Sivut kuvina

Or ounce, or tiger, hog, or bearded goat, ils
All other parts remaining as they were ;
And they, so perfect is their misery,
Not once perceive their foul disfigurement, i
But boast themselves more comely than before, 75


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finely expressd in the following but here only their head or countelines of this poem, where the at- nance is changed, tendent Spirit is describing to the

All other parts remaining as they two brothers the effects of this

were; charmed cup - whose pleasing poison

and for a very good reason, beThe visage quite transforms of cause they were to appear upon the him that drinks,

ftage, which they might do in

maks. In Homer too they are And the inglorious likeness of a

sorry for the exchange ver. 241. beast Fixes instead, unmolding reason's Ως δε μη κλαιονlες εερχατο

mintage Chara&ter'd in the face.

but here the allegory is finely imHe gives us much the same idea in their disfigurement,

prov'd, and they have no notion of his Paradise Lost, where he calls the human face divine. III. 44.

But boast themselves, more comely Thyer.

than before, 72. All other parts remaining as

And all their friends and native

home forget. they were ;) It was at first in the Manuscript as before. There This improvement upon Homer is a remarkable difference in the might fill be copied from Homer, transformations wrought by Circe who ascribes much the same effe& and those by her son Comus. In to the Lotos. Odyff. IX. 94Homer the persons are entirely changed, their mind only remain- Των δ δεις λωτοιο φαγοι μελιing as it was before, Odyfi. X. 239

Ουκ επ' απαγγείλαι σαλεν ηθε

aev, rds vesat at. Οι δε συων μυ εχον κεφαλας, Αλλ' αντε βελονο μετ' ανδeg: φωνω τε, δεμας τε,

σι Λωτοφαγοισι Και τριχας αυταρ νες ω εμπε

Λωτον ερεπομψοι μεμο, νοG, ως το σαρG σερ.

σετε λαθεθαι.


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And all their friends and native home forget,
To roll with pleasure in a sensual sty.
Therefore when any favor'd of high Jove
Chances to pass through this adventrous glade,
Swift as the sparkle of a glancing star

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The trees around them all their · Pauci

quoś æquus åmavit food produce,

JupiterLotos the name, divine, necta. reous juce!

80. Swift as the sparkle of a (Thence call'd Lotophagi) which glancing ftar] Minerva in her whoso tastes

descent in the fourth Iliad appearInsatiate riots in the sweet re- ed to the Grecian host like one of pafts,

those glancing fars which Homer Nor other home, nor other care hath diftinguith'd by its emitting intends,

Sparkles in its flight. ver. 75. But quits his house, his

country, 'Olov do asseg ins Kegye mais and his friends. Pope.


H vouTuoi 7909.53 ne seg.tu du Or as Mr. Thyer conceives, it

ρεϊ λαω:, might poflibly be fuggested to Mil

Λαμπρυντα δε τε πολλοι ασο ton by Spenser in his bower of

σπινθηρες τεναι: bliss, where relating how the Pal

Το βικυι' ηξεν επι χθονα Παλmer restor'd to human shape those

λας Αθω η. whom Acrafia had changed into beasts, he says, B. 2. Cant. 12. These lights were accounted in the St. 86.

Pagan theology the nimł us or glory

of fome deity descending. Servius But one above the rest in special, on Virgil Æn. V.693. That had an hog been late (hight et de cælo lapfa per umGrill by name)

bras Repined greatly, and did him

Stella facem ducens multa cum miscall,

luce cucurrit. That had from hoggish form him brought to natural.

Nunc theologicam rationem fequi.

tur, [Poeta scil.] quæ adferit flat- . 78. when any favor'd of high marum quos cernimus tractus, nim

Jove) Virgil Æn. VI. 129. bum efe defcendentis numinis. VOL. II.

