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LUKE. CHAP. XXII. CHAP. XII. CHAP. XX. 'n for thou regardest for thou regardest neither acceptestis person of not the person of thou the

person of men, men,

any, and teachest the but teachest the but teachest the ., way of God in way of God in


of God truth. truth:

truly: 17 Tell us

932 therefore, What thinkest thou ? Is it lawful

Is it lawful 22 Isitlawfulforus to give tribute un- to give tribute to give tribute uni to Cesar, or not? to Cesar, or not? to Cesar or no?

15 Shall we
give, or shall we Give

not give?
18 But Jesus per-
but he, knowing

23 But he pero ceived their wick- their hypocrisy, ceived their craf: edness, and said,

said tiness, and said

unto them, unto them, Why tempt ye Why tempt ye

Why tempt ye me, ye hypocrites ?

19 Shew me bring me a penny, 24 Shew me the tribute money. that I may

see it.

a penny:
And they
16 And they

brought unto him brought

. : 20 And he saith And he saith unto them, unto them, Whose is this whose is this

image and super- image and super- image and super-
scription ?

scription hath it?
21 They
and they

say unto him, said unto him, answered andsaid,

17 And Jesus an-

swering, Then saith he


1, 25 And he said unto them, - unto them, unto them, Render Render

Render therefore unto to

therefore unto Cesar the things. Cesar' the things. Cesar the things which are Cesar's; that are Cesar's, which bè Cesar's; and unto God the and to God, the and unto God the

me ?

: me?


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LUKE. JOHN. CHAP. XXII. CHAP. XII. CHAP. XX. things that are things that are things which be God's God's.

22 When they
had heard these

26 And they could
not take hold of

his words before

And the people : and they marvelled, they marvelled at they marvelled at him.

his answer, and

held their peace. and left him, and went their way. 23The someday, 18 Then

27 Then came to him the to him the

to himcertainofthe Sadducees, which Sadducees, which Sadducees (which say that there is

say there is deny that there is no resurrection, no resurrection ; any resurrection) and asked him, andtheyaskedhim, andtheyasķedhim, 24 Saying,


28 Saying, Master, Moses , 19 Master,Moses Master, Moses said wrote unto us,

wrote unto us, If a man

If a man's brother If any man's brodie, die,

ther die,

having a wife, and leave his wife

behind him, having no and leave no and he die without children, children,

children, his brother that his brother that his brother shall marry his should take his should take his wife, and raise up wife, and raise up wife, and raise up seed unto his bro- seed unto his bro- seed unto his brother. ther..

ther. 25 Now there 20 Now there 29 There were were with us seven were seven

therefore seven brethren: and the brethren: and the brethren: and the first when he had first took

first took married a wife,

a wife, a wife, deceased, and dying,

and died & having no issue, left no seed. without children. left his wife unto his brother.






unto the


21 And the second 30And the second 26 Likewise the second also, took her,

took her to wife, and died,

and he died,
Deither left he any childless.

and the third, and the third 31 And the third

took her; and in

22 And the like manner the seventh.

seven had her, and seven also. And
left no seed : they left no child-

ren, and died. 27 And last of all

last of all 32 Last of all the woman died the woman died the woman died also. also.

also. 28 Therefore in

23 In the resur- 33 Therefore in the resurrection rection therefore, the resurrection,

whentheyshallrise whose wife shall whose wife shall whosewifeof them she beof theseven? she be of them? is she? for they all had for the seven had for seven had her.

her to wife. her to wife. 29 Jesus answer

24 And Jesus 34 And Jesus ed and said un- answering saidun- answering saidunto them, to them,

to them, Ye do


ye not there. err, not fore err becauseye knowingthe scrip- know notthe scriptures, nor the

tures, neither the

power of God.

power of God?

The children of
this world marry,
and are given in
marriage :
35 But they which
shall be accounted
worthy to obtain

that world, 30 Forintheresur- 25 For when they

and the resurrection

shall rise from the rection from the

they neither they neither

neither marry, nor are gi- marry,nor are giv- marry, nor are given in marriage, en in marriage : ven in marriage :

36 Neither can they die any more:

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but are as the but are as the for they are equal angels of God

angels unto the angels;
in heaven.

and are the child.
ren of God, being
the children of the

31 But as touch- 26 And as touch- 37 Now that the
ing the resurrec- ing the dead, that dead are raised,
tion of the dead, they rise :
have ye not read, have ye not read

in the book of
Moses, how in Moses shewed at
the bush

the bush,
that which was
spoken unto you

God spake unto by God,

him, saying, saying,

when he calleth

the Lord 32 I am the God I am the God

the God of Abraham, and of Abraham, and of Abraham, and the God of Isaac, the God of Isaac, the God of Isaac, and the God of and the God of and the God of Jacob ? Jacob?

Jacob. God is not 27 He is not 38 For he is not the God of the the God of the a God of the dead, but

dead, but the God dead, but of the living of the living : of the living:

forall live untohim ye therefore do

greatly err. 33 And when the multitude heard this, they were a. stonished at his doctrine.

34 | But when the Pharisees had heard that he had put the Sadducees to silence, they were gathered together.






35 Then one of 28 And one of them,

the scribes
which was a law-

came, and having
ing together, and
perceiving that he

askedhimaquestion asked him,
tempting him, and
36 Master, which

Which is the great com- is the first commandment

mandment of all? in the law ? 37 Jesus said

29 And Jesus unto him, answeredhim, The

first of all the com-
mandments is,
Hear, Israel; The
Lord our God is

one Lord :
Thou shalt 30 And thou shalt
love the Lord thy love the Lord thy
God with all thy God with all thy
heart, and with all heart, and with all
thy soul, and with thy soul, and with
all thy mind.

all thy mind,

and with all thy

strength. 38 This is the first this is the first and great commandment. mandment. 39 And the second 31 And the second is like unto it, is like,namelythis, Thoushalt lovethy Thoushalt lovethy neighbour as thy- neighbour as thyself.

self. Thereisnoneother commandment

greater than these. 40 On these two commandments

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