Domestic Happiness Portrayed: Or, A Repository for Those who Are, and Those who are Not Married

C. Hubbell, 1835 - 428 sivua

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Sivu 46 - Man-like, but different sex; so lovely fair, That what seem'd fair in all the world seem'd now Mean, or in her summ'd up...
Sivu 52 - Duchess, with all the household, gentlemen and gentlewomen, were hunting in the park. I found her in her chamber reading...
Sivu 124 - Though higher of the genial bed by far, And with mysterious reverence I deem, So much delights me, as those graceful acts, Those thousand decencies that daily flow From all her words and actions...
Sivu 98 - The jealous man is not indeed angry if you dislike another ; but if you find those faults which are to be found in his own character, you discover not only your dislike of another, but of himself. In short, he is so desirous of...
Sivu 352 - Minds, than to create new Habits in them. Instead of such high Passages, I was thinking it would be of great Use (if any Body could hit it) to lay before the World such Adventures as befal[l] Persons not exalted above the common Level. This, methought, would better prevail upon the ordinary Race of Men, who are so prepossessed with outward Appearances, that they mistake Fortune for Nature, and believe nothing can relate to them that does not happen to such as live and look like themselves.
Sivu 128 - Not minds of melancholy strain, Still silent or that still complain, Can the dear bondage bless : As well may heavenly concerts spring From two old lutes with ne'er a string, Or none besides the bass.
Sivu 52 - Guilford, desired permission to see her ; but she refused her consent, and sent him word, that the tenderness of their parting would overcome the fortitude of both, and would too much unbend their minds from that constancy which their approaching end required of them. Their separation...
Sivu 374 - ... my applauses : sometimes she sings my verses, and accompanies them with the lute, without any master, except love, the best of instructors. From these instances I take the most certain omens of our perpetual and increasing happiness, since her affection is not founded on my youth or person, which must gradually decay; but she is in love with the immortal part of me — my glory and reputation.
Sivu 110 - I am not so much inclined to wonder that marriage is sometimes unhappy, as that it appears so little loaded with calamity ; and cannot but conclude that society has something in itself eminently agreeable to human nature, when I find its pleasures so great, that even the ill choice of a companion can hardly overbalance them.
Sivu 229 - Hail, wedded Love, mysterious law, true source Of human offspring, sole propriety In Paradise of all things common else! By thee adulterous Lust was driven from men Among the bestial herds to range ; by thee, Founded in reason, loyal, just, and pure, Relations dear, and all the charities Of father, son, and brother, first were known.

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