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James, Capt. W. H. 2,154 Questions

various Examinations held during the past nine years at the Royal
Military College, Sandhurst. SECOND EDITION, ENLARGED. Demy 8vo.,

cloth. Price 3s. 6d.

Japanese First Book for English

STUDENTS. By JOHN O'NEILL. With Tables of the Japanese Hiragand and Katakana characters. 4to., sewed. Price 10s. 6d.

Johnson, A. C. Elements of Plane

AND SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY, Theoretical and Practical, for the use of Junior Naval Students. EIGHTH EDITION, 1885, 8vo., cloth. Price 6s.

King's (The) Liverpool Regiment of

FOOT. An account of the formation of the Regiment in 1685, and of its subsequent service to 1881, with Biographical Notices, numerous coloured plates, &c. Demy 8vo., cloth, 25s.

Large Game Shooting in Thibet and the

North-West, by ALEXANDER KINLOCH. Containing description of the
Country, and of the various Animals to be found, together with extracts
from a journal of several years' standing, and illustrated by Photographs of
Heads and Horns, executed by the Photo-tint process. SECOND SERIES.
Demy 4to., cloth gilt. Price 21s.

"The Author compresses his adventures into a very small space, and seems to have undergone all sorts of fatigue and exposure, in company with his wife, in a country not usually accessible to ladies; and he gives good advice as to the best means of curing and preserving skins and heads."-Saturday Review.

"This work will prove highly acceptable to sportsmen, for the Author not only explains where the game is to be found, the mode of travel, and the best seasons to hunt, but gives some well-executed photos of the large game. As a sportsman and a word-painter

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he is inimitable, and his work should be largely patronized."-European Mail.

Louvre (The). A complete and concise Hand

book to all the Collections of the Museum, being an abridgment of the French Official Catalogues, arranged by S. SOPHIA BEALE. Small 4to., cloth boards, 3s.

"A useful handbook."-The Artist.

"Will be of great service to the visitor."-Cook's Excursionist.

Macintyre, Lt.-Colonel J. M. Catechism

FOR OFFICERS OF ARTILLERY VOLUNTEERS. Square 16mo., sewed. Price 1s. 6d.

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Melting and Boiling Point Tables. By

THOMAS CARNELLEY, D.Sc. Professor of Chemistry in University College,
Dundee. Vol. I. Royal 4to. Price £2 2s.

46 'The result of enormous labour, and promises to be of great value as a book of reference for persons engaged in chemical research."--Times.

Metrical Hymns, for the Christian Year, for

Congregational use, reprinted in a small volume, from the "PARISH
CHOIR." Neatly bound in leather. Price 1s.; or in cloth, 10d.

Metrical Tunes for Congregational

USE, for Unison or Harmonized Singing. This collection consists of Seventyfour Tunes of the most simple kind, with a Table showing the number of seconds to be occupied in singing once through each tune. 12mo., cloth. Price 2s.

Naval. On the State of the British Navy, with

remarks on one branch of Naval Expenditure. By ADMIRAL SIR R. SPENCER ROBINSON, K.C.B., F.R.S. Sewed. Price 18.

Newall, Major-Gen. D. J. F.


HIGHLANDS OF INDIA STRATEGICALLY CONSIDERED. With special reference to their colonization as Reserve Circles, Military, Industrial, and Sanitary, with a Map, Diagrams, Illustrations, &c., 1882. Demy 8vo., cloth. Price 21s.

"We readily acknowledge the value of the information and statistics which he has brought together concerning every peak or plateau which could attract men who are in search of health, sport, or investment of capital." -Saturday Review.

Nightingale's Life or Death in India.

With an Appendix on Life or Death by Irrigation. Demy 8vo, sewed,
Price 1s.

Nightingale's Notes on Nursing: What

it is, and what it is not. By FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE. New Edition. Demy 8vo., limp cloth. Price 28.

We have never read any book on any subject on which so much is said, and said so well in a shorter space. * ."-Times. "These Notes' are addressed to women, and every

woman in the country ought to read them,"-Daily News.

Nightingale's Notes on Nursing, FOR


This Edition contains a Chapter devoted to "Minding Baby."

59, Pall Mall, London, S. W.


