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Names of Places.

Diference of
High Water.

Names of Places.

Difference of
High Water.

H. M.

H. M.

Ditto ...

Lyan Deeps ..... England. Add 3 33 Port Hood..........C. Breton Ada 5 5

Port Howe.

.Nov. Sco. Sub. 5 55 Wachias.. ... America. Sub. 3 25 Port Jackson

Add 5 35 Maceira..

. Atl. Oce. Sub. 2 21 Portland Bill. England Ada 4 50 Mus River (entrance) Holland. Add 0 35 Portland Race. .Ditto.... Sub. 5 10 Mures (St).

. France.. Add 3 35 Portland Road. .Ditto Add 3 50 Marble Head...... . America. Sub. 2 55 Portland

America. Sub. 3 40 Margate Roads...... England. Sub. 3 0 Port Louis. ..France .. Add 2 5 Mary's (St ) .Scil. Is. . Add 2 15 Port Patrick

. Scotland. Sub. 4 10 Huy St. (Cape) .Nov. Sco. Sub. 5 25 Port Porto ... .. France.. Add 0 35 Mar Island

. Scotland. Sub. 0 55 Porto Praya.. C. V. Is. Add 3 35 Mar (Cape)

America. Sub. 5 40 Port Roseway Nov. Sco. Add 5 50 Mbord Haven England. Add 3 35 Port Royal.. Virginia. Add 5 55 Macbead Ditto ... Add 3 35 Port Rush

Ireland . Ada 3 20 Mitrahead

.. Ireland.. Add 0 35 Port Seaton.. . Scotland Sub. 0 25 Matrox ....

.Scotland. Sub. 0 55 Portsmouth Harbour . England Sub. 2 49 ras

France.. Add 3 35 Portsmouth ......... America. Sub 3 10 Mott's Bay.... England. Add 2 30 Portugal (Coast of) .. Europe. . Add 1 20

Praule Point ........

.England. Add 3 30 Vantreket. America. Sub. 2 22 Preston Pans

Scozland . Sub. JO 25 Xactz .France.. Add 1 35 Purfleet

.R. Tham. Sub. 0 45 Santz River (ent.) ...Ditto Add 0 35 Xasau .New Pro. Add 5 5 Quebec

..Canada . Add 5 45 Nate Rocks .. Isle of W. Sub. 5 29 Queenborough .England. Sub. (1 10 Seacastle

England. Add 1 35 New Bedford .. America. Add 5 12 Rachlin Island .Ireland.. Sub. 4 55 Sextriry Port.. ...Ditto ... Sub. 3 10 Ram Head

.England. Add 3 20 Neshaven.. England. Sub. 4 9 Ramkins

Holland. Sub. 0 55 ler London.. ..America. Sub. 5 31 Ramsey

.Is. of M. Sub. 3 55 Nepit. Wales .. Add 4 20 Ramsgate

. England. Sub.3 15 NET .. Ireland.. Sub. 2 25 Rhé Island

.B. of Bis. Add 0 35 New York

. America. Sub. 15 31 Rhode Island . America. Ada 5 12 Nicholas (St.) .England. Add 4 20 Robin Hood's Bay ... England. Add 1 20 Nenport.

. France.. Sub. 2 25 Rochefort.... France .. Add 0 35 Neutta Sound. ..America. Sub. 2 5 Rochelle...

Ditto Add 1 20 Xire Light

.R. Tham. Sub. 2 10 Rochester... . England. Sub. 1 25 North Berwick .Scotland. Sub. v 55 Rosman (Cape). . America. Sub. 3 55 North Cape... .Lapland. Add 0 35 Roseness

Orkney . Sub. 3 55 Rotterdam

.Holland. Add 1 5 Olonne.. . France . . Add 1 5 Rouen

.France .. Sub. 1 25 Oprto

.Portugal. Add 0 50 Rye Harbour. .England. Sub. 3 34 0:fordness.. .England. Sub. 3 25 Orkney Isles.

..N. Sea.. Sub. 3 55 Sable Cape . .Nov. Seo. Add 5 35 Ornes Head. Wales Sub. 3 53 Sable Island

. America. Sub. 5 55 Ortegal (Cape). . Spain Add 0 35 Salcombe

.England. Add 3 30 Ostend.. .France ..Sub. 1 55 Salem....

. America. Sub. 2 55 Osens .Eng. Ch. Sub 4 49 Salters ..

Ireland.. Add 2 5

Sandwich... . England. Sub. 3 25 Padstow....

Ada 2 35 Sandwich Bay. .Nov. Sco. Sub. 5 25 Passamaquoddy (Riv.) America. Sub. 3 40 Sandy Hook .N. York. Add 4 12 Pennasks France.. Add 1 5 Savannah.

