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whether in religious doctrine, or in civil serm, government.

When the Protestants of France in a former age were obliged to flee from persecution on account of their faith, our Fathers opened their hospitable arms for their reception, admitted them to the privilege of fellow citizens, and gave them the blessing of a“ Country and a home.

Again, when the Royalists of France during the present convulsions of that unhappy State were obliged to flee from a Country distracted with anarchy, and polluted with massacre in every horrid and atrocious form, the present generation pursuing the laudable example of their Fathers received them with an active compassion into the bosom of their Country, and softened the rigours of unexpected poverty and exile by the seasonable interposal of a ready charity.

To this amiable feature of our national character let us all be assiduous to contribute in our private capacities: taking always especial care, that we do not exercise our benevolence out of ostentation, or to seek the praise of men, but out of that real love both to


SERM. God and man, which our · Religion VIII. proposes for the principle of our obe

dience. In the charity of our hearts as well as of our hands let us acknowledge no respect of persons. Whatever difference there may be in our speculations of civil government, in our several functions and capacities let us approve ourselves a City that is at unity with itselfw. Whatever difference there may be among us in our sentiments of religious doctrine or discipline, by our Christian conversation let us testify to all, that we are a household of faith, compacted together in the unity of the spirit by the bond of

peace *

If we thus fill our stations in a world, where schism and dissension are permitted to continue for a time, we shall minister to ourselves an entrance into the everlasting Kingdom of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christy; wherein all who have feared God and wrought righteousness ?, without respect of station, country, or profession of faith, whether Jew or Samaritan, Greek or

Y 2 Pet. i. 11.

Psal. cxxii. 3. * Eph. iv. 3.

2 Acts x, 34, 35.




Barbarian, Bond or Free, shall be re- SERM. ceived into the great Household and Family of the Faithful, shall be bound m in one spirit, shall be animated with one soul, and though collected from different societies upon earth, shall constitute in Heaven One Fold under One Shepherd

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Luke xiv. 16, 17.

Then said he unto him; A certain Man

made a great Supper, and bade many : and he sent his Servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, Come, for all things are now ready. UR Lord omitted no opportunities, SERM.

while he sojourned on earth, of 1x. giving glory to God and of exercising good will to men. For this purpose he shewed a readiness of intercourse with all classes of men on all occasions and occurrences. Sometimes he resorted to the house of mourning, and sometimes to the house of feasting: at one time he sat down to meat with the Publicans, and at another time with the Pharisees.


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