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LUKE." JOHN. CHAP. VIII. CHAP. I. CHAP.V. way, shew thy- way, shew thy

shew thyself to the priest, self to the priest, self to the priest, and offer the gift, and offer for thy and offer for thy cleansing those

cleansing, accordthat Moses things which Mo

ing as Moses commanded

ses commanded commanded,
for a testimony for a testimony for a testimony
unto them.
unto them.

unto them,
45 But he went
out, and began to
publish it much,
and to blaze
broad the matter,

15 But so much
the more went
there a fame a-

broad of him :
and they and great multi-
came to him from tudes came toge-
every quarter, ther to hear, and

to be healed by
him of their in- '.

insomuch that Je-
sus could no more
openly enter into 16 | And he
the city, but was withdrew himself
without in desert into the wilder-


and prayed.
$ 30. Jesus heals
a Paralytic,

C. II.
AND again he
entered into Ca-
pernaum, * after
some days : and it
was noised that he
was in the house,

17 And it came
to pass on a cer-
tain day, as he
was teaching, that

* Place....Capernaum.


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there were Phari-
sees and doctors of
the law sitting by,
which were come
out of every town
of Galilee, and
Judea, and Jeru-
salem: and the
power of the Lord
was present to heal

2 And straightway
many were gather-
ed together, inso-
much that there

no room to
receive them, no

much as
about the door ;
and he preached
the word unto

2 And be-
3 And they

18 | And behold, they brought come unto him, hold, men brought to him a man sick bringing one sick in a bed a

which was taken with the palsy ly- of the palsy, with a palsy ; ing on a bed: which was borne of four.

and they sought
means to bring him
in, and to lay him

before him.
4 And when 19 And when
they could not they could not find
come nigh unto by what way they
him for the press, might bring him
they uncoveredthe in, because of the
roof where he was, "multitude, they
and when they had went upon

broken it up, they house-top, and let
let down the bed him down through
wherein the sick the tiling, with his
of the palsy lay,

couch, into the midst before Jesus



and Jesus

given thee.




5 When Jesus 20 And when he seeing their faith, saw their faith, he saw their faith, he said unto the sick said unto the sick said unto him, of the palsy, Son, of the palsy, Son,

Man, be of good cheer, thy sins be for- thy sins be for- thy sins are forgiven thee.

given thee. 3 And behold, 6 But there 21 And the certain of the were certain of the scribes and the scribes,

scribes sitting Pharisees began to said within them- there, and reason- reason, saying, selves;

ing in their hearts.

7 Why doth Who is this this man thisman thus speak which speaketh blasphemeth. blasphemies? who blasphemies? Who

can forgive sins, can forgive sins
but God only?

but God alone?
4 And

8 And im

mediately, when 22 But when Jesus knowing Jesus perceived Jesus preceived

in his spirit, that their thoughts, they so reasoned their thoughts,

within themselves, he answering, said,

he said unto them, said unto them, Werefore think Why reason ye What reason ye

evil in these things in

in your hearts ? 5 For whether is 9 Whether is 23 Whether is it easier to say

easier to say, to the sick of the

palsy, Thy sins be for- Thy sins be for- Thy sins be forgiven thee; or to given thee : or to given thee ; or to

say, Arise, say, Rise up

& take up thy bed, and walk and walk ?

and walk ? 6 But that ye 10 But that ye

24 But that

ye may know that the may know that the may know that the Son of man hath Son of man hath Son of man hath power on

on earth power upon earth to forgive sins, to forgive sins, to forgive , sins, Then saith he to (he saith to

he said unto the sick of the the sick of the the sick of the palsy, palsy)

palsy, 11 I say unto thee, I say unto thee, Arise,

Arise, and Arise, and take up thy bed, take up thy bed, take up thy couch,

your hearts ?

your hearts ?

easier to say,

say, Arise

earth power

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and go




CHAP. V. and go thy way and go unto thine house. into thine house. unto thine house. 7 And

12 And imme- 25 And imme.
he arose diately he arose, diately he rose

took up the bed, up before them,
and went forth be- and took up that

fore them all; whereon he lay,
and departed

• and departed to to his house.

his own house,

glorifying God. 8 But when the insomuch. that multitude saw it, they

they 26 And they marvelled, were all amazed, were all amazed, and glorified

and glorified and they glorified God, God,

God, which had given such power unto men,


were filled

with fear, saying, We

saying, We never saw it on have seen strange this fashion. things to day.

31. Matthew is


13 And he went forth again by the sea-side ;* and all the multitude resorted unto him, & he taught them.

27 And after 9 | And as Je- 14 And as he these things he sus passed forth passed by went forth, from thence, he saw a man named he saw Levi theson and saw a publican Matthew,

of Alpheus, named Levi, sitting at the re- sitting at the re- sitting at the receipt of custom:t ceipt of custom, ceipt of custom :

Place.Galilee. I + Capernaum.



JOHN CHAP. IX. CHAP. II. CHAP. V. M.KO and he saith unto and said unto

and he said unto ( him, Follow me. him, Follow me. him, Follow me. id

28 And he left.' And he arose

And he arose all, rose up and and followed him. and followed him. followed him.

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