Indi: Nation on the Move

iUniverse, 1.1.2009 - 460 sivua
India has long been known for its rich and varied culture, venerable history, spirituality, and steadfast commitment to democracy. In this succinct and insightful guidebook, Manish Chary presents illuminating insight into a country with one of the fastest growing economies in the world.

Once dismissed as a slumbering elephant for its slow economic growth, India has emerged as the darling of the West. Chary packs his all-in-one reference manual with facts, figures, and a practical introduction to India s culture, ancient and contemporary history, economy, foreign relations, and the challenges facing the Asian and Indian community. He provides an in-depth look into the fascinating aspects of Indian life including its

  • Unique caste system, food habits, and marriage system
  • Transition from a government-controlled economy to a market-focused economy
  • Emergence as an information technology superpower
  • Foreign relations with the United States, China, Russian, and Pakistan
India: Nation on the Move helps build on the excitement that this country, once described by Mark Twain as the cradle of the human race, has the potential to become an increasing force in world affairs and a major driver of global economic growth in the twenty-first century.

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