Sivut kuvina


the King's Dragoon Guards. On the 1st of Sep-1
tember, Sir Garnet Wolseley, who had arrived at
the end of June to tako the supreme civil and
military command in Natal and the Transvaal,
assembled the chiefs of the Zulu nation at Ulundi,
and explained to them the new order of things to
be established in Zululand. The dynasty of Chaka
was deposed, and the country was divided into
thirteen districts, each under an independent
Chief, holding office by the gift of the Queen of
England, subject to certain conditions accepted by
him The terms of the ultimatum in regard to
matters of government were to be carried out; and
a British resident was appointed to reside in Zulu
land, and be the adviser of the chiefs and channel
of communication between them and the British

The main defect in this arrangement was the want of a recognised and paramount authority; and difficulties were soon experienced in its working. Some of the appointed chiefs quarrelled and fought with one another and with their subjects, many of whom refused to recognise the authority of those placed over them. A large and influential party were anxious for the restoration of Cetywayo, more than one deputation visiting the Natal Government to make known their wishes on the subject. Sir H. Bulwer, who had assuined the government of Natal in the early part of 1882, was specially commissioned to inquire into the whole question of the Zulu settlement, with a view to its being placed on a stable footing. After fully considering his report, Her Majesty's Government decided to replace the ex-king over a part of his former kingdom, subject to certain conditions, and to constitute the remainder of Zululand an independent native territory. The whole country north of the Umlatoosi River, with the exception of a smal territory in the north-east, which Usibepu, one of the thirteen chiefs appointed by Sir Garnet Wolseley, was allowed to retain, was restored to Cetywayo, and the territory between the Umla


toosi and the Natal frontier was constituted a
native reserve, under the supervision of
British commissioner. It was arranged that
locations should be provided in this reserve for
any of the Zulus who might be unwilling to again
submit to the restored king. Cetywayo, who had
at his own request been allowed to visit England,
where the decision of the Government was com-
municated to him, and by him formally accepted,
was re-installed by Sir Theophilus Shepstone on
the 29th January in the presence of 5,000 Zulus.
His enemies, headed by Usibepu, proved more
formidable and more intractable than he or others
had anticipated, and after a struggle of some
months he was overthrown and his kraal destroyed.
He took refuge in the reserve, where he lived
practically under the care of the Resident, a defeated
exile, until the 8th of February, 1884, when he
Soon after his death the Usutus finding
themselves no match for Usibepu, called in some
Boer adventurers from the Transvaal and else-
where, with whose assistance they inflicted a
crushing defeat on Usibepu, who has been driven
to take refuge in the Reserve. As a reward for
this service they received a grant of nearly
3,000,000 acres of land, in which they have estab-
lished a Republic, and taken all Zululand outside
the Reserve under the protection of the new State.
Dinizulu, Cetewayo's eldest sor, has been pro-
claimed king in succession to his father.

On the 18th Dec., 1884, the British flag was hoisted at St. Lucia Bay, which was ceded to the English Government by Panda in 1843.

The Zulu Native Reserve is administered by a resident commissioner, who is immediately responsible to Sir H. Bulwer as H.M.'s special commissioner for Zulu affairs; and order is maintained by a force of seventy-five mounted native police, called the Reserve Territory Carbineers. The expenditure for 1883, amounting to 5,318., was met from a grant in aid from the Imperial exchequer, but the revenue received principally from the Hut Tax, of 10s. per hut, during 1884, has been sufficient to cover the expenditure, and it is expected that the territory will in future be self-supporting. The estimated revenue for 1884 was 6,7501., and expenditure 6,6477., including extraordinary expenditure, amounting to 845., on account of the disturbed state of the country.

The establishment of the Reserve is as follows: Resident Commissioner, Melmoth Osborn, C.M.G., 1,000l.

Sub-Commissioner, A. L. Pretorius, 4507.

Lieut.-Col. Cardew, 82nd Reg.