Nomenclature of Diseases drawn up by


Joint Committee appointed by the Royal College of Physicians of London. SECOND EDITION, being the 1st revision, 1885. Demy 8vo. Price 4s. "As a matter of course, every Physician and Surgeon in the United Kingdom will provide himself with this indispensable book."-Knowledge.

Parish Choir, or Church Music Book.

Containing plainly written Illustrations of the Common Prayer Book; Hints to Clergymen desirous of forming Choirs, or of improving the Singing in their Churches; Plain Instructions in Chanting; Familiar Explanations of the Choral or Cathedral Service; Remarks upon Daily Prayer; Practical Hints on Congregational Psalmody; Lessons in Singing; Village Lectures on Psalmody and Singing; Music for the Church Service complete; a Series of Metrical Psalm Tunes; the Gregorian Tones; Anthems by Goldwin, Okeland, Haselton, Weldon, Batten, Rogers, Aldrich, &c., &c. In Three Volumes, royal 8vo. cloth, price 21s. Separate Volumes-Vol. I. price 9s., Vol. II., price 7s. 6d., and Vol. III., price 9s.

"These volumes not only contain a large collection of the very best music of the Church, but an immense amount of practical information, sound criticism, and suggestions adapted for every one who takes any part or interest in the revival of Church Music."-English Churchman.

Parker, Sir William, Bart., G.C.B.,

Life of (Admiral of the Fleet), First and

Principal Naval Aide-de-Camp to Her Majesty, &c., from 1781 to 1866. By VICEADMIRAL AUGUSTUS PHILLIMORE, with History of the Parker Family, &c. 3 vols., demy 8vo., cloth. Price 16s. each.

"This is a delightful book, as full of adventure and interest as one of Marryat's novels, yet written without any kind of affectation or exaggeration."- Vanity Fair.

"The chief value of this important biography seems to us that it shows, in a clear light, the state of the Navy at a most critical epoch."-Civil Service Gazette.

"This eventful life is full of interest and instruction. Admiral Phillimore, as biographer, has executed his labours well-it is worthy to take its place with Southey's Life of Nelson.”— Hour.

Parkyn, Lieut. S. S. Transport in

SOUTHERN AFGHANISTAN BETWEEN SUKKUR AND QUETTA, 1878-1880. By Lieut. S. S. PARKYN (The Royal Irish), late AssistantSuperintendent and Paymaster of Transport. Second Edition. Post 8vo., sewn. Price 1s.

Photographic Society of Great Britain.

Journal and Transactions. New Series, published monthly, from October to June, price various. Catalogue Number, price 6d.

Poker, Rules of

of. An American Game of Cards.

Square 32ino., sewed. Price 6d.


How to obtain the P.S. Compris

ing the full course of Examination at the School of Instruction, with the latest Additions and Corrections. By HENRY R. W.LUMSDEN. Price 1s.

"This little manual cannot fail to prove practically useful to those whom it is intended to instruct, and will doubtless be claimed as a vade mecum by all aspirants for the P.S.”—Army and Navy Gazette.

Pulbrook, A. Handbook on the Law

AND PRECEDENTS. With a copious Index. Post 8vo., cloth.
2s. 6d.


Punctuation: How to Stop, and When

TO STOP. Punctuation reduced to a System. By WILLIAM DAY
SEVENTH EDITION, limp cloth. Price 1s.

"Having read this book with some care, we must not omit to say, that its success is, in our opinion, well deserved. It fairly fulfils the promise of its title."-Globe.

"This work is admirably adapted to correct defective punctuation,”—Observer.

Regimental Chronicle, and List of Officers of

the 60th, or King's Royal Rifle Corps, formerly the 62nd, or the Royal American Regiment of Foot. By NESBIT WILLOUGHBY WALLACE (Captain 60th Royal Rifles), with Photographs and Coloured Plates. Royal 8vo., cloth gilt. Price £1 1s.

Reign of the Land League. Patriotic

Poems on the Present State of Ireland. 8vo., sewn. Price 6d.

