Story of the Wild West and Camp-fire Chats, Nide 3

Historical Publishing Company, 1888 - 750 sivua

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by the Kentucky LegislatureA Negro Defends a FamilyHeroism of a
Daniel Boone From the Harding Murder of the Young Girl
cultural PursuitsBoone Discomfits Four IndiansAnother Threatened Inva
Westward the March of Civilization 24 Sample of Shawanese Atrocity
Escape of Boone and Death of Stuart 35 Boone Beating off the Indians
Boones Monument at Frankfort
Perils Encountered By Settlers of Ken The Wolf Hunters
Capture of Miss Boone and the Misses The Scalp Dance
Reasons for Swearing 166181
Rescue of the Captive Girls 51 A Creek Feast
ship and Second MarriageCrockett as a MagistrateSome Queer Methods
Battle of Boonesborough
Boones Adoption by the Shawanese Breaking a way through Ice
Investment of Boonesborough An Exciting Battle
Killing of Boones Brother
in all Sorts of a HurryAgain a CandidateThe Bear Hunter to the Front
Rendezvous of the Kentucky Militia 71 Escape by Hide and Hair
Kentons Heroic Rescue of Boone Calling for His Goose
Boone Fighting over the Body of His The Fiddling Parson
with Comanche IndiansThe Juggler Taken by SurpriseA Fight with Mexi
Scene of the Massacre Cooling off a Boaster
Flat Boat Emigration
Crawford s Fight with the Wyandottes 106 Kit Carson
UnrememberedEarly Life of CarsonAnomalous Character of CarsonMis
Indians Running off Stock 116 Adventure with a Grizzly
IndiansCarson as Dispatch BearerMassacre by the Indians and Carsons

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Sivu 371 - The time, place, object, and numbers considered, this expedition of Carson and Godey may be considered among the boldest and most disinterested which the annals of Western adventure, so full of daring deeds, can present.
Sivu 336 - ... else, and my horse darted into the opening. Five or six bulls charged on us as we dashed along the line, but were left far behind ; and, singling out a cow, I gave her my fire, but struck too high. She gave a tremendous leap, and scoured on swifter than before. I reined up my horse, and the band swept on like a torrent, and left the place quiet and clear. Our chase had led us into dangerous ground. A prairie-dog village, so thickly settled that there were three or four holes in every twenty yards...
Sivu 348 - Lake, that we failed to keep guard ; and as the men were so tired, and we' expected no attack now that we had sixteen in the party, the Colonel didn't like to ask it of them, but sat up late himself. Owens and I were sleeping together, and we were waked at the same time by the licks of the axe that killed our men. At first* I didn't know it was that ; but I called to Basil, who was on that side —'What's the matter there? — What's that fuss about?
Sivu 371 - ... disinterested which the annals of Western adventure, so full of daring deeds, can present. Two men, in a savage desert, pursue day and night an unknown body of Indians, into the defiles of an unknown mountain — attack them on sight, without counting numbers — and defeat them in an instant, and for what ? To punish the robbers of the desert, and to avenge the wrongs of Mexicans whom they did not know. I repeat, it was Carson and Godey who...
Sivu 365 - Carson's preparations for the night. A braver man than Kit perhaps never lived, in fact I doubt if he ever knew what fear was, but with all this he exercised great caution. While arranging his bed, his saddle, which he always used as a pillow, was disposed in such a manner as to form a barricade for his head ; his pistols half cocked, were laid above it, and his trusty rifle reposed beneath the blanket by his side, where it was not only ready for instant use, but perfectly protected from the damp....
Sivu 336 - ... of her, and, rising in the stirrups, I fired at the distance of a yard, the ball entering at the termination of the long hair, and passing near the heart. She fell headlong at the report of the gun, and, checking my horse, I looked around for my companions.
Sivu 229 - hurra" for his name, the hue and cry was to be raised against me, and I was to be sacrificed, if possible. His famous, or rather I should say his infamous, Indian bill was brought forward, and I opposed it from the purest motives in the world. Several of my colleagues got around me, and told me how well they loved me, and that I was ruining myself. They said this was a favorite measure of the president, and I ought to go for it.
Sivu 203 - I got within about eighty yards of him. He was setting with his breast to me ; and so I put fresh priming in my gun, and fired at him. At this he raised one of his paws and snorted loudly. I loaded again as quick as I could, and fired as near the same place in his breast as possible. At the crack of my gun here he came tumbling down; and the moment he touched the ground, I heard one of my best dogs cry out. I took my tomahawk in one hand, and my big butcher-knife in the other, and run up within four...
Sivu 244 - ... pan when you have a fair shot at a fat bear. But I am losing sight of my story. Well, I started off to the Cross Roads dressed in my hunting shirt, and my rifle on my shoulder. Many of our constituents had assembled there to get a taste of the quality of the candidates at orating. Job Snelling, a gander-shanked Yankee, who had been caught somewhere about Plymouth Bay, and been shipped to the West with a cargo of codfish and rum. erected a large shantee, and set up shop for the occasion. A large...
Sivu 335 - As we were riding quietly along the bank, a grand herd of buffalo, some seven or eight hundred in number, came crowding up from the river, where they had been to drink, and commenced crossing the plain slowly, eating as they went. The wind was favorable ; the coolness of the morning invited to exercise ; the ground was apparently good, and the distance across the prairie (two or three miles) gave us a tine opportunity to charge them before they could get among the river hills.

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