Annals of influenza or epidemic catarrhal fever in Great Britain from 1510 to 1837

Sydenham Society [by C. and J. Alard, Printers], 1852 - 406 sivua

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Sivu 286 - He who has not made the experiment, or who is not accustomed to require rigorous accuracy from himself, will scarcely believe how much a few hours take from certainty of knowledge, and distinctness of imagery; how the succession of objects will be broken, how separate parts will be confused, and how many particular features and discriminations will be compressed and conglobated into one gross and general idea.
Sivu 23 - If the most fashionable parts of the capital could be placed before us, such as they then were, we should be disgusted by their squalid appearance, and poisoned by their noisome atmosphere.
Sivu 23 - At another time an impudent squatter settled himself there, and built a shed for rubbish under the windows of the gilded saloons in which the first magnates of the realm, Norfolk, Ormond, Kent, and Pembroke, gave banquets and balls. It was not till these nuisances had lasted through a whole generation, and till much had been written about them, that the inhabitants applied to Parliament for permission to put up rails, and to plant trees.
Sivu 385 - is at hand, when the causes of disease shall not only be sought after in the air, in our method of living, &c., but in the incautious use of waters often abounding in innumerable animalcules.
Sivu 387 - I have indicated in another part of this work the curious fact, that the whites born in the torrid zone walk barefoot with impunity, in the same apartment where a European recently landed is exposed to the attack of the niguas or chegoes (pulex penetrans).
Sivu 23 - Square was a receptacle for all the offal and cinders, for all the dead cats and dead dogs of Westminster. At one time, a cudgel player kept the ring there; at another time, an impudent squatter settled himself there, and built a shed for rubbish under the windows of the gilded saloons, in which the first magnates of the realm — Norfolk's, Ormond's, Kent's, and Pembroke's — gave banquets and balls.
Sivu 35 - It generally went off about the fourth day, leaving behind a troublesome cough, which was very often of long duration, and such a dejection of strength as one would hardly have suspected from the shortness of the time. " On the whole, this disorder was rarely mortal, unless by some very great error arising in the treatment of it; however, this very circumstance proved fatal to some, who, making too slight of it, either on account of its being so common, or not thinking it very dangerous, often found...
Sivu 385 - I have sometimes," says Baker, " forced a worm from a polype the instant it has been seized, at the expense of breaking off the polype's arms, and have always observed it to die very soon afterwards, without one single instance of recovery...
Sivu 347 - that the poison which produced influenza acted on the nervous system in general, and on the pulmonary nerves in particular...
Sivu 158 - Ripon,' and in two days after in the ' Princess Amelia' ; other ships of the same fleet were affected with it at different periods, some indeed, not until their return to Portsmouth about the second week of June.

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