The Life of Silas Wright: Late Governor of the State of New York. With an Appendix, Containing a Selection from His Speeches in the Senate of the United States, and His Address Read Before the New York State Agricultural Society

J. E. Beardsley, 1847 - 378 sivua

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Sivu 98 - Resolved, That the President, in the late Executive proceedings in relation to the public revenue, has assumed upon himself authority and power not conferred by the Constitution and laws, but in derogation of both.
Sivu 282 - Resolved, That by dismissing the late Secretary of the Treasury, because he would not, contrary to his sense of his own duty, remove the money of the United States in deposit with the Bank of the United States and its branches, in conformity with the President's opinion, and by appointing his successor to effect such removal, which has been done...
Sivu 295 - President's opinion, and by appointing his successor to effect such removal, which has been done, the President has assumed the exercise of a power over the Treasury of the United States, not granted to him by the Constitution and laws, and dangerous to the liberties of the people.
Sivu 178 - AD 1867, to supply the vacancy in the Senate of the United States occasioned by the expiration of the term of Hon.
Sivu 56 - ... are requested, to make every proper exertion to effect such a revision of the tariff, as will afford a sufficient protection to the growers of wool, hemp and flax, and the manufacturers of iron, woollens, and every other article, so far as the same may be connected with the interest of manufactures, agriculture and commerce.
Sivu 64 - He became very soon convinced that he had committed a great error upon that occasion, and it was possible he was about to commit another as great now. It grieved him to know and feel, that many friends within the reach of his voice, whose judgment he most highly respected, and whose good opinions were most valuable to him, would so look upon his present vote. He could not. The occasions appeared to him to be wholly dissimilar. The tariff of 1828 was avowedly passed for protection; and if considerations...
Sivu 278 - Chair,* as I find it in a morning paper. It is this : — " Be assured, Sir, whatever nice distinctions may be drawn here as to the show of influence which expressions of the popular will upon such a subject are entitled to from us, it is possible for that will to assume a constitutional shape, which the Senate cannot misunderstand, and, understanding, will not unwisely resist.
Sivu 94 - ... would soon cease. Apprehension, — a just apprehension of the hostile movements of this great institution, is the most powerful cause of the present scarcity of money. This scarcity must exist so long as this apprehension continues. How, then, is it to be allayed ? would seem to be the pertinent inquiry. The honorable senator from Massachusetts answers us by the bill upon your table. Recharter the bank ; appease the monster by prolonging its existence, and increasing its power.
Sivu 274 - ... objections are of a deeper and graver character. I go against this bank, and against any and every bank to be incorporated by Congress, whether to be located at Philadelphia, or New York, or anywhere else within the twenty-four independent states which compose this confederacy, upon the broad ground which admits not of compromise, that Congress has not the power, by the constitution, to incorporate such a bank.
Sivu 352 - American manufacturer, as for those wages he gets a much better selection of hands, and those capable of, and willing to perform a much greater amount of labor in a given time. The American manufacturer, also, uses a larger share of laborsaving machinery than is used in the English manufactories, which very much diminishes the effect of the higher rate of wages upon the actual cost of our goods.

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