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red or white oak or ash, wire, iron for fences, wire fencing, iron standards, and also tomb railings.

The following are also exempt from duty:-All packages containing goods subject to the ad valorem duty imposed by this law.

Provisions and stores imported for the use of Her Majesty's army or navy, and consigned by bill of lading to the officer at the head of Her Majesty's Commissariat, the military storekeeper, or the naval commanding officer of this island, on the production of the bills of lading and certificates of such officer that they have been solely imported for the use of the army or navy as aforesaid.

Provisions and stores imported by the Local Government for the public service, on the certificate of the revenue commissioner.

Articles of naval, military, and civil uniform for the personal use of the proprietor.

Export Duties.


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,, coffee, per tierce

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On sugar, per hogshead. ,,rum, per puncheon

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,,logwood and other dyewoods, lignum vitæ, ebony, and cocus wood, per ton

Revenue and Expenditure.

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On all other goods, wares, merchandise, and effects of every description, not previously enumerated, for every 1002. value

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And after these rates for any greater or less quantity of such goods respectively.




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531 885

Schedule of Exemptions.

Asses, birds, books (printed, including maps), bricks (not bath bricks), bullion, carriages (carts and waggons, used for agricultural purposes), coals, coke, coin, cotton wool, diamonds, dogs, dyewoods, drawings (paintings, engravings, lithographs and photographs,fish (fresh),flax,fruit (fresh), goats, guano and other manure, hand machines for preparing fibre, or for spinning cotton or wool, hay and straw, hemp, hides (raw), hydraulic presses and printing presses, ice, iron (galvanised), ron for roofing, doors and shutters, and every kind of iron roofing, doors and shutters, leeches, malt dust, marble in slabs and blocks, machines Chorse power), meat (fresh), mess plate and furniture, band instruments for the use of the army and tavy, on the certificate of the military or naval commanding officers, mills (whether they be for grinding canes, paint, coffee, corn or grain of any kind, or for sawing boards, raising water, or such as are set in motion by steam, horse, wind or water power, and all parts of the said mills), molasses, oil cakes, whole or in powder, and other prepared food for cattle and animals, patent fuel, pans for boiling sugar, whether of copper or iron, pipes for conveying fluids, plants, growing, ploughs, ploughharrows, harrows, cultivators, clod crushers, horsehoes, dibbles, sowing machines, and thereof, poultry, pumps for raising water, railway truck wheels, resin and rosin, salt (rock), Sarsaparilla (but not the extract of), sewing machines, sheep, shooks, tierce, puncheon and hogshead, and all descriptions of shooks, also tierces, hogsheads and cask, slates, soda, ash, or sub-soda, specimens illustrative of natural history, mineralogy and geology, stills, or any part of a still, steam engines, or any part of a steam engine, swine, tallow, grease, tallow grease, or grease and slush, tiles, marble and earthen, as well as paving stones, tortoise shell, tow, turtle, vegetables, fresh, wax, bees', wood hoops, wood, staves and heading,



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1735 H. Cunningham.
1738 G. Trelawney.
1752 Charles Knowles.
1758 George Haldane.
1762 W. H. Littleton.
1767 Sir W. Trelawney.
1773 Sir B. Keith.
1777 Maj.-Gen. Dalling.
1782 Major-Gen. Camp-

1790 Earl of Effingham.
1795 Earl of Balcarras.
1801 Lt.-Gen. Nugent.
1806 Lieut.-General Sir
Eyre Coote.

1808 Dk. of Manchester. 1829 Earl of Belmore. 1832 Earl of Mulgrave. 1834 Marquis of Sligo. 1836 Lieut.-Gen. Sir L. Smith.

1839 Sir C. Metcalfe. 1842 Earl of Elgin. 1847 Sir Charles Grey.

1857 Sir C. H. Darling. 1862 E. J. Eyre. 1865 Lieut-Gen. Sir H.

1870 E. E. Rushworth | Wellesley Bourke, St. James and Trelawny.
(administering). Clerk of the Legislative Council, Thomas Oughton,
1870 Sir John P. Grant,
Official Reporter, H. L. Edwards, fees.