. America. Sub. 3 10 Peaobscot (River).... America. Sub. 3 40 Scarborough England Add 2 5 Pentland Frith . Scotland. Sub. 3 55 Scaw

Denmark Sub. 2 15 Penzance... . England. Add 2 5 Scilly Isles. .Eng. Ch. Add 2 15 Peterhead . Scotland. Sub. 2 25 Scolt Head

.England. Add 3 55 Peveral Point .England. Sub. 5 25 Seaford

.Ditto Sub. 4 9 Philadelphia . America. Sub. 0 25 Seal Isles... ..B. of Fun.Sub. 5 40 Plymouth Sound. .England. Add 3 40 Seaton Sluice . England. Add 0 20 Plymouth...... .. America. Sub. 2 55 Seine River ......... France.. Sub. 5 25 Pol de Leon (St.) .... France.. Add 2 50 Selsea Bill.......... England. Sub. 4 49 Poinona.

..Orkneys. Sub. 4 50 Selsea Harbour ...Ditto Sub. 3 10 Poole ..

.. England. Sub. 5 25 Seven Cliffs.. .Ditto Sub. 4 35 Port Glasgow

. Scotland. Sub. 2 40 Seven Islands ....... Lapland . Sub. 15 23


Names of Places,

Difference of
High Water.

Names of Places.

Difference of High Water.

... Ditto

H. M.

H. M. Shannon River Ireland.. Add 1 20 Tory Island. Ireland. J Add 3 0 Sheerness.. England Sub. 2 25 Townsend

America. Sub. 3 40 Shellocks.

Ireland.. Add 0 35 Traller Bay: .. Ireland.. Add 1 20 Sheepscut America. Sub. 3 40 Tuskar Rock.

Add 4 5 Shetland

N. Sea .. Sub 3 55 Shields...

Eugland. Add 1 Use & Villiane R. (ent.)France . . Add 0 35 Shipwash..

R. Tham. Sub. 2 25 Ushant within... Ditto Add 1 20 Shoreham England. Sub. 5 4 Ushant without in

Ditto Simons Bar (St.) America. Add 5 5 the Offing)

Add 25 Skerries

Wales ..Sub. 4 40 Skerries.

Ireland.. Add 2 20 Valentia Harbour.... Ireland.. Add 1 5 Skye Island. .. Scotland. Ada 3 35 Vallery en Caux (St.) France . . Sub. 3 10 Sligo Ireland.. Add 4 20 Vannes.

Ditto Add 3 20 Slyne

Ditto Add 2 50 Vincent Cape (St.) ... Spain... Sub. O 10 Smalls Wales. Add 3 25 Vlie Passage

Holland. Sub. 5 25 Smerwick Bay Ireland.. Add 1 5 Smith's Knowl .N. Sea .. Sub. 2 25 Wapping Dock Gates. London. 0 0 Solebay England. Sub. 3 55 Wardhuys

Lapland. Add 1 35 Somme River .France.. Sub. 3 55 Wallet

R. Tham Sub. 3 10 Sonthampton. England. Sub. 2 40 Watchet

Bris. Ch. Add 4 20 Southwould.

Ditto ... Sub. 5 25 Waterford Harbour .. Ireland.. Add 3 5 Spain (N. Coast of)..B. of Bis Add 0 35 Weems

. Scotland. Sub. 0 25 Spithead

. England. Sub. 4 55 Weser River (ent. to). Germany Sub. 2 25 Spurn Point. Ditto Add 2 50 Weilings

.France . . Sub. 0 55 Stadtland.. .Norway . Sub. 2 25 Wells..

. England. Add 35 Staples.

. Scotland. Add O 5 West India Dock gates} London Sub. So 30 Start Point

. England. Add|3 30 (Blackwall out.)...] Staxigo

. Scotland. Sub. 5 10 Wexford Harbour....Ireland.. Add 5 5 Stockton . England Add 2 5 Weymouth

.England Add 3 50 Stonehaven .Scotland. Sub. (1 25 Whitby

Ditto Add 1 20 Stranglord Bay. . Ireland.. Sub. 3 55 Whitehaven.

Ditto Sub. 3 10 Stromness .Orkneys. Sub. 5 25 Wick.

Scotland. Sub. 5 10 Studwai's Road. Wales .. Add 5 35 Wicklow

Ireland.. Sub. '5 25 Sunbury.. .N. Amer. Sub. 4 55 Wilmington

America. Sub 3 25 Sunderland . England. Add 1 10 Winchelsea

England. Sub. 1 40 Swansea Wales .. Add 3 35 Wintertou

Add 5 50 Sweetnose . Lapland Sub. 2 25 Wis beach

... Ditto Add 5 5 Swin.... ..R. Tham. Sub. 2 25 Woodbridge Bar .Ditto Sub. 2 55 Woolwich.

