A History of the New York State Teachers' Association: With Sketches of Its Presidents and Prominent Members

E. L. Kellogg & Company, 1883 - 192 sivua
With sketches of its presidents and prominent members.

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Sivu 55 - Knowledge comes, but wisdom lingers, and I linger on the shore, And the individual withers, and the world is more and more.
Sivu 65 - There is no office higher than that of a teacher of youth; for there is nothing on earth so precious as the mind, soul, character of the child. No office should be regarded with greater respect. The first minds in the community should be encouraged to assume it. Parents should do all but impoverish themselves, to induce such to become the guardians and guides of their children.
Sivu 83 - Pennsylvania, offered the following, which was adopted : — Resolved, That a committee be appointed to report next year on the feasibility of establishing institutions for the cure of persons addicted to the use of intoxicants, and on the most approved methods of conducting such
Sivu 96 - Psalm-book, partly in the grammar, as with four syllogistic logical figures, or a senate a quatre mains? And did he not threaten the rod to 1,707 children who did not receive it, and make 777 kneel upon round hard peas, and 631 upon a sharp-edged piece of wood, to which are to be added a corps of 5,001 riders on the wooden horse ? For if any one had done this, why did he not keep an account of his blows, like...
Sivu 49 - To exert a direct influence upon the people and the Legislature of the State, personally and through the press, so as to secure such an appreciation of a thorough system of education, together with such pecuniary aid and legislative enactments, as will place the institutions here represented in a position worthy of the population and resources of the State.
Sivu 169 - Institute, 210 lectures and addresses, besides having preached 1032 sermons in 182 different pulpits. From the sessions of the conference of clergymen, of which he is a member, he has never been absent for a day. In 1864 he was elected by his brethren, a delegate to the General Conference of the Methodist Episcopal Church, at Philadelphia, having also enjoyed the honor of serving as a delegate to the General Conference of...
Sivu 176 - A Collection of Geographical Descriptions and Narrations, from the best Writers in English Literature. Classified and arranged to meet the wants of Geographical Students, and the higher grades of reading classes. By JAMES JOHONNOT, author of " Principles and Practice of Teaching.
Sivu 49 - To advance the standard of education throughout the State. 4th. To adopt such common rules as may seem best fitted to promote the harmonious workings of the State system of education. 5th To consult and co-operate with the Regents in devising and executing such plans of education as the advanced state of the population may demand.
Sivu 142 - ... development by contenting himself with simply establishing the conditions of right activity, and then he leaves his pupils to engage in an independent struggle for their acquisitions. Books in abundance may be used and lectures may be given, but they are to be used to call the mind of the student to a fresh and more thorough study of what has before been taught ; they are not to be used as the original sources of knowledge. In the sense in which I have considered the subject, and in the sense...
Sivu 138 - ... which to make his contribution to the world's wealth. 2. Industrial knowledge — such general and special knowledge as will put him in possession of the best human experience in the direction of his chosen vocation. 3. Industrial power — such a development of physical, intellectual, and artistic power as will remove as far as possible the chances of failure, and, by giving a just consciousness of strength, will enable him to work always with the hope and expectation of success.

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