Historical Dictionary of the Central African Republic

Scarecrow Press, 2005 - 233 sivua
The history of Central Africa, little known and little studied, is one of the world's most tragic. The Central African Republic (CAR) is a country that is poorly researched, and for which little information exists in English. Historical Dictionary of the Central African Republic: Third Edition fills this gap in the literature, covering events that have taken place in the country since the publication of the last edition in 1992. Although the condition of the country has improved, the CAR remains one of the continent's poorest nations, faced with innumerable problems, not the least of which is forming a satisfactory government. The world's knowledge of this country is often dependent on reports that surface in the news, are sensationalistic, and do not allow for a thorough analysis.
Substantial new material covers the people, events, institutions, and political parties that have played a significant role in the history of the Central African Republic. Complementing the more than 800 dictionary entries are a list of acronyms and abbreviations, an extensive chronology, and an introductory essay that reviews the history of the country before and since its independence. The bibliography provides references for numerous books, journal articles, and websites as sources of information about current events and developments.

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Sivu 211 - Eastern Libya, Wadai and the Sanusiya: a tariqa and a trade route," Journal of African History 18 (1977): 21—36.

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The late Pierre Kalck has served as Dr. Abel Goumba's cabinet director when the latter was president of the Governing Council of Ubangui-Shari. Kalck was also President Barthélémy Boganda's representative to the president of the Community. He was chosen by the Central African government to be its representative to the GATT and the ECOSOC. He was an officer of the Legion of Honour and held several foreign honorary distinctions, including the Grand Comore and the Mérite Centrafricain. He received the Lucien de Reinach Award from the Political and Moral Sciences Academy and the George Bruel award from the Overseas Science Academy, of which he had been a member since 1973. He was also a member of the Metz National Academy.

Xavier-Samuel Kalck is the grandson of Pierre Kalck. He is currently involved in writing a thesis on contemporary American and English poetry at the Sorbonne University in Paris. He has previously worked on several other translations, and is in the process of editing a book of selected poems of a British poet.

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