Commandant of Carbineers, George Mansel, 6007.
Lieutenant of Carbineers, R. H. Addison, 300

An Act was passed by the Legislative Council, in 1875, authorising the construction of a railway from Pietermaritzburg to the Port of Durban, 78 miles, with a branch northwards from Umgeni to Verulam, 193 miles, and one south to the Isipingo River, 7 miles. The estimated cost of the work, 1,200,000l., was raised by loan; the contract was executed by Messrs. Wythes and Jackson. The first sod was turned by the Lieutenant-Governor on the 1st of January, 1876, and the line was in finally completed and opened for traffic November, 1880. A further extension to Ladysmith (118 miles), at an estimated cost of 1,450,000l., is being constructed, and the whole will be finished and opened early in 1886. A contract for the work has been entered into with Mr. James Perry (since deceased).


The volunteer force of the Colony at the end of 1884 consisted of 785 of all ranks.

There is also an armed and mounted police force, numbering 248 Europeans of all ranks, and 25 natives.


There are various missionary establishments in Natal, supported by voluntary aid, for the advancement of the 362,000 Zulu-Kafir subjects of the Queen. The Churches of England and Scotland, the Wesleyans, the Dutch Reformed, the Americans, the Prussians, the Hanoverians, the Norwegians, and the Church of Rome, all have their stations. Tariff.

The following is the table of customs duties levied at Port Natal, under authority of laws No. 18, 1866; No. 1, 1867; Nos. 2 and 20, 1872; No. 17, 1874; No. 11, 1875; Nos. 2, 3, and 4, 1881; and No. 14, 1884.

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£ s. d. tables, grain bags, gunny bags, and bagging, guano and all other manures, ice, lime, printing presses and type.

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Jackets or coats made of blanketing,
baize, or twilled baize, per 1007. value 15 0 0
Matches, in boxes or other packages,
containing not more than 100 matches
per gross

Meal and bran, per 100 lbs.

Oils of all descriptions imported in vessels containing not less than half a gallon (chemical, essential, and perfumed oils excepted) per gallon Picks and hoes, each

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0 2

Machinery used exclusively in the preparation and manufacture of any of the productions of the soil, and in sawing timber, and in the making of bricks and tiles; and machinery to be employed in agricultural, manufacturing, and mining operations, also in distillation and other chemical processes, as well as the cleansing, pressing, and otherwise preparing of any articles for exportation.

Pig iron, provisions, stores, and all articles of every description imported for the use of Her Majesty's land and sea forces, or for the Colonial Governmeut. Railway carriages, rice, salt, slates for roofing, seeds, bulbs, and plants and specimens of natural history, tiles, uniforms, and appointments imported by and for the use of any officers of Her Majesty's civil, military, or naval service, serving on full pay in this colony, or for any militia or volunteer forces in this colony. Vacoa bags and wool bags made up; wheat; wines and spirits imported or taken out of bond for the use of the lieutenant-governor, and for the use of Her Majesty's military officers serving on full pay in this colony, and also for the use of Her Majesty's Navy, on full pay, and serving on board any of Her Majesty's ships.

By Law 11, 1875, the following articles are also free of duty, except registration charges:

Bones of animals, hides, raw and undressed horns, indiarubber, unmanufactured; ivory, unmanufactured, animal and vegetable; skins, raw and undressed, wool, ores, and minerals, crude, ostrich feathers, undressed, gums of all description.

Also by Law 4, 1881. Fencing wire, iron standards, &c., and all material intended to be used solely for the purposes of wire fencing, iron or steel rails for the construction of tramways on farms or plantations.

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By Ordinance 14 of 1856, foreign reprints of British copyright works, otherwise prohibited, may be imported at an ad valorem rate of 20 per cent.

By Law 14, 1884, tin plates and tea lead are free of duty.

Schedule of Goods Free of Duty (Except Registration
Charges, Law of 1867).

