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Bill proposes that, after the Commission has completed its task, its powers may be exercised from time to time by the Department as occasion arises.

The addition to the Vote for Royal Commissions might amount on the average to about 2,000l. for each year during which the Commission continued to function. This increase of expenditure would be temporary only. On the other hand, if the arrangements foreshadowed in the Bill as to the audit of endowment accounts are given effect to, a permanent reinforcement of the staff of the accountant of the department will probably be called for. It is unlikely that the cost of this would exceed 700l. a year, and the larger part of it would be recovered by fees paid from the endowments, which would be used as appropriations in aid.

(Scotland). [H.L.]



1. Appointment of Commissioners.

2. Powers of Commissioners.


Directions as to schemes for re-organisation. 4. Act not to apply to certain endowments. 5. Date of endowments.

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11. Interests acquired after passing of Act.

12. Selection of beneficiaries.

13. Benefits to be extended to both sexes.

14. Tenure of office of teachers &c.

15. Inspection and audit.

16. Preliminary inquiry.

17. Governing body may lodge draft scheme. 18. Printing and publication of draft schemes.

19. Objections to draft schemes.

20. Framing of schemes.

21. Consideration of schemes by Department. 22. Amended schemes.

23. Quorum of Commissioners.

24. Quorum of governing body.

25. Special case to Court of Session on questions of




26. Deliverance of Court of Session final. Disposal of questions of expenses.

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38. Returns, &c., by governing body.

39. Provision for default of governing body.

40. Duration of powers of Commissioners.

41. Powers of Department to make schemes after expiry of powers of Commissioners.

42. Interpretation.

43. Short title, extent, and commencement.

(Scotland). [H.L.]

[The words enclosed in brackets and underlined were omitted by the Lords to avoid questions of privilege.]




for the A.D. 1928.

An Act to make further provision
provision for
re-organisation of educational and other en-
dowments in Scotland.

E it enacted by the King's most Excellent Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Lords Spiritual and Temporal, and Commons, in this present Parliament assembled, and by the authority of the same, 5 as follows:

1. (1) For the purposes of this Act it shall be Appointlawful for His Majesty to appoint seven Commissioners, ment of and to appoint a secretary to the Commissioners, and Commisvacancies occur to supply such vacancies.


10 Commissioners and the secretary shall hold office during His Majesty's pleasure. His Majesty may from time to time appoint one of the Commissioners to be chairman.

[(2) The secretary and such assistant commissioners and other officers, as the Commissioners may with the 15 consent of the Treasury as to number appoint, shall be paid such remuneration as the Treasury may determine, and such remuneration, together with all expenses incurred by the Commissioners in the execution of this Act with the approval of the Treasury, shall be paid 20 out of moneys provided by Parliament.


2. Subject to the provisions hereinafter contained, Powers of the Commissioners shall have power to prepare draft Commis



A.D. 1928. schemes for the future government and management of educational endowments, which schemes may provide


as to

(a) for altering the purposes to which such endowments are applied or applicable and the conditions and provisions regarding such appli- 5 cation;

(b) for the application of the capital or income of such endowments to such educational purposes, mental or physical, moral or social, as the Commissioners think fit having regard to the 10 public interest and to existing conditions, social and educational: Provided always that the capital of any such endowment shall not be expended except on a purpose to which capital may properly be devoted;

15 (c) for grouping, amalgamating, combining, or dividing any such endowments;

(d) for altering the constitution of the governing
body of any such endowment, or uniting two
or more existing governing bodies or establishing 20
new governing bodies with such powers as shall
seem necessary, and for incorporating any
governing body, whether old or new;

(e) for altering the powers as to the investment of
the funds of any such endowment.

3.-(1) Subject to the provisions of this Act, it shall be the duty of the Commissioners in re-organising any schemes for endowment in pursuance of the powers conferred by this re-organisa- Act to have special regard—



(a) to the purposes of any scheme approved under 30
the Act of 1882 or under any other Act or of
any Provisional Order affecting the endowment,
or where there is no such scheme or Provisional
Order, to the spirit of the intention of the
founders as disclosed in the original deed 35
constituting the endowment;

(b) to the interest of the locality to which the
endowment belongs;

(c) to the possibility of effecting economy in administration by the grouping, amalgamation, or 40 combination of any two or more endowments.

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