The Royal English dictionary: or, A treasury of the English language

L. Hawes, and Company T. Caslon, S. Crowder, B. Law, G. Robinson [and 2 others in London], 1775 - 24 sivua

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Sivu 64 - You pray; but it is not that God would bring you to the true religion.
Sivu 21 - A cloth hung before, to keep the other dress clean, or for ornament.
Sivu 101 - He that has a vote in the choice of any officer ; a prince who has a voice in the choice of the German emperor. ELECTORAL, e-lIk'tA-ral, a.
Sivu 51 - BOBBIN, a small piece of wood turned in the form of a cylinder, with a little border jutting out at each end, bored through to receive a small iron pivot. It serves to spin with the spinning-wheel, or to wind thread, worsted, hair, cotton, silk, gold, and silver.
Sivu 64 - In Sea Language, the end of any plank which joins to another on the outfidc of a fliip under water.
Sivu 101 - is produced by applying the tip of the tongue to the fore part of the palate, and passing the voice as in pronouncing our s.
Sivu 2 - Abstract terms signify the mode or quality of a being, without any regard to the subject in which it is , as whiteness, roundness, length, breadth, wisdom, mortality, life, death. Concrete terms, while they...
Sivu 34 - BACCULE, in Fortification, a kind of portcullis, or gate, made like a pit-fall with a counterpoise, and supported by two great stakes.
Sivu 101 - But do not touch my heart, and so be gone ; Strike deep thy burning arrows in ! Lukewarmness I account a sin, As great in love as in religion. Come arm'd with flames ; for I would prove All the extremities of mighty Love. Th' excess of heat is but a fable ; We know the torrid zone is now found habitable.

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