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Animals living, agricultural implements, viz.— Ploughs, harrows, reaping machines, winnowing machines, and all other machines and implements, exclusively employed in agricultural pursuits. Included in these totals are-Railway revenue, Books and music printed, maps and charts, except £160,955 railway expenditure, £249,073; and items reprints of works protected by the English Copy-chargeable to Public Works Loan, £79,155. right Act, or prohibited to be imported. Breadstuffs, bricks and fire-bricks, casks, staves for casks, headings for casks, hoops and hoop-iron, coin and bullion, coals, coke, and patent fuel, diamonds, flour (wheaten), fresh fruit and vege

Included in these totals are-Railway revenue £180,577; railway expenditure, £255.957; and items chargeable to Public Works Loan, £62,969.

railway expenditure, £238.110; and items chargeable to Included in these totals are railway revenue, £180,216; public works loan, £39,280.

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Sir Henry Connor, Kt., Chief Justice.

The Commandant of the Troops.

Secretary for Native Affairs, H. C. Shepstone,

Chief Clerk, J. J. Sewell, 2007. to 3007.
Two Student Interpreters, each at 721. to 100l.

Treasury Office.

Treasurer, J. T. Polkinghorne, 7007.

Chief Clerk and Accountant, H. B. Bainbridge 3001.
Clerk, J. Hüneberg, 150l. to 2001.

F. S. Bird, 150l. to 2007.

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G. Balwin, 100%. to 1507.

W. G. Wheelwright, 100l. to 150%.
Audit Office.

Auditor, T. G. Crowly, 6007.

Chief Clerk, A. W. F. Taylor, 3007.
Clerk, T. J. St. George, 150l. to 2007.
C. H. R. Norman, 150l. to 2007.
P. C. Hawkins, 100l. to 1507.

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Lieut.-Col. Sir C. B. H. Mitchell, late R.M., Sub Auditor for Railway Purposes, A. C. Sewell

K.C.M.G., Colonial Secretary.

J. T. Polkinghorne, Treasurer.

M. H. Gallwey, C.M.G., Attorney-General.

H. C. Shepstone, Secretary for Native Affairs.
Lieut.-Col. Hime, late R.E., Colonial Engineer.
T. W. Garland, M.L.C.

G. C. K. Richardson, M.L.C.

Clerk, C. Bird.

Legislative Council.

J. W. Akerman, Speaker.

300l. to 4007.


Postmaster-General and General Manager of Telegraphs, J. Chadwick, 5007. to 6007.

Clerk, W. B. Shurmer, 2007. to 3007.

A. J. Norris, 150l. to 2007.

Postmaster, Pietermaritzburg, H. Sullivan, 3007.
Clerk, Pietermaritzburg, F. R. Becker, 150l. to 2007.

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H. Smith, 100l. to 1507.
G. B. Warner, 100%. to 150%.
Postmaster, Durban, C. J. Coakes, 3751.

Lieut.-Col. Sir C. Mitchell, late R.M., K.C.M.G., Clerk, A. W. Collins, 2007. to 3007.

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Ditto Governor's Office, A. X. Byrne, 3001.

Colonial Secretary's Office.

Colonial Secretary, Lieut.-Ccl. Sir C. B. H. Mitchell late R.M., K.C.M.G., 1,000/.

Assistant Colonial Secretary, F. S. Haden, B.A.,
4007. to 5007.

Chief Clerk, C. Bird, 2007. to 3007.
Clerk, J. D'A. Dumaresq, 150l. to 2007.
Ditto, A. E. B. Townsend, 100l. to 150/.

Statistical Clerk and Dutch Translator, P. Hugo,
300l. to 4001.

Office Keeper, J. O'Keefe, 150%.
European Messenger, P. B. Goble, 48i.

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Clerk and Draughtsman, H. J. Dadswell, 150l. to Wharfmaster, C. A. Woodroffe, 2507.


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H. C. Tait, 1507, to 2007.

