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7 Consider my complaint : for I am' brought very low.

8 O deliver me | from my | persecutors : for | they' are too strong | for me.

9 Bring my soul out of prison, that I may give thanks un to' thy Name : which thing if thou wilt grant me, then shall the righteous resort' un to' my company.

PSALM CXLIII. Domine, exaudi. HEAR

SEAR my prayer, O Lord, and consider | my' righteous'ness' | sake.

2 And enter not into judgement with thy servant : for in thy sight shall | no' man | living bei justified.

3 For the enemy hath persecuted my soul; he hath smitten my life down to the ground : he

hath laid me in the darkness, as the men that have been' long | dead.

4 Therefore is my spirit | vexed with in me : and my heart' within me is desolate.

5 Yet do I remember the time past; I muse upon | all thy | works : yea, I exercise myself in' the works of thy | hands.

6 I stretch forth my hands | un'to | thee : my soul gaspeth unto thee | as' a | thirs'ty | land.

7 Hear me, O Lord, and that soon, for my spirit / wax'eth | faint : hide not thy face from me, lest I be like unto them that go | down' in to the pit.

8 O let me hear thy loving-kindness betimes in the morning, for in thee | is' my | trust : shew thou me the way that I should walk in, for I lift up | my soul un'to thee.

9 Deliver me, O Lord, | from' mine | enemies : for I flee | un'to | thee' to hide me.

10 Teach me to do the thing that pleaseth thee, for thou art my | God : let thy loving Spirit lead me forth in to' the land of righteousness.

11 Quicken me, O Lord, | for' thy | Name's sake : and for thy righteousness' sake bring my soul out of trouble.

12 And of thy goodness / slay' mine | enemies : and destroy all them that vex my soul ; | for' I | am' thy | servant.

Day 30. Morning Prayer.

Psalm CXLIV. Benedictus Dominus. LESSED be the Lord' my strength : who teacheth

my hands to war, I and my | fingers' to fight.

2 My hope and my fortress, my castle and de. liverer, my defender in whom' I trust : who subdueth my peo'ple that is under me.

3 Lord, what is man, that thou hast such respect' un to him : or the son of man, | that thou | so' regardest him

4 Man is like a thing of nought : his time passeth a way - | like' a / shadow.

5 Bow thy heavens, O Lord, and come down : touch the mountains, and | they' shall / smoke.

6 Cast forth thy | lightning,' and tear them : shoot out thine ar'rows, and consume them.

7 Send down thine hand | from' above : deliver me, and take me out of the great waters, from the hand of strange children;

8 Whose mouth | talketh' of vanity : and their right hand | is a' right | hand' of wickedness.

9 I will sing a new song unto | thee,' O God : and sing praises unto thee upson' a | ten'-stringed | lute.

10 Thou hast given victory | un'to | kings : and hast delivered David thy servant from the pe'ril | of the sword.

11 Save me, and deliver me from the hand of strange | children : whose mouth talketh of vanity, and their right hand is a right hand of' iniquity.

12 That our sons may grow up as the young | plants : and that our daughters may be as the polished cor'ners of the temple.

13 That our garners may be full and plenteous with all | manner of | store : that our sheep may bring forth thousands and ten | thou'sands | in' our streets.

14 That our oxen may be strong to labour, that there be no' descay : no leading into captivity, and no complain'ing | in' our streets.

15 Happy are the people that are in such'a | case : yea, blessed are the people who have the Lord | for their | God.

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PSALM CXLV. Exaltabo te, Deus. I

WILL magnify thee, O God, my | King : and

I will praise thy | Name' for ever' and ever.

2 Every day will I give thanks | un'to | thee : and praise thy Name' for ever' and ever.

3 Great is the Lord, and marvellous, worthy to' be praised : there is no' end of his greatness.

4 One generation shall praise thy works un to' another : and | -' declare thy | power.

5 As for me, I will be talking | of thy | worship : thy glory, thy | praise,' and I won'drous | works ;

6 So that men shall speak of the might of thy | marvel'lous | acts : and I will also | tell of thy | greatness.

7 The memorial of thine abundant kindness | shall be shewed : and men | shall sing of thy | righteousness.

8 The Lord is gracious,' and merciful : longsuffering, and of great - goodness.

9 The Lord is loving unto | ev'ery | man ; and his mercy is o'ver | all' his works.

10 All thy works praise thee,' 0 | Lord : and thy saints' give thanks' un to thee.

11 They shew the glory of thy kingdom : and talk - of thy power ;

12 That thy power, thy glory, and mightiness | of thy | kingdom : might | be' known / un'to | men.

13 Thy kingdom is an ever|lasting | kingdom : and thy dominion endureth' throughout all ages.

14 The Lord upholdeth all such as fall : and lifteth up | all those that are down.

15 The eyes of all wait upon thee,' 0 | Lord : and thou givest them | their' meat | in' due | season.

16 Thou openest' thine hand : and fillest all' things I living with plenteousness.

17 The Lord is righteous in all his ways : and holy' in all his works.

18 The Lord is nigh unto all them that | call' up on him : yea, all such as call' up on' him faithfully.

19 He will fulfil the desire of them' that | fear him : he also will hear | their' cry, / and will help them,

20 The Lord preserveth all them' that love him : but scattereth a broad' all the' un godly.

21 My mouth shall speak the praise of the Lord : and let all flesh give thanks unto his holy | Name' for I ever and ever.


Psalm CXLVI. Lauda, anima mea. RAISE the Lord, O my soul ; while I live will I |

praise the Lord : yea, as long as I have any being, I will sing | praises' un to' my God.

2 0 put not your trust in princes, nor in any | child of man : for there is | no' help , in them.

3 For when the breath of man goeth forth he shall turn again | to' his earth : and then' all his' thoughts | perish.

4 Blessed is he that hath the God of Jacob | for

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