The oligarchs: wealth and power in the new Russia

Public Affairs, 2002 - 567 sivua
A brilliant and investigative narrative of "crony capitalism" explores how six average Soviet men rose to the pinnacle of Russia's battered economy.

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It is a story of wealth creation by six oligarchs (Berezovsky, Smolensky, Chodorovsky, Gusinsky, Luzhkov and Chubais - although the last two do not really belong to the list of typical Russian ... Lue koko arvostelu

The oligarchs: wealth and power in the new Russia

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There seems to be little question that the handful of men who became wealthy and powerful after the demise of the Soviet Union were greedy to the point of being criminal. Matthew Brzezinski's Casino ... Lue koko arvostelu


Shadows and Shortages
Alexander Smolensky

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David Hoffman has been a television writer, a creative consultant, and an on-camera reporter for ABC and FOX covering trends and popular culture. He is the author of numerous pop culture books, including Kid Stuff, which celebrates classic toys, and The Easy-Bake Oven Gourmet. He lives in Los Angeles.

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