G. C. Byrne, 1007. to 1507.

Supervisor and Locker, Pietermaritzburg, B. Goble,


1st Landing Waiter and Searcher, A. Morling, 300%.
2nd ditto, T. H. Swatton, 150l. to 2751.
3rd R. Upton, 150l. to 275l.


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J. F. Rutherford, 150l. to 275l.

1st Locker and Tide-Waiter, J. Maslen, 150%. 2nd ditto, P. T. Crawford, 1207. to 150%.


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T. Nicoll, 120l. to 1507.

Extra Tide-Waiters (7), at 1087. each.

Two Watchmen and Boatmen at 841. each.

Constable, P. Toohey, 1141.

Signalman, W. Withycombe, 1207.
Rockethouse Keeper, C. Cooley, 601.
Superintendent of Water Police, D. I. Nolan, 2251.
Constable, G. E. Tatum, 1267.

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E Norris, 1147.

S. Bird, 1147.

Health Officer, Dr. J. E. Neale, 2001.
1st Keeper, D. Moffat, 1507.
2nd ditto D. W. Bell, 1257.


Chief Justice, Sir H. Connor, Kt., 1,500.
Puisne Judge, C. F. Cadiz, 1,000.
Ditto, Walter Thomas Wragg, 1,0007.
Master and Registrar, H. C. Campbell, 4507.
Clerk to Master, G. Layton,15 100l. to 150%.
Clerk to Registrar, J. W. F. Bird, 150l. to 2007.
Usher and Messenger, J. Paterson, 1104
Interpreter to Supreme and Circuit Courts, C. J. R.
Saunders, 250% to 3001.

Hindustani Interpreter to Supreme and Circuit
Courts, A. Ruffe, 2007.

Judge of Native High Court, J. W. Shepstone, 800/

Customs Officer Umzimkulu River, F. H. P. de L. Registrar, W. R. Gordon, 2501.

Staunton, 1207.


Controller of Excise, H. Rutherford, 3501.

Clerk to ditto, E. Pope, 150l. to 2001.

European Messenger, C. E. Garbett, 847.
Sheriff, R. C. Visick, 2501.

Attorney-General, M. H. Gallwey, C.M.G, 8002.
Clerk, T. Garlicke, 2007. to 3007.

Keeper of Warehouse, Durban, E. H. Hickman, 1507. Clerk of the Peace, Pietermaritzburg, R. F. Morcom, to 2007.

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Assistant ditto, and Prosecutor Native High Court,
B. C. Clarence, 1507.

Clerk of the Peace, and Prosecutor Native High
Court, Durban, J. P. Waller, 2507.

Ditto, and Prosecutor Native High Court, Verulam,
James McLaurin, 1007.

Clerk of the Peace, Weenen and Klip River Counties,
H. J. Shuter, 1507.

Assistant ditto, W. D. Turnbull, 1007.
Resident Magistrates:-

Pietermaritzburg, City Division, C. Barter, 5007.
1st Clerk, C. P. Wolhuter, 2007, to 300%.
2nd J. C. Crowly, 150l. to 2007.
Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, W. H. Acutt,
1007. to 150%.

Superintendent of Gaol, W. Cook, 250%.
Matron, Mrs. Cook, 607.

Umgeni Division, James Forder, 450!.

Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, W. R. Jones, 150%.

to 2007.

2nd ditto, F. E. Foxon, 100%. to 150%.

Lion's River Division, J. C. C. Chadwick, 400% Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, R. E. Dunn, 1507. to 2007.

Durban Division, R. I. Finnemore, 500Z.

1st Clerk, G. Leask, 2007, to 3004.


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H. R. Bousfield, 150l. to 2007.
M. R. N. Matthews, 1007. to 1507.
A. H. Hogard, 100l. to 1507.
Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, H. V. Ridgway,


Superintendent of Gaol, J. W. Phillips, 2507
Matron, Mrs. Phillips, 607.

Umlazi Division, W. P. Jackson, 4507.

Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, S. O. Samuelson, 150l. to 2007.

