The Complete Victoria Cross: A Full Chronological Record of All Holders of Britain's Highest Award for Gallantry

Casemate Publishers, 30.9.2015 - 416 sivua
This fully revised paperback edition of the complete chronological record of VC holders is an essential work of reference for every student of military history. All the British and Commonwealth servicemen who have been awarded the highest honour for exceptional acts of bravery and self-sacrifice are commemorated here. The first VCs awarded for the Crimean War and in the nineteenth-century colonial wars are described, as are the VCs awarded in the world wars of the twentieth century and the most recent VCs awarded during present-day conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. The extraordinary exploits recounted in this fascinating book make unforgettable reading.

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The Victoria Cross is the highest military accolade for Britain and those in the Commonwealth countries and awarded for valour "in the face of the enemy" to members of the armed forces. The VC is ... Lue koko arvostelu


Campaigns of the Victoria Cross 4 The Crimean War 185456 and the Persian War 185659
The Indian Mutiny 185759
The MidVictorian Period 186078
The Late Victorian Period 187889
Victorias Final Wars 18991901
The Edwardian Period 190204
The First World War 191418
The InterWar Years 191935
The Second World War 193945
The PostWar Period 19502015
Burial Locations
Alphabetical List of Victoria Cross Holders

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Tietoja kirjailijasta (2015)

Kevin Brazier has investigated the lives, careers and military exploits of all 1358 VC holders in order to compile this unique book. He has long been intrigued by medals and medal recipients, in particular by the VC, Britains highest award for gallantry. His other books include The Complete George Cross and The Complete Blue Max.

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