The Novelist's Magazine, Nide 9

Harrison and Company, 1782

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Sivu 60 - and reafon, to jullice and lenity, to the fpeedy determination of civil and criminal caufes, with fome other obvious topicks, which are not worth confidering. And he gave it for his opinion, that whoever could make two ears of corn, or two blades of
Sivu 72 - And although they are dexterous enough upon a piece of paper in the management of the rule, the pencil, and the divider, yet in the common actions and behaviour of life, I have not feen a more clumfy, aukward, and unhandy people, nor fo flow and perplexed in their conceptions upon all other
Sivu 4 - of them as I was afterwards told, were hurt with the falls they got by leaping from my fides upon the ground. However, they foon returned ; and one of them, who ventured fo far as to get a full fight of my face, lifting up his hands and eyes by way of admiration, cried out, in a fhrill but
Sivu 39 - the other, feeing the fate of his comrade, made his efcape, but not without one good wound on the back, which I gave him as he fled, and made the blood run trickling from him. After this exploit, I walked gently to and fro on the bed, to recover my breath and lofs of fpirits.
Sivu 114 - out of the fruit of certain trees, which made excellent drink, and the fame proportion in every other convenience of life. But in order to feed the luxury and intemperance of the males, and the vanity of the females, we fent away the greateft part of our necefiary things to other countries, from whence
Sivu 52 - was forced to work like a common mariner. But I could not fee how this could be done in their country, where the fmalleft wherry was equal to a firft rate man of war among us, and fuch a boat as I could manage, would never live in any of their rivers. Her majefty
Sivu 94 - were too few to form a general obfervation by. When they came to fourfcore years, which is reckoned the extremity of living in this country, they had not only all the follies and infirmities of other old men, but many more, which
Sivu 2 - certainly fixty-five; and the general air of his countenance, notwithstanding fomething feemed to have been planting wrinkles in it before their time, agreed to the account. It was one of thofe heads which Guido has often painted—mild, pale, penetrating, free from all commonplace ideas of fat contented ignorance looking downwards upon
Sivu 132 - them to eat in the fame room. To this hour they dare not prefume to touch my bread, or drink out of the fame cup, neither was I ever able to let one of them take me by the hand. The firft money I laid out was to buy two young ftone-horfes, which I
Sivu 29 - from the practices of former times) that after the court had decreed any cruel execution, either to gratify the monarch's refentment, or the malice of a favourite, the emperor always made a fpeech to his whole council, expreffing his great lenity and tendernefs, as qualities known; and confefled by all the world. This

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