1872 E. E. Rushworth,

1873 Sir J. P. Grant,

1873 W. A. G. Young
(administered the

1874 Sir William Grey.
1874 E. E. Rushworth,
C. M. G., Lieut.-

1877, Aug. 23. Sir An-
thony Musgrave,

1879, Aug. 7. E. Newton,
C.M.G., Lieut.-

1880, June 3, Sir An-
thony Musgrave,

1853 Sir Henry Barkly. 1883, May 4, Maj.-Gen. Gamble, C.B. (administrator). Dec. 21, Gen. Sir H. W. Norman, K.C.B., C.I.E.

K. Storks, G.C.B.,

1866 Sir John P. Grant,


Civil Establishment.

NOTE. All salaries over 100l. a year are by Law No. 11 of 1874 subject to a deduction of 4 per cent. payable to a widows' and orphans' fund. Captain-General and Governor-in-Chief, General Sir Henry W. Norman, K.C.B., C.I.E., 6,000l. Private Secretary and A.D.C., Captain Coxhead, R.A., 4007.

Privy Council.


Colonial Secretary's Office.

Colonial Secretary, E. N. Walker, C.M.G., 1,300Z.
Assistant Secretary, J. Allwood, 7007.

Chief Clerk, S. P. Musson, 500%.

Clerks, 1st Class, L. R. Fyfe, and F. S. Sanguinetti, 300l. to 400Z.

Clerks, 2nd Class, Wm. Allwood, J. B. Lucie Smith and A. Cork, 150l. to 300%.

Clerks, 3rd Class, J. M. Casserly, R. Johnstone, and G. M. Wortley, 80l. to 150%.

Department of Public Works.

Director, Major-General J. R. Mann, R.E., C.M.G.,
1,350. salary, and 3007. travelling allowance.
Assistant Director, Major D. O'Brien, R. E., 8007.
Engineer, Eastern District, J. H. Dodd, 500.
Ditto, Western District, John Death, 500/.

Engineer, Southern District, S. T. Scharschmidt,
500l. to 6007.
Engineer, Central District, James Richmond, 6507.
&nd 1507. travelling allowance.

Manager of the Railway, L. F. Mackinnon, 5007. and house.

Chief Resident Engineer, Valentine G. Bell, 1,200, and allowance when travelling.

Government Surveyor, Thomas Harrison, 4007. and 2007. travelling allowance.

Assistant to ditto, Colin Liddel, 1007. to 2007., and 100/. travelling allowance.

Chief Draughtsman, R. R. Williams, 2007. to 3007. Assistant Draughtsman, George Mould, 100%. to 200% Accounting Clerk, E. H. Whitehorne, 3007.

1st Class Clerks, C. W. Tait, R. Arrowsmith, 2004 to 2501. 2nd ditto, G. Mitchell and C. O. Magnan, 1007. to 2007. 3rd ditto, G. Heath, M. H. Cooke, and one vacant, 80l. to 1007.

The Senior Officer Commanding Her Majesty's 1st Class Superintendent of Roads and Works, W, S. Regular Troops.

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Groves, 250l. to 3007. 2nd Class ditto, T. Gayhard

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C. H Smith

2001 to 2502.

H. B. Rubie, 1507. to 2007. Manager of Government Workshop, C. Renwick, 2521 Clerk and Cashier, (St. Catherine's District), G. Taylor, 1444.

Director of Public Gardens and Plantations, D. Morris, M.A., 6001.

Superintendent at Cinchona Plantation, J. Hart, 1751. Ditto, Castleton, J. Harris.

Audit Office.

Auditor-General, John C. Mackglashan, 750l. to 1,0007.

Chief Clerk, W. C. G. Arrowsmith, 300l. to 4007. Clerks, 1st Class, W. Duff, G. M. Livingston, 2007. to 3007.; E. J. Andrews, 2007. to 2501. Clerks, 2nd Class, E. du Mont, H. E. Laidman and A. S. Finzi, 1007. to 2001.

Clerks, 3rd Class, H. A. Hall, H. E. Squire, G. M. Taylor, 80l. to 1007.


