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A.D. 1928. of Land (Assessment of Compensation) Act, 1919, are by that Act referred, and such arbitrator shall have all the powers and authority of an arbitrator appointed under the Arbitration Act, 1889.

Renewal of old on

34.-(1) After the passing of this Act and before 5 the expiration of fifteen years therefrom, notwithlicences and standing anything to the contrary in the Licensing grant of new (Consolidation) Act, 1910, it shall not be lawful for any licences. authority to refuse the renewal of an old on-licence in respect of premises in a no-change area except on 10 one or more of the grounds specified in the second part of the Second Schedule to that Act: and the licensing justices shall have no power to refer the question of the renewal of such licence to the compensation authority.

Re-granting of licences.

(2) After the passing of this Act no justices' on- 15 licence shall be granted in respect of any premises for a longer period than one year.

35. (1) After the expiration of fifteen years from the passing of this Act and in each year thereafter, the application for the regrant of any justices' licence 20 (including any old on-licence) shall, subject to the provisions of this Act, be treated as and be deemed to be an application for the grant of a new licence; and no compensation shall be payable by reason of the regrant of any licence being refused and all provisions 25 as to confirmation and all other provisions of the Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910, or any Act amending the same applicable to the grant of a new licence shall apply accordingly: provided that there shall be no power to attach to the regrant of an on-licence any 30 conditions for securing to the public the monopoly value of the licence.

(2) After the expiration of fifteen years from the passing of this Act and in each year thereafter, it shall be lawful for the licensing justices at a meeting con- 35 vened for that purpose and to be held not less than twenty-one days before the General Annual Licensing Meeting to fix by resolution the number of justices' on-licences to be granted at the next General Annual Licensing Meeting for their district and thereupon in 40 the manner and at the times prescribed by rules to be made in that behalf by the Secretary of State to publish notice of the said resolution and at the same time to

invite tenders of the amounts which the applicants for A.D. 1928. such licences would be prepared to pay for the grant thereof for the year in question, the amount of which tender shall in no case be less than the amount of the 5 licence duty applicable to the premises in respect of which the licence is sought and the justices may take into consideration the amount so tendered in deciding in respect of which premises licences should be granted for the ensuing year.



36. (1) The Secretary of State may at any time Transfer of after the establishment of the Board by order transfer Carlisle to the Board all or any of the powers, rights, liabilities, Manageand property exercisable by, attaching to, or vested ment in him by virtue of Part II. of the Licensing Act, 1921, District, 15 and may by such order declare that as from the date

of the operation thereof the Carlisle State Management District defined in the Second Schedule to that Act shall become and be deemed to be a reorganisation area within the meaning of this Act, and that this Act 20 shall apply thereto accordingly

(2) Any such order may apply with such modifications and adaptations as the Secretary of State may think fit all or any of the provisions set out in the Fourth Schedule to the Licensing Act, 1921, and may provide 25 for any such adjustment as between the Secretary of State and the Board in respect of the property and liabilities affected by the order as may be required, and may contain any such incidental, consequential and supplemental provisions as may be necessary or expedient 30 for the purpose of placing each such State Management District under the control of the Board in like manner as if it were a reorganisation area, and of giving full effect to the provisions of this section.

37. The Board shall keep full accounts of all their Accounts of 35 receipts and expenditure and shall submit to the Secretary Board of of State at such time in each year and in such form as Managehe may require a profit and loss account and balance ment. sheet, and the same shall be laid before both Houses of Parliament.


38. All property acquired by the Board under this Act shall be assured to and vested in that Board, and no assurance of any such property to the Board shall be liable to any ad valorem or other stamp duty.

Assurances to the

Board of Management.

A.D. 1928.

Savings for passenger

vessels and

railway restaurant


Rules, &c.,

to be laid before

39. Nothing in this Act shall affect the grant of licences in respect of passenger vessels vessels or railway restaurant cars :

Provided that there shall be no sale of intoxicating liquor on passenger vessels while in the territorial waters 5 adjacent to a no-licence area.

40. All orders, rules, and regulations made under this Act by the Secretary of State, the Treasury, or the Board, shall be laid before each House of Parliament Parliament. as soon as may be after they are made, and if an Address 10 is presented to His Majesty by either House of Parliament within the next subsequent forty days on which that House has sat next after any such order, rule, or regulation is laid before it, praying that the same may be annulled, His Majesty in Council may, if it seems fit, 15 annul the order, rule, or regulation, and it shall thenceforth be void, but without prejudice to the validity of anything previously done thereunder.



Short title.


41. The enactments mentioned in the Sixth Schedule to this Act are hereby repealed to the extent mentioned 20 in the third column of that schedule.

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42. In this Act, unless the context otherwise requires, the expressions "intoxicating liquor," "justices' licence,' justices' on-licence," "old on-licence,' and "justices' off-licence" shall have the same meanings 25 respectively as they have in the Licensing (Consolidation) Act, 1910.

43. This Act may be cited as the Liquor (Popular Control) Act, 1928.

44. This Act shall not apply to Scotland or Ireland 30 or Wales (including Monmouthshire).



Local Area.

The City of London



Local Authority.

The lord mayor and corpora-

Electoral divisions in the County The London County Council.

of London (excluding the City

of London) as constituted by
s. 40 of the Local Government
Act, 1888.

County boroughs

Municipal borough having a population of 50,000 or up

15 wards.

The mayor, aldermen and bur-
gesses acting by the council.

The mayor, aldermen and bur-
gesses acting by the council.

Licensing districts as constituted The licensing justices. by the Licensing (Consolida

tion) Act, 1910.

A.D. 1928.

A.D. 1928.




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