An Asylum for Fugitive Pieces, in Prose and Verse, Not in Any Other Collection: with Several Pieces Never Before Published. A New Ed., Including Pieces Not in the Former Edition, and Several Never Before Printed, Nide 4

J. Debrett, 1798

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Sivu 222 - OR ever, Fortune, wilt thou prove An unrelenting foe to love, And when we meet a mutual heart, Come in between, and bid us part : Bid us sigh on from day to day, And wish, and wish the soul away; Till youth and genial years are flown, And all the life of life is gone...
Sivu 25 - YE sons of freedom, wake to glory! Hark! hark! what myriads bid you rise! Your children, wives, and grandsires hoary, Behold their tears, and hear their cries! Shall hateful tyrants, mischief breeding, With hireling hosts, a ruffian band, Affright and desolate the land, While peace and liberty lie bleeding? To arms! to arms! ye brave! Th" avenging sword unsheath ; March on!
Sivu 8 - Sir, there is as much evidence for the existence of spirits as against it. You may not believe it, but you cannot deny it.
Sivu 7 - I endeavoured to defend a work which had afforded me so much pleasure, but could not master that strength of mind with which he argued ; and it was with great satisfaction that he communicated to me afterwards a method of curing corns by applying a piece of oiled silk. In the early history...
Sivu 18 - To make the gentle KNELLER all their care : But ne'er with smiles to gaudy VERRIO turn'd, No happy incense on his altars burn'd...
Sivu 260 - John: yet when she does come down, she brings such a deal of gentry that I have more horses than I can shoe, and my wife more linen than she can wash. Then all our grown children are servants in the family, and rare wages they have got. Our little boys get something every day by weeding their gardens, and the...
Sivu 228 - For which reason I go scattering my water every where about Richmond. And now that I am upon this topic, I must cite you two lines of a letter from Bounce, of celebrated memory, to Fop, a dog in the country to a dog at court. She is giving an account of her generous offspring, among which she mentions two, far above the vice I now censure : ' One ushers friends to Bathurst's door, One fawns at Oxford's on the poor.
Sivu 6 - But, sir, as the poet says, ' he is devoid of all care.' " Pozz. " Yes, sir, he cares for nobody; he has none of the cares of life: he cannot be a merchant, sir, for he cannot write his name; he cannot be a politician, sir, for he cannot talk; he cannot be an artist, sir, for he cannot see; and yet, sir, there is science in drinking." Bozz. " I suppose you mean that a man ought to know what he drinks.
Sivu 5 - Sir, I would ask him how he got his corn in, and whether his wife was with child ; but I would not talk politics." Bozz. " But perhaps, Sir, he would talk of nothing else." Pozz. " Then, Sir, it is plain what he would do.
Sivu 6 - I begged he would repeat this, that I might remember it, and he complied with great good humour. " Dr. Pozz," said I, "you ought to keep a coach.

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