The sermons of mr. Yorick, Nide 2

T. Becket and P.A. De Hondt, 1766 - 192 sivua

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Sivu 54 - room, left a more honourable man than thou be bidden of him ; and he that bad thee and him, come and fay to thee, Give this man place : and thou begin with fhame to take the loweft room. But thou, when thou art bidden, go and fit down in the loweft room : hard lecture ! In the loweft room
Sivu 28 - and fuccefs of his prayer : -for it came to pafs before Ifaiah had gone out into the middle court, that the -word of the Lord came to him, faying, 'Turn again and tell Hezekiah I have heard his prayer, I have feen his tears, and behold
Sivu 59 - (much lefs to be martyr'd) faid Feftus ; - and doth our law judge any man before it hear him, and know what he doth -, cried Nicodemus ; and he that anfweretb,
Sivu 149 - which are a difhonour and fcandal to themfelves. To be convinced of this, go with me for a moment into the prifons of the inquifition. Behold religion with mercy and juftice chain'd down under her feet, there fitting ghaftly upon a black tribunal, propp'd up with racks and
Sivu 145 - (kill of the other. Now let me examine what is my reafon for this great confidence.— Why,—in the firft place, I believe that there is no probability that either of them will employ the power, I put into their hands, to my difadvantage. I confider that honefty ferves the purpofes of this
Sivu 145 - his actions in matters of great ftrefs. Give me leave to illuftrate this by an example. I know the banker I deal with, or the phyfician I ufually call in, to be neither of them men of much religion : I hear them make a
Sivu 139 - to anfwer for? when not content with the too many natural and fatal ways thro" which the heart is every day thus treacherous to itfelf above all things, thou haft wilfully fet open this wide gate of deceit before the face of this unwary
Sivu 144 - even in imagination, (tho' the attempt is often made in practice) without breaking and mutually deftroying them both. I faid the attempt is often made; and fo it is; - there being nothing more common than to fee a man, who has •no fenfe at all of religion, - and indeed has fo much of
Sivu 94 - the youth make his father comprehend, that he was cheated at Damafcus by one of the beft men in the world ; — that he had lent a part of his fubftance to a friend at Nineveh, who had fled off with it to the Ganges ; —that a whore of Babylon had
Sivu 131 - us it may) infenfibly become hard; and, like fome tender parts of his body, by much ftrefs, and continual hard ufage, lofe, by degrees, that nice fenfe and perception with which GOD and nature endowed it: Did this never happen: • or was it certain that felf-love could never

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