The Poems of John Dryden: 1697-1700

Longman, 1995 - 707 sivua
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This volume completes the five-volume Longman Annotated Poets Edition of the poems of John Dryden, the major poet of Restoration England. It provides a modernized text along with full explanatory annotation. The poems include Dryden's spirited translation from Ovid, Homer, Chaucer, and Boccaccio.

This volume presents, in newly-edited texts and with a substantial editorial commentary, the complete non-dramatic poetry of John Dryden¿s later years. It contains the full text of Dryden¿s final collection, Fables Ancient and Modern, including its prose Dedication and Preface, together with a number of other poems of the late 1690s, and some posthumously published items.

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (1995)

Paul Hammond is Professor of Seventeenth-Century English Literature at the University of Leeds, and a Fellow of the British Academy. His previous books include John Oldham and the Renewal of Classical Culture (1983), John Dryden: A Literary Life (1991), Love between Men in English Literature (1996), Dryden and the Traces of Classical Rome (1999), Restoration Literature: An Anthology (2003) and Figuring Sex between Men from Shakespeare to Rochester (2003). He has co-edited John Dryden: Tercentenary Essays (2000) with David Hopkins and Shakespeare and Renaissance Europe (2004) with Andrew Hadfield. He is General Editor of the Longman Annotated English Poets and of the Arden Critical Companions to Shakespeare.

David Hopkins is Professor of English Literature at the University of Bristol. His main interests are in the English poetry of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, in the English translation and reception of classical literature, and in poets¿ writings about their art. His publications (some of them collaborative) include two books on John Dryden, student selections from Dryden, Cowley, Homer, and Ovid, an edited collection of essays on the English afterlife of the Roman poet Horace, and an anthology of poets¿ writings about their peers.

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