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Street fight at Monterey,
General Kearny,
Headpiece, -
Colonel McCulloch,
Captain Walker,
Colonel Hays,
General Scott,
General Shields,

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Annexation of Texas.

aggression the most unjust which can be found recorded in the annals of modern history; namely, that of despoiling a friendly nation, like Mexico, of a considerable portion of her territory.” Immediately after, the minister demanded his passports, and from that time all efforts at amicable negotiation have failed.

On the 21st of March, 1845, orders were issued for General Zachary Taylor, commandant at Fort Jessup, Louisiana, to prepare his forces for marching into Texas, whenever orders to that purpose should be issued. The reasons for this were given by President Polk in his message of December, 1845. “Both the congress and the convention of the people of Texas, invited this government to send an army into their territory to protect and defend them against a menaced attack. The moment the terms of annexation offered by the United States were accepted by Texas, the latter became so far a part of our country as to make it our duty to afford such

protection and defence. I therefore deemed it proper, as a precautionary measure, to order a strong squadron to the coasts of Mexico, and to concentrate an efficient military force on the western frontier of Texas.”

Agreeably to instructions received from government, General Taylor concentrated his forces at Corpus Christi, in the eastern part of Texas. Here he remained until March, 1846, when he received from the president orders to the following effect :

“ Instructions have been issued to the general in command to occupy the left bank of the Del Norte. This river which is the south-west boundary of the state of Texas, is an exposed frontier. From this quarter invasion was threatened; upon it, and in its immediate

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