Director of Bathing
Establishment, K. N. Michels, 541.
Postmaster, D. Hornsmann, 547.

Government Interpreter, Louis Gätke, 407.

Wreck Receiver, The Chief Boatman in charge of the.

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Hong Kong is one of a number of islands situated off the south-eastern coast of China, at the mouth of the Canton River, and lies about 40 miles east of Macao, between 22° 9′ and 22° 1' N. lat., and 114° 5' and 114° 18' E. long. The island is an irregular ridge, stretching nearly east and west; its broken and abrupt peaks rising to the height of nearly 2,000 feet above the sea level. Its length is about 11 miles, its breadth from 2 to 5 miles, its area rather more than 29 square miles. It is separated from the mainland of China by a narrow strait, known as the Ly-ee-moon Pass, which does not exceed half a mile in width. The opposite peninsula of Kow-loon was ceded to Great Britain by a Treaty entered into by Lord Elgin in 1861 with the Government of China; and now forms part of the colony. The general aspect of the island is extremely beautiful. It possesses one of the most magnificent harbours in the world, having an area of ten square miles, the picturesque hills which surround it rising between 3,000 and 4.000 feet high, the whole offering a coup d'ail which blends the wild scenery of Scotland with the classic beauty of Italy. The City of Victoria extends for four miles at the base of the hills, which protect the south side of the harbour, and contains upwards of 6,000 houses of stone and brick. The residences of the English and foreign merchants are numerous, and most of them are large and handsome mansions. Being built on the slope of the hills facing the sea, the general aspect of the town is perhaps more striking and picturesque from the water than that of any other city in the east, whilst many of the streets are shaded with well-grown and handsome trees.

The minimum annual rainfall for the last 16 years was 56 inches and the maximum 99 inches, the annual average being 78.54 inches, while the average range of the thermometer is from 43° to 89°.

The Colony was first ceded to Great Britain in January, 1841; the cession was confirmed by the Treaty of Nankin, in August, 1842; and the charter bears date 5th April, 1843.

Hong Kong is valuable to Great Britain mainly as a factory for our commerce with China, and as a military and naval station for the protection of that commerce. Its distance from Singapore is about 1,520 miles.

Hong Kong is the centre of trade in many kinds of goods. Amongst the principal are opium, sugar, flour, salt, earthenware, oil, amber, cotton, and cotton goods, sandal-wood, ivory, betel, vegetables, live stock, granite, &c., &c. The transactions of the tea and silk trade are largely controlled by Hong

• The Revenue includes the annual Parliamentary grant Kong firms. of 8001. a year.

As Hong Kong is a free port, it is impossible to

give a correct return of imports and exports, but the enormous extent of the trade with which it is connected, may be approximately estimated from the fact that the amount of shipping, British, Foreign, and Chinese, which entered the port in 1882 exceeded five millions of tons, that is, it exceeded the shipping which entered the port of London in 1843, when Hong Kong was little more than a desolate island, inhabited only by a few Chinese pirates and fishermen.

Of the Chinese population of the colony it is estimated that 40,000 have been born under the British flag. The Anglo-Chiuese traders take a large part in sending British goods throughout China.

Hong Kong is well provided with dock accommodation. There are five docks and three slips which are well supplied with shears, engineer's and carpenter's shops, foundries, and every requirement for making large repairs to ships of

war and merchant vessels.

There is telegraphic communication with nearly the whole world; and there is very extensive steam communication with Europe, America, and


In addition to the regular mail lines of the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company and the Messageries Maritimes which convey the European mails weekly, the Pacific Mail Steam Navigation Company have a fortnightly service, viâ Yokohama, Japan, with San Francisco, and the Eastern and Australian Mail Steam Company have a monthly service with the Australian Colonies.

ex-officio Vice-Admiral, and the Chief Justice ez officio Judge of the Vice-Admiralty Court. There is a Police force in the Colony numbering 643 men, of whom 113 are Europeans, 188 Sikhs and 342 Chinese.

Hong Kong pays 20,000l. a-year to the Imperial Government as military contribution.


1843 Sir Henry Pottinger, Bart., G.C.B. 1844 Sir John F. Davis, Bart., K.C.B. 1848 Sir George Bonham, Bart., K.C.B. 1852 Major-General Jervois (acting). 1853 Sir George Bonham, Bart., K.C.B. 1854 Sir John Bowring, Knt. 1854 Lieut.-Colonel Caine (Lieut.-Governor 1859 Sir Hercules G. R. Robinson, Knt. 1862 William T. Mercer (acting). 1864 Sir Hercules Robinson, Knt. 1865 W. T. Mercer (acting).

1866 Sir Richard Graves MacDonnell, C.B. 1869 Major-Gen. Whitfeild, Lieut.-Governor. 1871 Sir R. G. MacDonnell, K.C.M.G., C.B. 1872 Sir Arthur Kennedy, K.C.M.G., C.B. 1875 J. G. Austin, Administrator. 1876 Sir Arthur Kennedy, K.C.M.G., C.B. 1877 Sir John Pope Hennessy, K.C.M.G. 1882 W. H. Marsh, C.M.G. (acting). 1883 Sir George Ferguson Bowen, G.C.M.G. Revenue and Expenditure.