Public Treasurer, H. W. Livingston, 6001.
Chief Clerk, John Harris, 3007. to 4007,
Bookkeeper, R. A. Henderson, 300l. to 350l.
Cashier, T. B. Hendricks (acting), 2007. to 2502.

Clerks, 1st Class, C. W. Chapman, and A. M.
Marshall, 2007. to 2507.

Clerks, 2nd Class, H. D'C. Mitchell, R. G. McClelland,
and E. W. Astwood (acting), 1007. to 2007.
Clerks, 3rd Class, A. L. Savage and L. R. McClel-
land (acting), 80%. to 1007.

Government Savings' Bank.

Manager, The Public Treasurer, 1007.
Accountant, J. Sinclair, 300l. to 4007.
Cashier, J. M. Tuckett, 2007. to 2507.

2nd Class Clerk, J. B. Heath, 100l. to 2007.

3rd ditto, D. P. Fouché, and E. F. Wilson and H. C. Livingston, 80l. to 100.

[blocks in formation]

Revenue Department.

Collector General, R. Gillard, 1,000Z.

Second Class Landing Waiters, R. B. W. Smith and W. S. Spence, 1007. to 1207.

Third Class Landing Waiters, R. H. Brice (107. personal allowance), J. Addison (201. personal), and G. D. Garsia, 90l. to 1007.

First Class Locker and Gauger, A. R. Facey, 1507. Second Class Lockers and Gaugers, M. H. Boyle, W. J. Henderson (201. personal), T. S. Chapman, and J. J. King (10l. travelling), 1007.

First Class Clerks, C. A. Pasmore (107. personal), E S. Ffrench, J. S. Collymore, G. L.. Gifford, G. P. M. Taaffe, G. H. Davidson, E. C. Arrowsmith, J. C. Bonitto, W. J. T. Lynch, A. R. Dawes, C. S. Foote, H. E. Ramson, R. O'l Livingston, C. P. Twif, and A. R. Macfarlane, 1007. to 1407.

Second Class Clerks, J. E. O'Donnell, D. A: Walker, D. A. Rankine (107. personal), E. P. H. Mudie, C. M. Muir, J. O. Thomson, S. H. Stewart, J. E, Sherlock, H. W. Bartlett, 80l. to 100%.

Assistant Clerks, S. H. Allwood, A. S. Spratt, and E. L. Fiddes, 601.

Out-Door Officers, E. A. Fulford, T. B. Dixon, F 0. Bovill, F. R. King, W. M. Robertson, P. J. Browne, W. G. Cooke, D. M. Robertson, and W, M. Lewin, 60% to 80%.

Customs, Kingston.

Collector, Shipping Master, and Inspector of Invoices, C. Goldie, 650l. to 750l.

First Class Clerks, E. A. Savage and J. S. Brown, 2007. to 2501.

Supervisor of Revenue Offices, R. Batten, 500l. to Second Class Clerks, H. Bogle and E. N. Romney,

6007., and 21. per day when travelling. Chief Clerk, B. C. Orgill, 300l. to 4007.

First Class Clerks, A. H. Miles, W. J. Pearson, and A. G. Tacey, 2004, to 2507.

Second Class Clerks, G. G. Nix, L. G. H. Murphy, and R. E. Clarke, 100l. to 2007.

Third Class Clerks, W. B. Isaacs, J. H. B. Mais, and (vacant) 80l. to 1007.

First Class Collectors of Revenue, H. J. Burger, W. T. Jamison, and J. W. Gruber, 500., and 507. house allowance.

Second Class Collectors of Revenue, R. C. J. Baquie,
W. Cork, T. Bravo, W. A. Doorly, and T. F.
Clarke, 4007., and 501. house allowance.
Third Class Collectors of Revenue, E. H. E.
Maclaverty, J. A. Marshall, J. S. French, A. M.
Jackson, A. Robertson (50%. travelling), and H.
James (3007. with residence), 3007, and 501. house

First Class Assistant Collectors of Revenue, J. G. Chisholm (1007. personal allowance), E. P. Pullar (50% personal), R. R. S. Spalding (751. travelling), L. A. Rattigan (507. travelling), and E. C. Baines (754. travelling), 2501.

