The Library of American Biography, Nide 14

Jared Sparks
C. C. Little and J. Brown, 1847

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Sivu 383 - So geographers, in Afric maps, With savage pictures fill their gaps, And o'er unhabitable downs Place elephants for want of towns.
Sivu 340 - With man it has often been otherwise. In wandering over the barren plains of inhospitable Denmark, through honest Sweden, and frozen Lapland, rude and...
Sivu 93 - I had no sooner beheld these Americans, than I set them down for the same kind of people, that inhabit the opposite side of the continent.
Sivu 372 - I was struck with the manliness of his person, the breadth of his chest, the openness of his countenance, and the inquietude of his eye.
Sivu 192 - I have been so much the sport of accident," said he, "that I am exceedingly suspicious. It is true, that in this L'Orient negotiation, I have guarded every avenue to future disappointment, with all possible caution; yet this head I wear, is so much a dupe to my heart, and at other times my heart is so bewildered by my head, that in matters of business I have not much confidence in either.
Sivu 141 - On the thirteenth, at night, the Discovery's large cutter, which was at her usual moorings at the bower buoy, was taken away. On the fourteenth the captains met to consult what should be done on this alarming occasion ; and the issue of their opinions was, that one of the two captains should land with armed boats and a guard of marines at Kiverua, and attempt to persuade Teraiobu, who was then at his house in that town, to come on board upon a visit, and that when he was on board he should be kept...
Sivu 146 - ... while he was doing this, a chief from behind stabbed him with one of our iron daggers, just under the shoulder-blade, and it passed quite through his body. Cook fell with his face in the water, and immediately expired.
Sivu 144 - ... one that should oppose him. Cook, perceiving this, fired a ball, which entering the Indian's groin, he fell and was drawn off by the rest. " Cook, perceiving the people determined to oppose his designs, and that he should not succeed without further bloodshed, ordered the lieutenant of marines, Mr.
Sivu 97 - We purchased while here about 1500 beaver, besides other skins, but took none but the best, having no thoughts at that time of using them to any other advantage than converting them to the purposes of cloathing, but it afterwards happened that skins which did not cost the purchaser six-pence sterling sold in China for 100 dollars.
Sivu 341 - Russia, and the wide spread regions of the wandering Tartar, if hungry, dry, cold, wet, or sick, woman has ever been friendly to me, and uniformly so ; and to add to this virtue, so worthy of the appellation of benevolence, these actions have been performed in so free and so kind a manner, that, if I was dry, I drank the sweet draught, and if hungry, ate the coarse morsel, with a double relish.

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