Hoel Morvan; or, The court and camp of Henry V.

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Sivu 214 - Where throngs of knights and barons bold In weeds of peace high triumphs hold, With store of ladies, whose bright eyes Rain influence, and judge the prize Of wit or arms, while both contend To win her grace whom all commend.
Sivu 85 - In brighter flow ; her wishing bosom heaves, With palpitations wild; kind tumults seize Her veins, and all her yielding soul is love. From the keen gaze her lover turns away, Full of the dear ecstatic power, and sick With sighing languishment. Ah then, ye fair ! Be greatly cautious of your sliding hearts : Dare not th' infectious sigh ; the pleading look, Downcast, and low, in meek submission drest, But full of guile.
Sivu 30 - Once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more; Or close the wall up with our English dead ! In peace, there's nothing so becomes a man, As modest stillness, and humility : But when the blast of war...
Sivu 205 - I aver, You have already gone too far. (When people once are in the wrong, Each line they add is much too long. Who fastest walks, but walks astray, Is only furthest from his way.
Sivu 169 - Who thundering comes on blackest steed, With slacken'd bit and hoof of speed ? Beneath the clattering iron's sound The cavern'd echoes wake around In lash for lash, and bound for bound ; The foam that streaks the courser's side Seems...
Sivu 104 - Why did she love him? Curious fool! — be still — Is human love the growth of human will?
Sivu 220 - And felle down onne hys knee; "I'm come," quod hee, "unto your grace "To move your clemencye." Thenne quod the kynge, "Youre tale speke out, "You have been much oure friende; "Whatever youre request may bee, "Wee wylle to ytte attende." "My nobile leige! alle my request "Ys for a nobile knyghte, "Who, tho...
Sivu 125 - Bereft of sleep, he loathes his meat and drink. He withers at his heart, and looks as wan As the pale spectre of a murder'd man: That pale turns yellow, and his face receives The faded hue of sapless boxen leaves...
Sivu 252 - Men are the sport of circumstances, when The circumstances seem the sport of men.
Sivu 4 - Not thus, in ancient days of Caledon, Was thy voice mute amid the festal crowd, When lay of hopeless love, or glory won, Aroused the fearful, or subdued the proud. At each according pause, was heard aloud Thine ardent symphony sublime and high ! Fair dames and crested chiefs attention bow'd ; For still the burthen of thy minstrelsy Was Knighthood's dauntless deed, and Beauty's matchless eye.

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