The Orientalist: Or, Letters of a Rabbi. With Notes

Oliver & Boyd, 1831 - 368 sivua

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Sivu 182 - Single is each man born; single he dies; single he receives the reward of his good, and single the punishment of his evil, deeds.
Sivu 180 - A mansion with bones for its rafters and beams ; with nerves and tendons for cords ; with muscles and blood for mortar ; with skin for its outward covering; filled with no sweet perfume, but loaded with...
Sivu 119 - ... took the same care of him as if he had been his own son. Abdallah a hundred times testified his gratitude to him for all his bounties ; but the old man always answered, " My son, it is by actions that gratitude is proved ; we shall see in a proper time and place, whether you are so grateful as you pretend.
Sivu 155 - He, (Moldovanji Pacha,) was desirous of an acquaintance with me, and seeming to regret that his business would not permit him to stay long, he departed, promising in a short time to return. I had already attended him half way down the staircase, when stopping, and turning briskly to one of my domestics who followed me, ' Bring me directly/ said he,
Sivu 260 - Pythagoras, as after him Ocellus, peoples the middle or aerial region with demons, as heaven with gods, and the earth with men. Here again they agree precisely with the Hindus, who place the gods above, man beneath, and spiritual creatures, flitting unseen, in the intermediate region.
Sivu 179 - Let not a man be querulous even though in pain ; let him not injure another in deed or in thought ; let him not even utter a word, by which his fellow creature may suffer uneasiness; since that will obstruct his own progress to future beatitude.
Sivu 180 - Let him say what is true, but let him say what is pleasing; let him speak no disagreeable truth, nor let him speak agreeable falsehood : this is a primeval rule. 139. "Let him say, '"well...
Sivu 155 - ... said he, some bread and salt. What he requested was brought; when, taking a little salt between his fingers, and putting it with a mysterious air on a bit of bread, he eat it with a devout gravity, assuring me, that I might now rely on him.
Sivu 130 - He bought another , and arrived without any obstacle at his mother's , whom he would scarce look upon , so much was he taken up with his treasure. His first care was to place the loads of his camels and the candlestick in the most private room of the house; and , in his impatience to feed his eyes with his great opulence , he placed lights immediately in the candlestick : The twelve...
Sivu 174 - ... arms ; nor stand upon hair, ashes, bones, potsherds, seeds of cotton, or husks of grain ; nor stroke (or scratch) his head with both hands ; nor, after his head has been rubbed with oil, touch with oil any of his limbs ; nor receive a gift from a keeper of a slaughter-house or oil-press...

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