Roll of the Royal College of Physicians

OF LONDON; comprising Biographical Sketches of all the eminent
Physicians, whose names are recorded in the annals from the foundation
of the College in 1518 to its removal in 1825 from Warwick Lane to
Pall Mall East. By WILLIAM MUNK, M.D., F.S.A., Fellow of the
College, &c.
SECOND EDITION, revised and enlarged. 3 vols., Demy

8vo. Price 31s. 6d.

Russia in Central Asia.

Historical Sketch

of Russia's progress in the East up to 1873, and of the incidents which led to the campaign against Khiva, with a description of the military districts of the Caucasus, Orenburg, and Turkestan. By HUGO STUMM. Translated into English by J. W. OZANNE and CAPT. H. SACHS. Maps. Demy 8vo. Price 15s.

"Exactly the sort of book required at the present time for the better understanding of the AngloRussian Question. -Daily Telegraph.

Service Almanack, The. Fifth Year of

publication.-Contents for 1886 :-Chronological Synopsis of English Army and Navy from formation to present date. Members of both Houses of Parliament who are serving, or have served, in the Army, Navy, or Auxiliary Forces, with war services, if any. British Naval and Military Celebrities of the Day, Biographical Sketches of. Dictionary of Battles. Concise descriptions of all Battles, &c., borne on the colours or appointments of regiments, and also principal naval actions during corresponding period. Descriptions of the Service Clubs and of all Service Institutions, Benevolent, Educational, &c. Full Descriptions of all British Orders and Distinctions. Winners of all Honours during the year :-Victoria Cross, Humane Society's Medals, Albert Medal, Volunteer Prizes at Wimbledon, Shoeburyness, &c. Naval and Military Relative Rank; Precedence in India, &c. Pay and Pensions of Army and Navy. Army and Navy Estimates in detail. Service Glossary, with derivations and full explanations of Naval and Military terms. The British Army. Station of every regiment and battery, when it proceeded abroad or returned home. Constitution of the Territorial Regiments, &c. Full statements of the Indian Army and Colonial Corps. Old designations of Line Regiments, in numerical order, with the new titles, and the new titles alphabetically arranged. The British Navy. Stations, tonnage, dates of commissions, &c., of ships. Regulations respecting First Appointments to the various branches of both Services (useful to parents and guardians), with much useful information to candidates for the examinations in 1885. Packs of Hounds within reach of the various stations in the United Kingdom. The year's Journal. Every event of general or Service interest carefully recorded from day to day. Parliamentary Record for 1885. Meteorological Summary for the Year. Literary Summary for the Year. Principal books, with names of authors and publishers, and when published. Theatrical Summary for the Year. Principal Plays, by whom, when, and where produced, with principal actors in them. Sporting Summary for the Year. Chief events in Racing, Cricket, Lawn Tennis, Athletics, Bicycling, Billiards, &c. Hunting Retrospect of the Past Season. Naval and Military Strength of European Nations. Terms of Service in Army and Navy, strength of the different branches, &c. Principal Moneys, Weights, and Measures of Foreign Countries. Naval and Military Obituary for the Year, &c., &c.


"Indispensable to the Army, Navy, and Auxiliary Forces."-Saturday Review. "A more useful manual it would be difficult to find."-United Service Magazine.

"Rivals Wnitaker' in the completeness with which it deals with its subject. There appears to be no item of Service information which is not to be found in its pages, and it is sure to prove a most acceptable boon."-Whitehall Review.

"The first thing that strikes us, on looking at this Almanack, is astonishment that it never occurred to any one to bring out such a book before. The more credit, therefore, to the gallant editor or editors who have at last given us an Almanack worthy of all the Services."Army and Navy Magazine.

"THE SERVICE ALMANACK is the best shilling's worth of information connected with the Services we have seen for a long time. It contains a little of everything, and a good deal of many things. TheYear's Journal,' and the ' Dictionary of Battles' are most useful for reference, and the list of the winners of all honours during the year a novel and excellent idea. The editing is excellent throughout."-United Service Gazette.

"A work of reference which is sure to be handled constantly during the year. The list of members of both Houses of Parliament who are serving or have served in Her Majesty's Forces strikes us as particularly useful."--United Service Magazine.

Post 8vo., sewed, 1s. Cloth, lettered, 1s. 6d.

Tales of the Pandaus.

Cimmerian. Crown 8vo. Price 3s. 6d.

By a Wandering

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