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This is a thick unglazed writing paper of superior quality, suitable for either Steel or Quill Pens.

The Pall Mall Envelopes,

Square Shape to Match,


Or 1 Ream of 480 Sheets and 500 Envelopes





59, Pall Mall, London.




Various Tints, reduced to

2/- per Box of 5 Quires.

Square Envelopes to Match, 2/- per Box of 100.

REPP NOTE IN ALL TINTS 8vo. size, 12/- per Ream; Albert size, 10/per Ream.

Envelopes to Match, 2/- and 2/6 per 100.

The Silurian Grey Mote. 1/- per 5 Quire Packet, or 3/9 per Ream. Square Envelopes to Match 1/- per 100.

59, Pall Mall, London.

By Appointment to Her Majesty & H.R.H. the Prince of Wales.







"The list of his works, remembering their nature, and the size, intricacy, and almost endless ramifications of some of them, present an example of rare industry, system, mental energy, and capacity."-Dublin University Magazine.

Sir Bernard Burke's Peerage, Baronet

AGE, KNIGHTAGE, &c., for 1886, 48TH EDITION. This Peerage and Baronetage is the only one extant which combines, in one volume, the full genealogical or past, as well as the present, account of all the Peers and Baronets of the realm. The Baronetage, incorporated with the Peerage, is complete in every detail as to the Lineage and present condition of each Baronet and his family. The Knightage has been much enlarged by the introduction of the family connections of the Knights of the several Orders of the Knights Bachelors and of the Members of Her Majesty's Most Honourable Privy Council. Precedence. This important subject has been fully dealt with, and the Lists may be relied on as authoritative. The Peers, Baronets, and Knights, and the Companions of the several Orders of Knighthood are placed according to their relative rank; and there is given a Scale of General or Social Precedence, and a List of the Maids of Honour to the Queen, with their relative Precedence. Tables of Precedence of Diplomatic Agents; Relative Rank of the Officers of the Navy

and Army; and Precedence in the Colonies, the Dominion of Canada, and the Indian Empire are also supplied. There will also be found official Lists of THE ORDER OF THE INDIAN EMPIRE, THE ROYAL ORDER OF VICTORIA AND ALBERT, THE IMPERIAL ORDER OF THE CROWN OF INDIA, THE VICTORIA CROSS, THE ALBERT MEDAL, and THE ROYAL RED CROSS. The heraldic department includes not only the engravings of the arms of both PEERS and BARONETS, but also the written blazon or descriptions. To this work is added a Key, or Comprehensive Alphabetical List, by means of which every titled personage, and many others, can be easily traced. Nearly 2,000 pages, super royal 8vo., cloth gilt. Price £1 18s.

"While most other publications of the kind form most useful indexes to the living members of the Aristocracy, Sir Bernard Burke's handsome volume is perhaps the most useful and valuable companion to the student of English History."-Times.

"The foremost place among works of reference is claimed, almost by traditional right, by Sir Bernard Burke's 'Dictionary of the Peerage and Baronetage,' which still remains the Standard Authority as to Aristocratic Lineage."-Whitehall Review.

"Constant reference to the pages of 'Burke' enables us to testify to its invariable accuracy. For completeness and comprehensiveness on all matters connected with Titles of honour it is unsurpassed."-Court Journal.

"An indispensable companion to all classes."-Illustrated London News.

Sir Bernard Burke's Landed Gentry

of Great Britain and Ireland, being a record of the Lineage, &c., of about 4,500 Families, with a description of their Arms, Crests, &c. SEVENTHI EDITION. Thoroughly Revised throughout, 1886. This edition of the Landed Gentry has been compiled from communications made by the chiefs and heads of families from their private papers, traditions and genealogies. The great aim has been to arrive at accuracy, and, in order to attain this end, every available source of information has been exhausted, and a correspondence carried on which has secured many thousands of communications from those most competent to improve and correct the work. Apocryphal statements, which had crept into former editions, have been expunged, erroneous particulars and incorrect descents discovered and omitted, and some memoirs excluded as being no longer associated with the possession of landed property. In two volumes, uniform with "The Peerage,' General Armory," &c. 1,900 pages, super royal 8vo., cloth gilt. Price £3 3s. Nearly ready.

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"A work of this kind is of a national value. Its utility is not merely temporary, but it will exist and be acknowledged as long as the families, whose names and genealogies are recorded in it, continue to form an integral portion of the English constitution."-Post.

Sir Bernard Burke's General Armory

of England, Scotland, Ireland, and Wales. Comprising a registry of Armorial Bearings from the earliest to the present time. RE-ISSUE 1884, WITH ADDITIONAL SUPPLEMENT describing THE ARMS, &C., OF NEARLY ONE THOUSAND FAMILIES NOT INCLUDED IN THE PREVIOUS ISSUE. This work contains above 66,000 Blazons of the Arms of Families, Companies, Cities, &c., with mottoes arranged in alphabetical order. This Work having engaged the personal attention of the Editor for a considerable period of time, will be found most valuable not only to the Student of Heraldry and those personally interested in its pages, but to all who

are brought into connection with the subject by their professions—such as Engravers, Silversmiths, Coach Builders, Die Sinkers, &c. Uniform with "The Peerage," "The Landed Gentry," &c. 1,280 pages, super royal Svo., cloth gilt. Price £2 12s. 6d.

"The work may indisputably claim to be one great authority on all things heraldic”. Illustrated News.

"Its authority is

rouestionable over the whole range of facts with which it deals; it is the most comprehensive collection ever presented to the world."—Saunders' Irish Daily News.

Sir Bernard Burke's Dormant, Abeyant,

FORFEITED, AND EXTINCT PEERAGES of the British Empire. NEW EDITION, BROUGHT DOWN TO 1883. Comprising every Peerage created since the Conquest, that is now Extinct, Dormant, under Attainder, or in Abeyance, and tracing down the various dignities to their existing representatives. Illustrated by Steel Engravings of the Principal Arms. Royal Svo., cloth gilt. Price £2 28.

"By the publication of this splendid volume, Ulster King of Arms completes the structure of information which he has been so long engaged in rearing, and in whose construction he has displayed not only the accuracy and research of the herald, but the generalization, the appreciation of the historian."-Morning Post.

Sir Bernard Burke's Sovereigns of

ENGLAND from the Norman Conquest. IN RHYME. Square 16mo. cloth. Price 18.

Burke's Celebrated Trials connected with

the Upper Classes of Society in the Relations of Private Life. By PETER BURKE, Esq., Barrister-at-Law. 8vo., cloth. Price 16s.

Banting. A Letter on Corpulence, addressed to

the Public. 4th Edition, reprinted 1885. 8vo., sewn. Price 1s.

Baden-Powell, Capt. R. S.


INSTRUCTIONS. A Course of Lectures ordered by General Order 30, dated 1st of March, 1884, for instruction of Cavalry, Yeomanry, &c., &c. Demy 16mo. Price 4s. 6d.

"An excellent handbook for Cavalry and Yeomanry Officers."-Morning Post.

Beaconsfield, An Appreciative Life of

THE LATE EARL OF. A' Statesman of "Light and Leading," with Portraits of his Contemporaries. Edited by CORNELIUS BROWN, F.R.S.L., &c. This work is copiously illustrated with Etchings, Engravings, and with 25 Permanent Photographs of Eminent Conservatives, including the whole of the late Beaconsfield Ministry. To say nothing of the value and interest of these elegant volumes, in their costly illustrations, and the superior style in which they are presented for Publication, as containing

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