Second Class Assistant Collectors of Revenue, G. C. Hutchings (501. personal and 507. travelling), T. J. Breakspear (501. personal and 1007. travelling), C. Baquie (100%. travelling), R. N. Berwick (501. travelling), S. Binns, A. G. Davidson (751. travelling), E. Wilson (1007. travelling), S. E. Payne (1007. travelling), and L. J. Lee (507. travelling), 2007.

Third Class Assistant Collectors of Revenue, G. B. Caldwell (507. personal), J. C. Richards (1001. travelling), W. R. Burke (51. personal and 501. travelling), B. A. Lindo (501. travelling), G. W. Stricker (1007. travelling), A. Taylor (751. travelling), C. M. Gifford, J. Smythe, D. Bailey (751. travelling), and C. Wood, 1507. First Class Landing Waiters, J. A. S. Monaghan (501. personal), R. A. Mouat, O. L. B. Cumming (50%. travelling), and J. L. Lord, 130l. to 150%.

100l. to 2007.

Third Class Clerks, G. A. Burke, G. E. Maunsell, and H. C. Purchas, 80l. to 100%. Surveyor, A. W. Hitchins, 3507.

Landing Waiters, R. E. Mines 2501., B. Daniel 2251. Searchers and Tide Surveyors, J. B. Chadwick 2007., F. Delfosse 180/., R. B. Prendergast 1601., H. Cork 1401., B. de S. Bell 1307., and J. J. Orgill


Tide Surveyor, St. Royal, J. W.Rodgers, 150l. to 2007. First Class Out-Door Officers, A. K. Fitch (207. per

sonal allowance), E. C. Price, S. Byng, R. E.
Walker, and H. J. Katon, 907. to 1007.

Second Class Out-Door Officers, H. Barned, J. S.
Melbourne, A.W. Lundie (57. personal allowance),
H. D. Campbell, H. D. Plummer, F. C. Holwell,
T. P. Walton, and J. E. Tyrie, 751. to 851.
Third Class Out-Door Officers, H. B. O'Donnell, E
J. Kennedy, H. Murray, S. J. Drew, H. J. Read,
J. K. Collymore, J. G. Jelleret, J. A. Kildare,
C. B. Cooke, and F. Luke, 60l. to 70%.
Clerks to Parochial Boards, S. Bonitto, J. Allwood,
R. A. Williams, F. H. Hawkins, A. G. Ffrench,
J. R. Bravo, F. B. Bowen, R. P. Collymore, H.
M. Rowe, F. A. Pelgrave, W. G. Mines, R. M.
Cocking, and L. Smyth, 130l. to 1507.; R. S.
Haughton, 3507.

Harbour Master's Office, Kingston, Capt. K. H. A.
Clerk, C. H. V. Hall, 80%. to 100%.
Mainwaring, R.N., 5007.

Immigration Department.
Agent in India, Allen C. Stewart, 5001.
Protector of Immigrants in Jamaica, P. C. Cork,
600/., and 27. a-day when travelling.

Senior, C. L. Ripoll, at 4007.

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D. S. B. Mackenzie, in charge of two districts, 3001., E. W. Pigou, 2501., W. C. H. Hastings, 2007., and travelling allowance.

2nd Class Clerk, R. G. Huey, 100l. to 2007.

3rd "

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W. Douglas, 807. to 100l.

Jamaica Constabulary. Inspector General, Captain E H. B. Hartwell, R.N. salary 8507. An allowance of 21. per diem when actually travelling on duty.

First Class Inspectors, W. McLeod, St. Leger A. Tivy (507. extra as Registrar Criminals), Geo. E. C. Field, St. J. G. B. Hepburn, G. N. Broderick: salary 3007., forage 821. 2s. 6d., servant 271. 7s. 6d. 2nd Class ditto, T. Gordon Black, T. Alexander, C. H. Austin, T. de Pass, G. F. Coward, salary 250., forage 821. 2s. 6d., servant 271. 78. 6d. 3rd Class ditto, P. H. James, R. L. Rivett, A. A. H. W.

