Leading Men of Japan: With an Historical Summary of the Empire

D. Lothrop, 1883 - 421 sivua

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Sivu 388 - You know that the United States of America now extend from sea to sea; that the great countries of Oregon and California are parts of the United States; and that from these countries, which are rich in gold and silver and precious stones, our steamers can reach the shores of your happy land in less than twenty days.
Sivu 17 - Meiji, establish a Parliament, in order to carry into full effect the determination We have announced, and We charge Our faithful subjects bearing Our commissions to make, in the meantime, all necessary preparations to that end.
Sivu 389 - ... would be glad that a harbor in your empire should be appointed to which coal might be brought, and where they might always be able to purchase it. In many other respects, commerce between your empire and our country would be useful to both. Let us consider well what new interests...
Sivu 393 - It is hereby recommended that immediate measures be taken for effecting commercial arrangements with the empire of Japan and the kingdom of Corea,
Sivu 17 - Our ancestors in Heaven watch Our acts, and We recognize Our responsibility to them for the faithful discharge of Our high duties, in accordance with the principles, and the perpetual increase of the glory, they have bequeathed to Us.
Sivu 388 - Many of our ships will now pass in every year, and some perhaps in every week, between California and China ; these ships must pass along the coast of your Empire ; storms and winds may cause them to be wrecked on your shores, and we ask and expect, from your friendship and your greatness, kindness for our men and protection for our property. We wish that our people may be permitted to trade with your people ; but we shall not authorize them to break any law of your Empire.
Sivu 397 - The few travellers who have ever ' penetrated the interior," concur in stating that the soil of Japan, though not naturally fertile, has been so much improved as to be rendered extremely productive ; ' and the face of the country, even on the mountain sides, (which are formed into terraces, as in some parts of Italy and Persia,) is so diligently cultivated, that it would be difficult to find in the country a single nook of unfilled land, even the dry summits of the mountains.
Sivu 16 - Empire, the public mind will best be known and the public interest best consulted, and in this manner the wisest system of administration will be determined. "We hope by these means to secure the happiness of our subjects and our own. And while they must necessarily abandon many of their former customs, yet must they not, on the other hand, yield too impulsively to a rash desire for reform.
Sivu 58 - I. There shall be perpetual peace and friendship between Her Majesty the Queen of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland, her heirs and successors, and His Majesty the Tycoon of Japan, and between their respective dominions and subjects. , ARTICLE II. Her Majesty the Queen of Great Britain and Ireland may appoint a Diplomatic...
Sivu 177 - If, while public rumor was clamorous, we had hesitated or drawn back, the injuries done to the sufferers would not have been redressed, the position of a dependent...

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