.Ditto Sub. 0 30 Tay Bar..

.Scotland. Sub. 0 25 Wrath Cape .Scotland. Add 5 50 Tees River. .. England. Add 1 5 Telling (Cape) . Ireland.. Add 3 35 Yarmouth Roads . .. England. Sub. 5 40

.Azores .. Sub. 2 40 Yarmouth Sands (B.of) Ditto Sub. 3 55 Tervere .Holland. Sub. 0 55 Yarmouth

Is, of W. Sub. 4 55 Texel (entrance to)... Ditto Add 4 20 York Fort

Hud. Bay Sub. 5 15 Texel (Road). ..Ditto Add 5 20 Yorkshire Coast England. Add 3 35 Thames River (Mouth) England. Sub. 2 25 Youghall .

. Ireland.. Add 2 5 Tinmouth.

Ditto. Add 0 35 Tod Head . Scotland. Sub. 1 55|Zuder Zee

Holland. Sub. O 55 Topsham

. England. Add 4 40 Zuric Zee ..Ditto ... Add 0 35 Torbay

Dittu ... Add 13 45

. Dito ...

Terceira ......



Within the jurisdictions of the Trinity-house, Deptford Strond ; the

Cinque Ports; the Ports of Liverpool and Leith; and the Eastern Ports of Great Britain.

CINQUE PORTS. The business of a pilot is to conduct ships or vessels into roads or harbours, orer bars or sands, or through intricate and dangerous channels, being occasionally called in to the master's assistance when sailing as above, or by unknown shores, and diffident of his own skill and judgment; though in many parts, where the approach or entrance to harbours, &c. is hazardous and difficult, the taking a pilot is not a voluntary act, but obligatory on the master; otherwise, in case of a loss, he must make it good. After a pilot is taken on board, the master has no longer any command of the ship till she is safe in harbour; but then the master resumes the government of her, and is to see her bed and lying, the pilot being no longer liable, though for his own convenience he may still be on board. The same rule holds good, if a pilot goes on board only to conduct a ship through some dangerous place, as, for instance, Yarmouth Roads ; after passing them, the master must resume the command, and the pilot is no longer responsible. Yet it may happen that the pilot shall continue on board for the remainder of the voyage ; for example, he may want to go to Newcastle ; but he is only to be considered as a common passenger, after he has conducted the ship through the 'hazardous passage, for which purpose he came on board ; neither can he charge any wages, salary, or fee, though he should keep the helm during the whole voyage, except for the duty done in passing the roads.

If a master of a ship finds himself, in tempestuous weather, in any reputed dangerous place, usually denominated pilot's water, and a pilot offers to come on board, which offer he refuses to accept, the master is liable to his owners, freighters, or insurers, for the damage or loss of ship and cargo, if either happen for want of a pilot.

The master of an English collier is held by the Flemings and the Dutch to be a pilot sufficient to conduct his ship from Newcastle to their ports; accordingly, in a case of a ship freighted at Shields, by a Flemish merchant at Ostend, with coals for that port, he refused to allow the charge of a pilot : the affair was referred to arbitration, the British vice-consul, Mortimer, being one of the arbitrators; when it appeared that the ship was driven by stress of weather into Yarmouth Roads, which are pilot's water; and a pilot offering his service, he accepted him. Had he done otherwise, he would have been answerable to the owners for the ship if it had been lost, and to the freighter for his coals; it was therefore decided, that the freighter was bound to allow the pilotage. Piloting is allowed in most charter-parties, but not for those made for colliers in England,

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6 Geo. IV. c. 125. “ An Act for the Amendment of the Law respecting Pilots and Pilot

age ; and also for the better preservation of Floating Lights, Buoys, and Beacons,

The first section recites—Whereas by certain acts of parliament, and more particularly by an act passed in the 52 Geo. III. c. 39. certain additional powers and authorities were vested in the corporation of Trinity-house of Deptford Strond, and the Society or Fellowship of Pilots of Dover, Deal, and the Isle of Thanet, commonly called the Cinque Port Pilots, as also the corporation of the Trinity-house of the ports of Hull and Newcastle ; and whereas another act was passed, 55 Geo. III. c. 87, respecting pilotage, and the provisions of the said acts have been found inadequate and insufficient, and it is expedient that the same should be repealed, and that the several provisions should be improved and amended, and consolidated in one law; and it is enacted, that the same and all and every the clauses, provisions, powers, penalties, forfeitures, matters, and things relating to pilots appointed by the said corporation of Deptford Strond, &c. which are contained in any act or acts of parliament, are repealed.