Wedderburn, G. Ponsonby, salary 2007., forage

821. 28. 67.. servant 271. 78. 6d.

Sub-Inspectors, H. F. Thomas, Marcus H. Shee, F. H. Church, salary 130l., forage 417. 18. 3d.,

servant 271. 78. 6d.

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Superintending Medical Officer, Deputy SurgeonGeneral C. B. Mosse, C.B., 1,2001. and travelling expenses 21. per diem.

Chief Clerk, E. A. Foster, 300l. to 400%.

2nd Class Clerks, L. E. Delfosse and J. E. Valencia, 100l. to 2002.

3rd Class Clerk, W. E. M. Drummond, 80l. to 1007. Medical Storekeeper, Edwin Butler, 150/, to 250l., and 501. house allowance.

Analytical Chemist, J. J. Bowrey, 500l., and 801. house allowance, and 60l. as Librarian. 2nd Class Clerk, Museum and Library, H. Priest, 150l. to 2007.

Public Hospital.

Chief Medical Officer and Director, C. B. Mosse, C. (Superintending Medical Officer.)

Senior Medical Officer, Frank Saunders, salary 60 Resident Medical Officers, H. Strachan, 350/ 4002.; J. Leslie Cox, 300l. to 4007., with quarte to both.

Chaplain, Rev. G. W. Downer, 501.
Clerk, Turner Pearson, 2001. to 2501.
Assistant Clerk, J. H. Phillips, 80%. to 1007.
Lock Hospital.

Chief Medical Officer, Izett W. Anderson, M.D.,100
Visiting Surgeon, Jasper Cargill, M.D., 1002
Clerk, Turner Pearson, 201.

Lunatic Asylum.

(City of Kingston.)

Medical Superintendent, Thomas Allen, M.D., 800 and furnished residence.

Assistant Medical Officer, M. P. Cormac McCo mack, 3501. to 400%, and a furnished residence.

District Medical Officers.

H. B. Foster, M.B., 2007.
A. C. Neyland, M.D., 250%
J. Deleon, 3001. (2007. and 100%.)

J. Cargill, M.D., 2007.

J. S. Gerrard, M.D., 2007

J. A. L. Calder, 2007.

J. H. Clark, 2007.

Z. Mennell, 1007.

G. C. Henderson, M.D., 250.
O. C. Harvey, M.D., 100%.
G. T. Martyn, 2007.

E. H. Cooke, M.B., 250%.

J. Pringle, M.B., 2007.
S. M. Logan, 2007.
C. Gayleard, 450.
H. J. Minchinton, 2007.

R. S. Harvey, 250l. (2007. salary, and 50%. personal allowance.)

G. Cooke, 2007.

T. Mauners, M.R.C.S., 2007.
W. H. Miller, 2007.

C. R. Gillard, 2007.
H. E. Maunsell, 2007.
B. M. Beckwith, 2007.
W. H. Logan, 2007.

V. ff. Mullen, 3007. (2007. and 1007.)
T. M. Drummond, 2004.

J. C. E. Roberts, 2007.
W. Taylor, 2007.
L. E. Delmege, 2001.
A. B. Ewart, 2007.
C. A. Moseley, 2007.
C T. Dewar, 2007.
F. A. Sinclair, 2007.
T. P. Madden, 2007.
S. Moore, 2007.
G. E. Cheyne, 2007.
E. L. Grant, 2007.
H. L. Clare, 2007.
L. Gifford, 2007.
J. H. Peck, 2507.

Y. T. G. Moore, 2001, Superintendent
Medical Officer.

The District medical officers are all allowed to take private practice.

Health Officer at Port Royal for the Port of Kingston and Quarantine Station, Jas. Neish, 500%.

Judicial Establishment. Chief Justice, and Keeper of the Records, Sir Adam Gib Ellis, Knight, 2,0001., and travelling allow


Paisne Judges of the Supreme Court of Judicature, C. R. Curran, 1,5007., and travelling allowance (one vacancy).

