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every foreigner, being a mariner, seaman, or landman, who shall serve in any merchant ship, or other trading vessel, or privateer, belonging to the subjects of the crown of Great Britain; and every person, of what age soever, who shall use the sea, shall be freed for two years, to be computed from the time of his first going. 13 Geo. II. c. 17. § 1

and 2.

8. Upon due proof of the respective ages and circumstances of the four last described persons to the Admiralty, they will receive protections without any fee. 13 Geo. II. c. 17. § 3.

9. Lastly, by 50 Geo. III. c. 108. which recites, partially repeals, and partly amends the 2 Geo. III. c. 15. masters employed in any of the fisheries of this kingdom, who, within six months, shall have had one or more apprentices, under sixteen years of age, bound to him for five years at least, and have actually been in said service; and all apprentices not exceeding eight in number, for a vessel of fifty tons burthen; and so in the proportions of seven, six, five, and four apprentices, for vessels of inferior burthen, till twenty years of age; all mariners, Letually employed in fishing vessels of ten tons burthen and upwards; and, lastly, all land men above the age of eighteen years and under irty, actually employed in such fishing vessels, for the space of two ears from their so going to sea in such employment, shall be entitled to protections of impressment from the Admiralty, on application, accomnied with a description of the vessel, &c. And such protected person tall be indemnified against impressment by a penalty of 20l. to be recovered from officers offending against such protection.

N. B. The provisions of this statute extend to the Lobster Fishery, Heligoland. (Payne's case, 1 M. and S. 223.) Nor is a protection nder this statute invalidated by a master receiving an addition of mariers on board. (Pratt's case, 16 E. R. 167.)


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I. Of the Laws relating to the Regulation of the Ports and Harbours


For an enumeration of these, it is unnecessary to travel back to an earlier period than 54 George III. c. 159, intituled, "An Act for the better regulation of the several ports, harbours, roadsteads, sounds, channels, bays, and navigable rivers, in the United Kingdom; and of his Majesty's docks, dock-yards, arsenals, wharfs, moorings, and stores therein; and for repealing several acts passed for that purpose."

From and after the passing of this act, so much of the act of the ninth year of the reign of George III. as relates to the harbour moorings of the royal navy; and also so much of the act of the tenth year of the reign of Queen Anne, as relates to harbour moorings; and also the act of the fifty-first year of the reign of George III. are respectively repealed. § 1.

Admiralty to establish regulations for moorings.-It shall be lawful for the lord high admiral, or three or more of the commissioners for executing the office of lord high admiral of the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Ireland for the time being, from time to time as occasion shall require, to make such rules, orders, and regulations, in writing under his or their respective hand or hands, or the hand of his or their secretary, as he or they shall think proper for the preservation of his Majesty's moorings, and for the mooring, anchoring, and placing of all private ships of war, transports, and all other private and merchant ships and vessels, lighters, barges, boats, and other craft whatsoever, in all the ports, harbours, havens, roads, roadsteads, sounds, channels, creeks, bays, and navigable rivers of the United Kingdom, so far as the tide flows and reflows, where or near to which his Majesty now hath, or where his Majesty, his heirs or suc

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s may at any time or times hereafter have any docks, dockarsenals, wharfs or moorings; and harbour-masters to be apd as hereinafter mentioned, for superintending the same for the se of ensuring free and safe ingress, egress, and regress unto, to, and from the said ports, harbours, &c. and to and from his sty's said docks, dock-yards, &c. therein; and for that purpose ler and direct such spaces along the sides of, over, against, or to such docks, dock-yards, &c. as they shall judge necessary to pt free and open, and to cause the same to be marked out by buoys, or other sufficient marks, and to order and direct what and distances shall be appropriated to and for the sole use and ose of moorings for his Majesty's ships and vessels of war and armed ships or vessels in his Majesty's service; and also to ify the distances from his Majesty's docks, dock-yards, arsenals, ris, moorings, ships and hulks, within which no private ship of transport, or any other private or merchant ship or vessel, lighter, e, boat, or other craft whatever, shall be moored, anchored, or ed, and for all and every or any other the purposes hereinafter tioned; and from time to time to vary and alter such rules, or-* and regulations, as occasion shall require for the purposes afore; and also from time to time to appoint proper persons, to be ed the King's Harbour Masters, to superintend such ports, harrs, &c. for the purposes aforesaid, and to enforce obedience to all rules, orders, and regulations; all which said rules, &c. shall, n the making thereof, and also from time to time whenever the he shall in any manner be varied or altered, be forthwith printed published in the London Gazette, and being also printed and put on pasteboard shall be constantly kept hung up in some open and spicuous part of the custom-house, or other place of public resort business in the port, harbour, or haven, for which the same shall made, or where the same shall be directed to be in force, to the ent that the same may be seen and read, and copies or extracts en therefrom by all persons interested therein. § 2.

No private ship to fasten to his Majesty's moorings.-If any private p of war, transport, or other private or merchant ship or vessel, hter, barge, boat, or other craft whatsoever, for which no licence to do shall have been first obtained in writing under the hand of by commissioner of the navy, port-admiral, or other person who all be duly authorized by the said lord high admiral, or three or ore of the said commissioners for executing the office of lord high miral aforesaid, to grant such licences, for the time and purpose be therein particularly specified, shall, unless forced thereto by ress of weather or other unavoidable accident, be moored or fastened any of his Majesty's moorings, chains, anchors, buoys, piles, ships, r hulks, or shall in any manner be moored, anchored, or placed vithin any such distances so to be appropriated as aforesaid to and or the sole use and purpose of moorings for his Majesty's ships or essels of war, or hired armed ships or vessels in his Majesty's serpice, or within any such distance, so to be specified as aforesaid from is Majesty's docks, dock-yards, &c. or within any such spaces so to be directed to be kept open as aforesaid, or in the fair way or channel or across the stream in any such port, harbour, haven, or navigable river, so as to obstruct the passage or entrance into the same: the master or other person then on board, and having the charge or command of any such ship or vessel, &c.; and in case the proper master

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