The corporation of Trinity-house of Deptford Strond to license pilots to act within certain limits.-After the passing of this act, it shall be lawful for the corporation of Trinity-house of Deptford Strond, after due examination, to appoint and license, under their common seal, competent persons duly skilled to act as pilots, for the purpose of conducting all ships sailing, as well up and down or upon the rivers of Thames and Medway, and all the channels, creeks, and docks thereof, between Orfordness and London-bridge, and also from London-bridge to the Downs, and from the Downs westward as far as the Isle of Wight, and in the English channel, from the Isle of Wight up to London-bridge; and all ships (except as hereinafter provided) shall be piloted within the limits aforesaid by such pilots, and by no other pilots whomsoever. * § 2.

No person shall be licensed by the corporation, ercept as herein specified.— No person shall be licensed by the said corporation of Trinityhouse of Deptford Strond as a pilot, who shall not have served as mate for three years on board of, or who shall not have been for one year in the actual command of a square-rigged vessel of not less than eighty tons register tonnage, as to licences for the North channel upwards, and not less than 150 tons register tonnage, as to licences for the North channel, Queen's channel, South channel, or other channels downwards, or who shall not have been employed in the pilotage service of the corporation for seven years, or who shall not have served an apprenticeship of five years to some pilot vessel licensed under 52 Geo. III. or under this act; and no person so licensed shall take charge as a pilot of any ship drawing more than fourteen feet water in the rivers Thames or Medway, or any of the channels leading thereto or therefrom, until such person shall have acted as a licensed pilot for three years, and shall have been after such three years, on re-examination, approved of by the said corporation of Trinity-house, on pain of forfeiting £10 for every offence, as well by the person acting as such pilot, as also by the master of such ship who shall permit any such person to take charge as a pilot of the same. $ 3.

* But see page 177.

Pilots to pay annually £3. 38. and also 6d. in the pound on their earnings.-Every pilot already licensed, or to be licensed by the said corporation, (except only such pilots as have been or shall be so licensed by the said corporation, upon their receiving certificates of examination by any sub-commissioners of pilotage,) as in 52 Geo. III. and hereinafter directed in lieu and satisfaction of all the ancient duties beretofore payable by such pilots to the said corporation, shall hereafter pay to the said corporation, or to such person as they shall appoint to receive the same, three guineas, in the month of January yearly; and every pilot so licensed or to be licensed, as well upon receiving such certificates as aforesaid, as otherwise howsoever, shall also from and after the first of July 1826, pay to the said corporation, or to such person, and at such places and times as the said corporation shall appoint, a certain poundage of sixpence in the pound upon all the pilotage earned by every such pilot, from the said first of July inclusive, on pain of forfeiture for default of any of the payments, or for any concealment or fraud therein, double the amount payable, and of being suspended or dismissed from acting as a pilot, at the discretion of the corporation; which said payments hereby directed to be made shall be carried to and applied to the purposes of the pilot's fund of the said corporation hereinafter mentioned.' $ 4.

The corporation of Trinity-house shall appoint sub-commissioners to etamine pilots at the requisite ports.—It shall be lawful for the said corporation of Trinity-house of Deptford Strond, and they are hereby required to appoint (as often and for such periods as they think fit) proper and competent persons, at such ports in England as they may think requisite, (except within the liberty of the cinque ports, and all such other ports for which particular provision shall have been made by any act or acts, or by any charter or charters for the appointment of pilots,) not to exceed five nor less than three persons at each port, which persons so to be appointed shall be called sub-commissioners of pilotage, and shall take the oath in the schedule hereunto annexed, marked (C.)* for the faithful discharge of their duty; and such persons shall examine, and are authorized (so long as their deputations shall not be revoked or superseded by the appointment of other persons) to examine into the qualifications of persons to act as pilots for such ports and the adjoining coasts specified in their deputations : and it shall be lawful for the said corporation, upon receiving a satisfactory certificate under the hands of any three, where the whole number at any port shall consist of four or five, and of any two where the whole number shall consist of three, that the person examined is duly qualified to act for such port and the adjoining coasts, to give a licence to such person to act as a pilot within the limits (describing the same) for which he shall have passed such examination. 85.

Trinity-houses of Hull and Newcastle may appoint sub-commissioners.-It shall be lawful for the corporations of the Trinity-houses of the ports of Hull and Newcastle, to appoint sub-commissioners of

• 1. A. B. do swear, that I will diligently and impartially examine into the capacity and skill of

in the art of piloting ships and vessels into the road stead, port or harbour, and upon the coasts following ; videlicet (here describe the limits within which the person cramined is intended to act as pilot,) and will make true and speedy return thereof to the corporation of the Trinity-house of Deptford Strond, withont favour, affection, fee or reward, other than such fee or reward as is allowed by the by-laws and regulations duly established in that behalf. So help me God.

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