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By suffering, and earn rest from labor won,

375 If so I may attain. So both ascend In the visions of God: It was a hill Of Paradise the highest, from whose top The hemisphere of earth in clearest ken Stretch'd out to th’amplest reach of prospect lay. 380 Not high’er that hill nor wider looking round,


377. In the visions of God:] A of Paradise Loft

, so doth the other Scripture expression. Ezek. VIII. 3. of Paradise Regain'd. And the Spirit lift me up between the 387. - from the destin'd walls Earth and the Heaven, and brought Of Cambalu, &c.] He first takes me in the visions of God to Jerusalem. a view of Asia, and there of the And again, Ezek. XL. 2. In the vi- northern parts, the destin'd walls not frons of God brought be me into the yet in being but design’d to be land of Israel, and set me upon a very (which is to be understood of all bigh mountain. And these may very the rest) of Cambalu, seat of Caproperly be call’d the visions of God thaian Can, the principal City of not only for discovering things fu. Cathay, a province of l'artary, the ture, but likewise for the extensive. ancient seat of the Chams, and Saness of the prospect, such as no hu- marchand by Oxus, the chief city of man eye could reach. For upon Zagathaian Tartary near the river the highest mountain the eye can Oxus, Temir's throne, the birth-place command only a small part of the and royal residence of Tamerlane; hemisphere by reason of the round- and from the northern he passes to ness of the earth: but here a whole the eastern and southern parts of hemisphere lay stretch'd out to view Asia, to Paquin or Pekin of Sinaan at once like a plain.

kings, the royal city of China, the 381. Not higher that hill &c.] country of the ancient Sinæ menThat hill was not higher, whereon tion'd by Ptolomy, and thence 10 the Devil set our Saviour (the second Agra and Lahor two great cities in man 1 Cor. XV. 47. the last Adam the empire of the great Mogul, down ver. 45.) to show bim all the king. to the golden Chersonese, that is Madoms of the world, and the glory of lacca the most fouthern promontory them. Matth. IV. 8. The prospects of the Eaft Indies, so called on acare well compared together, and the count of its riches to diftinguish it first thought of the one might pro- from the other Chersoneses or peninbably be taken from the other : and sula's, or where the Persian in Ecbaas the one makes part of the subject tan sat, Ecbatana formerly the capital

Whereon for different cause the Tempter set
Our second Adam in the wilderness,
To show him all earth's kingdoms and their glory.
His eye might there command wherever stood 385
City of old or modern fame, the seat
Of mightiest empire, from the destin'd walls
Of Cambalu, seat of Cathaian Can,

And city of Persia, or fince in Hispahan, brought gold, to the realm of Congo, the capital city at present, or where a kingdom in the lower Ethiopia the Russian Kfar the Czar of Mul- on the western shore, as the others covy in Mosco, the metropolis of all were on the eastern, and Angola far. Russia, or the Sultan in Bizance, the theft fouth, another kingdom south Grand Signior in Constantinople of Congo; Or thence from Niger formerly Byzantium, Turchefian born, food, the river Niger that divides as the Turks came from Turcheltan Negroland into two parts, to Atlas a province of Tartary; he reckons mount in the most weltern parts of these to Asia, as they are adjoining, Africa, the kingdoms of Almansor, the and great part of their territories countries over which Almansor was lie in Asia. He passes now into king, namely Fez and Sus, Marocco Africa; nor could his eye not ken th' and Algiers, and Tremifen, all kingempire of Negus, the Upper Ethiopia doms in Barbary. After Africa he or the land of the Abyflinians, fub- comes to Europe, On Europe thence, ject to one sovran, itiled in their and where Rome was to sway the own language Negus or king, and world: the less is said of Europe as by the Europeans Prefter John, to bis it is to well known. In spirit perut most port Ercoco, or Erquico on the haps he also faw, he could not see it Red Sea, the north east boundary otherwise as America was on the of the Abyffinian empire, cnd the opposit fide of the globe, rich Mexico lefs maritim kings, the lesser king- in North America the feat of Mondoms on the sea coast, Mombaza, tezume, who was subdued by the and Quiloa, and Melind, all near the Spanih general Cortes, and Cusco in line in Zanguebar, a great region Peru in South America, the richer of the Lower Ethiopia on the eastern seat of Atabalipa, the last emperor or Indian sea, and subject to the fubdued by the Spanish general PiPortuguese, and Sofala thought Ophir, zarro, and yet zenfpcil'dGuiana, anoanother kingdom and city on the ther country of South America not fame sea miitaken by Purchas and then invaded and spoild, whofe great others for Ophir, whence Solomon city, namely Manhoa, Gerson's fons,


And Samarchand by Oxus, Temir’s throne,
To Paquin of Sinæan kings, and thence 390
To Agra and Lahor of great Mogul
Down to the golden Chersonese, or where
The Persian in Ecbatan sat, or since
In Hispahan, or where the Russian Kfar
In Mosco, or the Sultan in Bizance,

