An Address Delivered Before the Inhabitants of Grafton: On the First Centennial Anniversary of that Town, April 29, 1835

Light & Horton, 1836 - 40 sivua

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Sivu 4 - On the west side of Mount Feake, they went up a very high rock, from whence they might see all over Neipnett, and a very high hill due west, about forty miles off, and to the NW the high hills by Merrimack, above sixty miles off.
Sivu 7 - Connecticut," consisting of about twelve families, and about sixty souls. " Here," says Gookin,* " they have a meeting house for the worship of God, after the English fashion of building, and two or three other houses after the same mode. In this town was the second Indian church (Natick being the first) gathered in 1671 ; and three years afterwards there were in full communion in this church, and living in the town, about sixteen men and women; and about thirty baptized persons, and several other...
Sivu 10 - Indian led them away and ascending up a steep hill, at the top whereof stood the wigwam ; as soon as ever he discovered it, being not above six rods distance, he saw two Indian enemies standing at the wigwam door, newly come out, and four more sitting at the fire in the house ; at which sight he bestirred himself, and looking back called earnestly (as if many men were behind coming up the hill) to hasten away and encompass the enemy ; one of the enemy thereupon presented his gun at our Indian, but...
Sivu 39 - We marched nine days through wet sunken ground : the water was most of the way near a foot deep, it being a spruce bog. When we encamped at night, we had no way to secure ourselves from the water but by cutting the boughs of trees, and with them jerecting a kind of hammocks. We commonly began our march a little before day, and continued it till after dark at night.
Sivu 7 - ... man. Their teacher's name is Tackuppawillin, his brother ; a pious and able man, and apt to teach. Their aged father, whose name I remember not, is a grave and sober Christian, and deacon of the church. They have a brother, that lives in the town, called James, that was bred among the English, and employed as a pressman in printing the Indian Bible, who can read well, and as I take it write also.
Sivu 24 - The Worcester Convention of Delegates from fifty towns on August 22, 1786, set forth a full score of grievances. On August 29, four days after the rising of the Convention, the day appointed by law for the sitting of the Court of Common Pleas and the General Sessions of the Peace at Northampton, there assembled in the town, from different parts of the...
Sivu 7 - Indiana! hut are yet very far short of the English both in diligence and providence. There are in full communion in the church and living in town about sixteen men and women, and about thirty baptized persons; but there are several others, members of this church, that live in other places. This is a hopeful plantation.
Sivu 6 - the name, Hassanamesitt, signifieth a place of small stones. It lieth about thirty-eight miles from Boston, west southerly, and is about two miles eastward of Nipmuck river, f and near unto the old road way to Connecticut. It hath not above twelve families; and so according to our computation, about sixty souls : but is capable to receive some hundreds, as generally the other villages are, if it shall please God to multiply them. The dimensions of this town is four miles square, and so about eight...
Sivu 5 - A school was here established, where the Bible was read and studied in the Indian language. Young men were there educated and sent into the neighboring towns to preach the gospel. A regular government was created, and the forms of law strictly observed. The population of the town was small, yet, by reason of their constant intercourse with their neighbors...
Sivu 5 - Nipmucks had a friendly and constant intercourse, and by that means they were probably first induced to attend his preaching. In an account of his success, written to the Corporation of London in 1649, he says, ' that a Nipnet sachem hath submitted himself to the Lord, and much desires one of our chief ones to live with him and those that are with him...

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