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O Goodness infinite, Goodness immense!
That all this good of evil shall produce, 470
And evil turn to good; more wonderful
Than that which by creation first brought forth
Light out of darkness! full of doubt I stand,
Whether I should repent me now of sin
By me done and occasion'd, or rejoice

Much more, that much more good thereof shall spring,
To God more glory, more good will to men
From God, and over wrath


shall abound.
But say, if our Deliverer up to Heaven
Must reascend, what will betide the few
His faithful, left among th' unfaithful herd,



fable, which had so many other qua. happiness, than that which they had
lifications to recommend it, was de- forfeited : In short, Satan is repre-
ficient in this particular. It is here sented miserable in the highth of his
therefore, that the poet has shown triumphs, and Adam triumphant in
a most exquisite judgment, as well the highth of misery. Addison.
as the finest invention, by finding
out a method to supply this natural 475.

or rejoice
defect in his subject. Accordingly he Much more, that much more good
leaves the Adversary of mankind, thereoffr all spring, ] He seems to
in the last view which he gives us of have remember'd that rant of one of
him, under the lowest fate of mor- the Fathers. Ofelix culpa, quæ talem
tification and disappointment. We ac tantum meruit habere redempto-
see him chewing alhes, groveling in rem! O happy fault, which deserved
the duft, and loaden with supernu- to have such and so great a re-
merary pains and torments. On the deemer! As in what follows, To God
contrary our two first parents are more glory', &c. he alludes to the
comforted by dreams and visions, heavenly hymn, Glory to God in the
cheared with promises of salvation, highest &c.
and in a manner, raised to a greater

437. The

The enemies of truth? who then shall guide
His people, who defend ? will they not deal
Worse with his followers than with him they dealt?

Be sure they will, said th’Angel; but from Heaven
He to his own a Comforter will send, 486
The promise of the Father, who shall dwell
His Spi'rit within them, and the law of faith
Working through love, upon their hearts shall write,
To guide them in all truth, and also arm 490
With spiritual armour, able to resist
Satan's assaults, and quench his fiery darts,
What man can do against them, not afraid,
Though to the death, against such cruelties
With inward consolations recompens’d, 495
And oft supported so as shall amaze
Their proudest persecutors : for the Spirit
Pour'd first on his Apostles, whom he sends

To 487. The promise of the Father,] 11, &c. Put on the whole armour of Luke XXIV. 49. And behold I send God, that ye may be able to stand the promise of my Father upon you. against the wiles of the Devil

490. To guide them in all truth,) wherewith ge shall be able to quench John XVI. 13. When the Spirit of all the fiery darts of the wicked. truth is come, he will guide you into


man can do againft

them, not afraid, 490. and also arm

Though to the death,] So this paliVith spiritual armour, able to resist sage is pointed in Milcon's own edi. Satan's asuults, and quench bis fiery tions, and I suppose the construction

daris,] Alluding to Eph. VI. to be, Not afraid of what man san


all iruth.

To evangelize the nations, then on all
Baptiz’d, shall them with wondrous gifts indue

To speak all tongues, and do all miracles,
As did their Lord before them. Thus they win
Great numbers of each nation to receive
With joy the tidings brought from Heav'n: at length
Their ministry perform'd, and race well run, 505
Their doctrin and their story written left,
They die; but in their room, as they forewarn,
Wolves shall succeed for teachers, grievous wolves,
Who all the sacred mysteries of Heaven
To their own vile advantages shall turn

510 Of lucre and ambition, and the truth With superstitions and traditions taint, Left only in those written records pure, Though not but by the Spirit understood. Then shall they seek to'avail themselves of names,

Places, de against them though to the death, For I know this that after my departhough it be persecution to death ture fall grievous wolves enter in itself; and it is an allusion to Psal. among you, not sparing the flock. See LVI. 11. I will not be afraid what too his Confiderations touching the man can do unto me.

likeliest means to remove hirelings out 507

· but in their room, as they of the Christian church. Vol. I. forewarn,

p. 563. Edit. 1738. Not long after Wolves shall fucceed &c.] So St. as the Apostle foretold, hirelings like Paul had forewarn’d the elders of wolves came in by herds & c. the church at Miletus, to which the 514. Though not but by the Spirit author here alludes, Acts XX. 29. understood.] I don't think


Places, and titles, and with these to join
Secular pow'r, though feigning still to act
By spiritual, to themselves appropriating
The Spi'rit of God, promis'd alike and given
To all believers; and from that pretence, 520
Spiritual laws by carnal pow'r shall force
On every conscience; laws which none shall find
Left them inroll’d, or what the Spi'rit within
Shall on the heart ingrave. What will they then
But force the Spi'rit of grace itself, and bind 525
His confort liberty? what, but unbuild
His living temples, built by faith to stand,
Their own faith not another's? for on earth
Who against faith and conscience can be heard
Infallible ? yet many will presume:

530 Whence heavy persecution shall arise

On Milton in all his writings ever gave agreeable to revealed or natural rea stronger proof of his enthufiaftical ligion, neither to be found in holy spirit than in this line. Warburton. Scripture, or written on their hearts I luppose he alluded to 1 Cor. II. by the Spirit of God, according to 14. The natural man receiveth not that divine promise, Jer. XXXI.

33: the things of the Spirit of God: for I will put my law in their inward they are foolisoness unto him; neither parts, and write it in their hearts. can he know them, because they are 526. His confort liberty ??] For fpiritually discern'd: understanding it where the Spirit of the Lord is, there as some enthusiallic Sectarists have is liberty, 2 Cor. III. 17. underilood it.

527. His living temples ] Christians laws which none mall are call'd the temples of God, 1 Cor. find &c.] Laws neither III. 16, 17. and VI. 19.

532. On


On all who in the worship persevere
Of spi'rit and truth; the rest, far greater part,
Will deem in outward rites and specious forms
Religion fatisfy'd; truth shall retire

Bestuck with Nand'rous darts, and works of faith
Rarely be found : so shall the world go on,
To good malignant, to bad men benign,
Under her own weight groaning, till the day
Appear of respiration to the just,

540 And vengeance to the wicked, at return Of him so lately promis’d to thy aid The Woman's Seed, obscurely then foretold, Now amplier known thy Saviour and thy Lord, Last in the clouds from Heav'n to be reveal'd

545 In glory of the Father, to diffolve Satan with his perverted world, then raise

From 532. On all who in the worship per 540.- the day of respiration] This fevere

is what the Scripture calls the times Of spirit and truth;] He alludes of refreshing, Aēts NII. 19. to John IV. 23. The true worshippers 5:46.

to dissolve fall worship the Father in spirit and Satan with bis perverted world;] in truth.

An expreffion of the fame import, 534. Will deem] This is the ge- as when the light is said to disolve nuin reading of the first edition, in the darkness, the second it was printed by mistake

Extulit os facrum cælo, tenebrasque Well deem, but absurd as this reading

refolvit. Virg. An. VIII. 591. is, it has been follow'd in all the editions which I have seen, till Mr. Our author probably borrow'd the Fenton's and Dr. Bentley's. phrase from Scripture, 2 Pet. III.



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