Clerk and Indian Interpreter, C. Stephen, 100% to 1504

Klip River Division, G. M. Rudolph, C.M.G., 4501.

Clerk of the Court, J. J. Delahunt, 150%. to 2001.

[blocks in formation]

Clerk and Indian Interpreter, M. J. Williams, 100%.

Umroti County, W. D. Wheelwright, 4507.

[blocks in formation]

Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, A. Boast, 1507. to Commandant, Major J. G. Dartnell, C.M.G., 550.


Clerk, C. S. Botha, 1007 to 1507. Weenen County, P. Paterson, 4507.

Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, H. W. Boast, 1507. to 2007.

Clerk, J. W. F. Biggs, 1007. to 1507. Umsinga Dirision, H. F. Fynn, 350l.

Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, W. B. Erskine
1507. to 2007.

Clerk, H. Millar, 1007. to 150.
Alexandra County Capt. G. A. Lucas, 5501.
Clerk and Zulu Interpreter, D. Giles, 150.
to 2007.

Clerk and Indian Interpreter, H. J. G. Ince,
1007. to 150%.

Alfred County, J. Giles, 4507.

Clerk and Interpreter, T. R. Bennett, 150l. to


[blocks in formation]

Inspectors, F. A. Campbell, W. F. Fairlie, 350l. to

Sub-Inspectors, F. Phillips, E. C. Crallan, J. A.
Masson, 250l. to 3007.

Sub-Inspector and Adjutant, W. Stean, 250l. to 3007.
Pay, and Quartermaster, with rank of Sub Inspector,
F. H. S. Sewell, 250l. to 3007.

1 Sergeant-Major, 10s. per diem.
9 Sergeants

16 Corporals

98. 99

248 Troopers, 6s. and 7s. per diem, with 1s. per
diem increase after three years' service.
25 Natives of all ranks.

Volunteer Department.

Commandant, Major J. G. Dartnell, C.M.G., 1507.
Staff Clerk, N. E. Davey, 100l. to 1507.
Storekeeper and Armourer, F. Choles, 2501.
Adjutant and Drill Instructor, N. E. Davey, 2501.

Arms and Ammunition.

Controller of Arms, H. Wylde-Browne, M.A., 400/
Clerk to ditto, J. G. C. van Leenhof, 1007. to 1507.
Caretaker, Pietermaritzburg Magazine, R. Boyd, 847.
Ditto, Durban Magazine, D. Butler, 1087.

Ecclesiastical Department.

Chaplain, English Church, Pietermaritzburg, Rev. J.
Green, 1007.

Minister, Dutch Reformed Church, Umvoti, Rev. J.
Turnbull, 1507.

Medical Department.
Grey's Hospital, Pietermaritzburg:
Manager, H. Hancock, 1507.
Matron, Mrs. McDonald, 1007.
Surgeon, Dr. J. F. Allen, 250l.
Clerk, J. A. Michell, 361.

Burton-Lunatic Asylum, Pietermaritzburg.
Keeper, J. Smithwick, 2007.
Matron, (vacant), 607.

Deputy Protector of Immigrants, C. Manning, 4007.
Secretary, Indian Immigration Trust Board of Natal,
J. A. Polkinghorne (acting),

London Agent, W. Peace,


Secretary and Manager Land and Immigration Board,
C. A. Butler, 3501.

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Resident Surgeon, Dr. J. Hyslop, 4007.
Hospital, Durban:

Superintendent, W. Raworth, 150%.
Matron, B. M. Vibert, 604.
Dispenser C. E. Bourchier, 1007.
Surgeon, Dr. W. H. Addison.
District Surgeons:-

City of Pietermaritzburg, Dr. C. Gordon, 2001.
Umgeni Division, Dr. C. Ward, 1007.

Lion's River, Dr. J. von Mengershausen, 100%.
Borough of Durban, Dr. W. H. Addison, 2007.
County of ditto, Dr. W. H. Addison, jun., 1007

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