Calderon, His Life and Genius: With Specimens of His Plays

Redfield, 1856 - 233 sivua

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Sivu 123 - Tutto è menzogna, e delirando io vivo! Sogno della mia vita è il corso intero. Deh tu, Signor, quando a destarmi arrivo, Fa ch'io trovi riposo in sen del Vero!
Sivu 104 - With respect to translation, even I will not be seduced by it ; although the Greek plays, and some of the ideal dramas of Calderon, with which I have lately, and with inexpressible wonder and delight, become acquainted, are perpetually tempting me to throw over their perfect and glowing forms the grey veil of my own words.
Sivu 102 - Tis true that, where ever I have liked any story in a romance, novel, or foreign play, I have made no difficulty, nor ever shall, to take the foundation of it, to build it up, and to make it proper for the English stage. And I will be so vain to say it has lost nothing in my hands...
Sivu 129 - Or a richly-plumaged spray, Ere the aerial halls of day It divideth rapidly, And no more will debtor be To the nest it hastes to quit ; But with more of soul than it, I am grudged its liberty. And the beast was born, whose skin Scarce those beauteous spots and bars, Like to constellated stars, Doth from its great Painter win, Ere the instinct doth begin Of its fierceness and its pride, And its lair on every side It has measured far and nigh, While with better instinct, I Am its liberty denied. Born...
Sivu 117 - He who far off beholds another dancing, Even one who dances best, and all the time Hears not the music that he dances to, Thinks him a madman, apprehending not The law that rules his else eccentric action. So he that's in himself insensible Of love's sweet influence, misjudges him Who moves according to love's melody : And knowing not that all these sighs and tears, Ejaculations, and impatiences, Are necessary changes of a measure, Which the divine musician plays...
Sivu 129 - Heavens, why make ye me to mourn, More than all men else forlorn ? If my birth has been my sin, Yet what sinned I more herein Than others, who were also born ? Born the bird was, yet with gay Gala vesture, beauty's dower, Scarce it is a winged flower, Or a richly-plumaged spray, Ere the aerial halls of day It divideth rapidly, And no more will debtor be To the nest it hastes to quit, But, with more soul than it, I am grudged its liberty.
Sivu 100 - Germany during the second half of the sixteenth and the first half of the seventeenth century if she did not actually begin, at any rate she encouraged and actively aided, the religious wars.
Sivu 117 - form of translation ' I am compelled to agree with him, his version being for the most part in English blank verse ; but how little likely Calderon is to obtain a more gifted translator, and how much his modest choice of plays on which to exercise his skill, which are not among the author's best, is to be regretted, I think the reader will own after a single quotation from this volume : " ' He who far off beholds another dancing, Even...
Sivu 159 - ... his dream is done. The king dreams himself a king, And in this conceit he lives, Lords it, high commandment gives, Till his lent applause takes wing, Death on light winds scattering, Or converting (oh, sad fate!) Into ashes all his state: How can men so lust to reign, When to waken them again } From their false dream Death doth wait? And the rich man dreams no less 'Mid his wealth which brings more cares; And the poor man dreams he bears All his want and wretchedness; Dreams, whom anxious thoughts...
Sivu 11 - And perhaps there has been still greater divergence and disagreement in the estimates which have been formed of the ethical worth of this poet. " In this great and divine master the enigma of life is not merely expressed, but solved ;" these are the words of Frederic Schlegel, setting him in this above Shakespeare, who for the most part is content, according to him, with putting the riddle of life, without attempting to resolve it. And again, " In every situation and circumstance Calderon is, of...

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