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The distance of Hong Kong from the following places is about:

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The dollar is rated at 4s. 2d. for Government

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34 hours.


10 days.


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Sydney (mail route),

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San Francisco, viâ


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Both Sexes.

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There is daily steam communication between Hong Kong, Macao, and Canton, and about twice a-week with the ports of Swatow, Amoy, Foo Chow, Shanghai, and other ports on the coast of China. The communicatlon with Japan is a little over a weekly one.

The Government is administered by a Governor, aided by an Executive Council, composed of five officials besides the Governor. The Legislative Council is presided over by the Governor, and is composed of the Chief Justice, the Colonial Secretary, the Attorney-General, the Treasurer, the Surveyor-General, the Registrar-General, and five unofficial members, three of whom are nominated by the Crown on the recommendation of the Governor, one is nominated by the Justices of the Peace from their body, and one by the Chamber of Commerce. By the provisions of the ViceAdmiralty Courts' Act of 1863, the Governor is

1881 Coloured 109,013 White

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Executive Council.

Sir G. F. Bowen, G.C.M.G., Governor, &c.
Major-General W. G. Cameron, C.B., Officer Com-
manding the Troops.

W. H. Marsh, C.M.G., Colonial Secretary.
E. L. O'Malley, Attorney-General.

A. Lister, Treasurer.

J. M. Price, Surveyor-General.

F. Stewart (LL.D.), Registrar-General,
Clerk, A. Seth.

Legislative Council.

Sir G. F. Bowen, G.C.M.G., Governor.

W. H. Marsh, C.M.G., Colonial Secretary.

Sir G. Philippo, Chief Justice.

E. L. O'Malley, Attorney-General.

A. Lister, Colonial Treasurer; J. M. Price, Surveyor-General.

F. Stewart, LL.D., Registrar-General.

Samtary Sub-Department.

Sanitary Inspector, H. McCallum, $2,640, and $288 for conveyance.

Senior Inspector of Nuisances, J. Germain, $960.

Botanical and Afforestation Department. Superintendent, Charles Ford, $1,500, personal allowance $600, and travelling allowance, $288.

Registrar-General's Department.

Registrar-General, F. Stewart, $5,040.

Assistant Registrar-General, N. G. Mitchell-Innes, $3,240.

1st Clerk, C. Osmund, $2,400.

2nd Clerk, G. Northcote, $1,440.

Harbour-Master's Department.

Unofficial Members, P. Ryrie, W. Keswick, T. Harbour-Master Marine Magistrate, Emigration and

Jackson, F. D. Sassoon, Wong Shing.

Clerk, A. Seth, $960.

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Public Works Department. Surveyor-General, J. M. Price, $5,760, and $480 for horse and chair allowance. Assistant Surveyor-General, E. Bowdler, $3,360 and $288 for chair allowance.

Assistant Engineer, J. Orange, $3,600 and $792 for quarters and conveyance.**

Assistant Engineer, H. R. Best, $2,400,†† and $504 for quarters and conveyance. 1st Clerk, M. Gutierrez, $1,680.‡‡ 2nd ditto, Chan A. Fook, $1,080. 3rd J. G. Gutierrez, $1,080.


Inspector of Buildings, H. F. Hayller, $1,440, $216 for chair allowance, and $360 for quarters.

* $240 of which is a personal allowance. + $960 of which is a personal allowance. 1 $720 of which is a personal allowance. $480 of which is a personal allowance. $240 of which is apersonal allowance. 240 personal allowance.

** In charge of Tytam Water Works.

tt $1,920 rising by $240 yearly to $2,400.

# $240 personal allowance, and $240 as Deputy-Regis

trar of Marriages.

Customs Officer, Henry G. Thomsett, R. N., $4,6808 and 600s Superintendent of Gunpowder Depôt.

Assistant Harbour Master, R. M. Rumsey, R.N., $1,920, and $480 as Collector of Light Dues. 1st Clerk, F. J. Machado,


2nd J. L. de S. Alves, $1,680.†


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A. P. Guterres, $1,440.

Boarding Officer, A. F. Sampson, $1,500 and free quarters.

2nd ditto, F. M. Leatherbarro $1,380, free quarters,
Marine Surveyor's Sub-Department).
Marine Surveyor, J. S. Brewer, $3,600.
Assistant Marine Surveyor, Arthur Wagner, $2,400.

Postmaster-General's Department.

Postmaster-General, A. Lister, $4,320 ($480 of
which is paid from Imperial Funds), and quarters.
Assistant Postmaster-General, A. K. Travers, $2,400.
Accountant, J. G. da Rocha, $1,680.

Postmaster, Shanghai, F. G. Machado,$2,880.
Clerk, M. A. Pereira, $1,200.

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and Accountant, S. Barff, $3,360. Deputy Law Officer, Bruce Shepherd, $2,400, and $360 for quarters.

Clerk to Chief Justice F. Hazeland, $1,440.
Clerk to Puisne Judge, C. Holworthy, $1,080.
Interpreter, J. D. Ball, $2,880.§

Assistant Interpreter, Li Hung Mi, $1,800.
Interpreter of Hindostani, T. McBean, $300.
Attorney-General, E. L.O'Malley, $4,800, and private

Coroner, H. E. Wodehouse, $720, additional to pay as Police Magistrate.

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