On the principles of English university education


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Sivu 187 - ... Fathers of the Church," that treasures of thought, of morality, of doctrine, and of historical facts, have been drawn by succeeding ages. * * * * There are various causes why the works, and even the names, of the Early Fathers, are almost unknown to many Christians. * * * * To Protestant readers, one great cause, perhaps the most powerful of all, exists, and that is, the corruptions introduced into the Roman Catholic Church, in later ages, on the pretended basis of their authority ; the legends...
Sivu 191 - THE LIFE OF SIR WILLIAM JONES, by the late LORD TEIGNMOUTH; with Notes, Selections from his Works, and a Memoir of his Noble Biographer, by the Rev. SAMUEL CHARLES WILKS, MA Two Volumes, with Portraits, 10s.
Sivu 199 - Is. 6d. •EASY LESSONS IN MECHANICS: with Familiar Illustrations of the Practical Application of Mechanical Principles. 3s. •READINGS IN POETRY; a Selection from the Works of the best English Poets; with Specimens of the American Poets; Literary Notices of the Writers ; and explanatory Notes.
Sivu 199 - Sacred History, from the Creation of the World to the Destruction of Jerusalem. With Questions for Examination.
Sivu 187 - The use and end of which work, I do not so much design for curiosity, or satisfaction of those that are...
Sivu 188 - Hall's Trigonometry. The Elements of Plane and Spherical Trigonometry. With an Appendix, containing the solution of the Problems in Nautical Astronomy. For the use of Schools. By the REV. TG HALL, MA, Professor of Mathematics in King's College, London. 12mo. 2s.
Sivu 190 - FOX. 3s. 6d. * HISTORY OF THE CHRISTIAN CHURCH ; from the Ascension of Jesus Christ to the Conversion of Constantine. By the late Rev.
Sivu 187 - But a just story of learning, containing the antiquities and originals of knowledges and their sects, their inventions, their traditions, their diverse administrations and managings, their flourishings, their oppositions, decays, depressions, oblivions, removes, with the causes and occasions of them, and all other events concerning learning, throughout the ages of the world, I may truly affirm to be wanting.
Sivu 188 - DOCTRINE of LIMITS, with its Applications: namely, Conic Sections ; the first Three Sections of Newton ; and the Differential Calculus.

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