Turchestan-born ; nor could his eye not ken
Th' empire of Negus to his utmost port
Ercoco, and the less maritim kings
Mombaza, and Quiloa, and Melind,
And Sofala thought Ophir, to the realm 400

Of the Spaniards from Geryon an an to the many frustrated voyages, cient king of Spain, call El Dorado which had been made in search of or the golden city on account of its this golden country. If I remember richness and extent. And thus he right, this was the famous place that surveys the four different parts of Sir Walter Raleigh was to have the world, but it must be con- brought such trealures from. Thyer. fessid, more with an ostentation of


but to nobler fights learning, than with any additional Michael from Adam's eyes the film beauty to the poem. But Mr. Thyer remov’d,] These which follow is of opinion, that such little fallies are nobler sights, being not only of of the Muse agreeably enough di- cities and kingdoms, but of the prinversify the scene, and observes that cipal actions of men to the final conTaffo, whose Godfrey is no very fummation of things. And to preimperfect model of a regular epic pare Adam for these fights the Angel poem, has in his fifteenth Canto em- remov'd the film from his eyes, as Palployed thirty or forty ftanza's to. las remov'd the mists from Diomedes gether in a description of this sort, his eyes, Iliad. V. 127. which had no necessary connexion Αχλυν δ' αυ τοι απ' οφθαλμων with his general plan.

Shov, n tel ET11S, 409.

- and yet unspoild Opp'su girwaunS nuesy J109, nfo Guiana,] I suppose Milton alluded xal and pole



Of Congo, and Angola farthest south;
Or thence from Niger stood to Atlas mount
The kingdoms of Almansor, Fez and Sus,
Marocco and Algiers, and Tremisen;
On Europe thence, and where Rome was to sway
The world: in fpi'rit perhaps he also saw
Rich Mexico the seat of Montezume,
And Cusco in Peru, the richer seat
Of Atabalipa, and yet unspoil'd
Guiana, whose great city Geryon's sons
Call El Dorado: but to nobler sights
Michael from Adam's eyes the film remov’d,



Yet more, from mortal mists I purge And as the same Angel (Michael) thy eyes,

did also from those of Godfrey. And set to view the warring Deities. Tasso, Cant. 18. St. 93.


Drizza pur gli occhi à riguardar And as Venus did likewise from those

l'immenso of Æneas, Æn. II. 604.

Efiercito immortal, ch' è in aria Aspice, namque omnem, quæ nunc

accolto : obducta tuenti

Ch' io dinanzi torrotti il nuuol Mortales hebetat visus tibi, et hu

denso mida circum

Di vostra humanità, ch' intorno Caligat, nubem eripiam.


Adombrando t appanna il mortal Now cast your eyes around; while senso, I dissolve

Si che vedrai gli ignudi spirti in The mists and films that mortal eyes volto : involve,

E softener per breue spatio i rai Purge from your fight the drofs, De l'angeliche forme anco potrai.

and make you see The lhape of each avenging Deity.

Lift up thine eyes, and in the air

behold Dryden.


Whieh that false fruit that promis'd clearer fight
Had bred; then purg'd with euphrafy and rue
The visual nerve, for he had much to see ;

And from the well of life three drops instilld.
So deep the pow'r of these ingredients pierc’d,
E’en to the inmost seat of mental sight,
That Adam now enforc'd to close his eyes,
Sunk down, and all his spi'rits became intranc'd;
But him the gentle Angel by the hand

421 Soon rais'd, and his attention thus recall’d. Adam, now ope thine eyes, and first behold

Th' ef

The sacred armies, how they muf- feep on my face, and my face toward the tred be,

ground. And behold a hand touched me, That cloud of Aesh in which for which set me upon my knees: or from times of old

Rev. I. 17. And when I saw him, All mankind wrapped is, I take I fell at his feet as dead; and be laid from thee,

his right hand upon me, saying unto And from thy senses their thick me, Fear not. mist unfold,

414. - purg'd with euphrafy and That face to face thou mayft these rue) Cleared the organs of Spirits fee,

his fight with rue and euphrafy or And for a little space right well eye-bright, so named of its clearing sustain

virtue. Hume. Their glorious light, and view Rue was used in exorcisms, and is those Angels plain. Fairfax. therefore called herb of grace. Shake

spear, Richard II. Act 3. Scene 7. These passages the poet has imitated See too Hamlet, Act 4. . and improv'd; as in what follows of 427. Nor finn'd thy fin,] So in Adam's finking down overpower'd, Exod. XXXII. 30. Ye have finned and then being rais'd again by the a great sin. : John V. 16. If any hand gently by the Angel, he has man see his brother fin a fin. And copied from Daniel X. 8,

&c. I saw the same manner of speaking has this great vision, and there remained prevail'd among the best classic auno frength in me ---- I was in a deep thors as well as in Scripture. Yet


Scene 7

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