Calton. H

83. - Spun present aid) In Milton's Ma- trant xall cores. nuscript it stands Nearest and likelief to &c. It was at first

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I shoot from Heav'n, to give him fafe convoy,
<di, vt nyert
As now I do: But first I must put off
These my sky robes spun out of Iris woof,
And take the weeds and likeness of a swain,
That to the service of this house belongs, 85
Who with his soft pipe, and smooth-dittied song,
Well knows to still the wild winds when they roar,
And hush the waving woods, nor of less faith,
And in this office of his mountain watch,
Likeliest, and nearest to the present aid
Of this occasion. But I hear the tread
Of hateful steps, I must be viewless now.


Comus enters with a charming rod in one hand, his

glass in the other ; with him a rout of monsters, headed like fundry forts of wild beasts, but other


83. pun out of Iris woof, ] was alter'd to hateful steps. Then See Paradise Lost, XI. 244. follows in the Manuscript Goes out. - 86. Who with bis foft pipe, &c] And the title of the following These three lines were design'd as

a charming rod and glafs of liquor, 2 compliment to Mr. H. Lawes who acted the attendent Spirit zwild beafts, their

with his rout all beaded like some himself. Warburton.

wild beasts, their garments fome like

mens and fome like womens they go. Likeliest, and nearest to the on in a wild and antic fashion. In

to give 93. The far that: bick the libepa present aid ; and virgin steps, which herd fold] A pastoral way of


wise like men and women, their apparel glistering; they come in making a riotous and unruly noise, with torches in their hands.

The star that bids the shepherd fold,
Now the top of Heav'n doth hold,
And the gilded car of day

His glowing axle doth allay
In the steep Atlantic stream,
And the slope sun his upward beam
Shoots against the dusky pole,
Pacing toward the other goal

100 Of his chamber in the east. Mean while welcome Joy, and Feast, Midnight Shout, and Revelry, Tipsy Dance, and Jollity.


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counting time. So Virgil Ecl. VI. 99. ,

the dusky pole,] In the 85.

Manuscript it is northern : dufey is Cogere donec oves ftabulis, nu- the marginal reading. merumque

referre Juffit, et invito proceflit Vesper 100. Pacing toward the other Olympo.

goal and Georg. IV. 434.

Of his chamber in the eap.} In al

lusion to the same kind of metaVesper ubi e paftu vitulos ad tec- phors employd by the Pfalmift ta reducit.

XIX. 5. The fun as a bridegroom 97. In the fleep Atlantic fiream] cometh out of his chamber, and reSo alter'd in the Manufcript from joiceth as a strong man to run a rece.

Tartarean fream.

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0;} IVX 310ics 25 M107 Braid your locks with rosy twine,

105 Dropping odors, dropping wine.

ir bandout Rigor now is gone to bed, And Advice with scrupulous head,

Sire AT Strict Age, and sour Severity With their grave faws in slumber lie.

IIÓ We that are of


fire Imitate the starry quire, Who in their nightly watchful spheres, Lead in swift round the months and years. The sounds and seas, with all their finny drove, 115 Now to the moon in wavering morrice move ; And on the tawny sands and shelves

Trip 105. Braid your locks with ron Εμοι μελω ροδοισι twine,

Κατάςεφely, καρίωα. Dropping odors, dropping wine.]

108. And Advice with fcrupulous This is perfectly in the spirit and

head,] It was at first in the Ma. manner of Anacreon, who used to be crown'd with roses, and anoint

nuscript, ed with sweet ointments, while he

And quick Law with her fcrupu.

lous head. was drinking. Od. 5.

110. With their grave Jaws) Το ραδον το καλλίφυλλον Saws, sayings, maxims. So ShakeKesταφοισιν αρμοσανίες

spear. As you like it A&. 2. Sc. 9. Πινομυ αερα γελωνες.

Full of wise faws And again Od. 15. and in other Hamlet. Ad 1. Sc. 8. places.

I'll wipe away all trivial fond rc3: Ejot flexer uvegirl..

cords, Καταβρεχαν υπηγίω

Al faws of books

114. Lead

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