Attorney-General, H. H. Hocking, 1,5007.
Clerk to ditto, Charles Burnett, 150l., and fees as
Librarian to Supreme Court Library.

Assistants to the Attorney-General, S. D. Lindo, 5007. and S. Constantine Burke, 4007., and travelling allowance.

Crown Solicitor, S. C. Burke, 4007.

Registrar of the Supreme Court of Judicature, Thos. Hendrick, 600Z.

Official Assignees, the clerks of the district courts. Administrator General and Trustee in Bankruptcy,

W. Lee, 6007., and fees paying office expenses. Deputy Keeper of Records, Edward B. Lynch, 5002. District Courts.

City of Kingston.-One of the Puisne Judges of the Supreme Court (for Civil Jurisdiction only, the Criminal Jurisdiction being assigned to the Judge of the Central District). Clerk, James Dayes, 4807.

District Court Judges.

G. G. Little, 1,1007.; W. Ernst, 1,1007. (three vacancies), with travelling allowances from 1807. to 2401., according to size of district.

Clerks of District Courts.

Central District, W. G. McFarlane, 4007., and 1351. travelling allowance.

Northern District, A. B. Dignum, 5001., and 1877. 10s. travelling allowance.

Western District, G. Pilliner, 4007., and 1871. 108. travelling allowance.

Southern District, James Allwood, 500l., and 1757. travelling allowance.

Eastern District, J. M. Facey, 3001.
Stipendiary Magistrates, Richard Carter, J. T.
Cartwright, salary 4007., 1007. for a house, and
one shilling per mile travelling allowance, and 17.
for each night spent from home (two vacancies).
Police Magistrate, Kingston, H. J. Bicknell, 500.
Assistant ditto, Capt. K. H. A. Mainwaring, R.N.,1007.
Coroners, The judges of the district courts are ex-
officio coroners.

Clerks of Petty Sessions.
Clarendon, H. F. Pouyat, 3007.
St. James, J. C. Humber, 3007.
St. Andrew, A. L. Vendryes, 3007.
Trelawny, L. J. Preston, 3001.

St. Elizabeth, T. L. Roxburgh, 3007.
St. Catherine, J. Ryley, 3001.
Westmorland, W. F. Langley, 3007.
St. Thomas, L. L. Samuel, 2501.
Manchester, W. G. Clough, 2501.
St. Ann, A. Lake, 2501.

Portland, K. King, 2501.

St. Mary, J. A. Messias (acting), 3007.

Kingston, A. H. Quallo, 2007.

[blocks in formation]

Inspector of Schools, T. Capper, B.A., B.Sc., 7001. and 1507. travelling allowance. Assistant Inspectors of Schools, Charles_Plummer, 2501., and 2001. travelling allowance; Geo. Hicks, 2007., and 150l. travelling allowance; F. R. Orth, 150, and 150l. travelling allowance; J. R. Williams, 150l., and 1507. travelling allowance; T. L. Middleton, 150l. and 1507. travelling allowance.

Clerks, E. A. Andrews, 1201.; W. A. Heyliger, 807. Government Schoolmasters, R. Elworthy, 230l. and house, Charlestown.

Principal of the Training College, Rev. C. F. Douet, 2001. and quarters.

Tutor ditto, T. Cox, 160l. to 2301.

Principal Female Training College, Miss A. C. Johnson, 2501.

Assistant Teacher, Miss Randall, 607.

Mistress of Practising School, Miss Roberts, 607. Superintendent of Reformatory, T. Mair, 3407. and 50%. travelling.

Foreign Consuls.

United States (vacant), Kingston.

Hanover, H. Brown, 2501., with travelling allow- Spain, Don F. E. de Gomez.


Ecclesiastical Department.

Bishop of Jamaica, Right Rev. Enos Nuttall, D.D. Archdeacon of Cornwall (acting), Ven. J. L. Ramson.

Denmark, S. Soutar.

Venezuela, J. Duff.

Austria, Wm. Schiller.

Belgium, S. E.


St. Domingo, J. B. Sorapure.

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