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labour for the spiritual welfare of those from whom, after the flesh, our Saviour and only Lord came. Believing that they who seek their salvation shall be blessed themselves, and remembering our Master's words—" beginning at Jerusalem,” “to the Jew first”—1

—we affectionately invite the co-operation of all believers in our sympathy with the British Society in its present painful position, by the failure of Messrs. Strahan and Co. Let us make immediate free-will offerings, and remit the same direct to Mr. George Yonge, 1, Crescent Place, Blackfriars, London. Afterwards, on the FIRST SUNDAY OF EVERY NEW YEAR, we respectfully suggest the making an annual collection as a free-will offering of first fruits, in our respective places of Worship, for the benefit of the Society, as we have said to the Jew first,” “ whose debtors we are;”—and also to promote amongst ourselves a local agency, in aid of the Society, by means of periodical letters and messengers, accredited by the Churches to each other in the immediate neighbourhood, which may ultimately save the expense of a travelling agency, and so indirectly benefit its funds, whilst it will keep in our remembrance those for whom our Saviour also died, as heirs with us at all times of the grace of life, and at the same time cement the common bond of union with all who love our Lord.

In the faith of the fathers, a converted Israelite of the tribe of Judah writes :-"Our treasurer has failed, but God has not and never will fail to those who put their trust in Him. It is our prayer and hope that he will cause that which has appeared a calamity to the British Society to work for its lasting good.”

We are aware, dear brethren, of the pressure of the times; and to our poor brethren we say, think of the commendation of the widow's mite (Luke xxi. 1-4), and of the early poor, who gave liberally of their deep poverty (2 Cor. viii. 2). Our richer brethren, as good stewards of the perishing riches confided to their care, having ascertained the will of God relativo to their duty, will give also liberally of their abundance (1 Peter iv. 9, 10); so that in the day that shall try every man's work of what sort it is (1 Cor. iii. 13, 15), their labour for, and gifts to Israel, may abide the fiery test (1 Peter iv. 12), and be found to praise and honour. We only add now, whether we labour or not, the counsels of God must be fulfilled, for “He will be as the dew unto Israel : they shall grow as the lily, and cast forth their roots as Lebanon ” (Hos. xiv. 5).-Farewell.

A. WAYLAND, Baptist Minister.
SAMUEL KNELL, Independent Minister.
John E. Isaacs, Independent Minister, Colyton.

W. L. GILL, Colyton.
Who will be glad to answer any note relating to the Association.

J Plex for Prayer.

“ Let him ask in faith, nothing wavering." DISCIPLES of the meek and lowly Saviour, — is it possible that you love the Bible, worship the God of the Bible, and yet forget to pray for the salvation of His ancient people Israel? Is it possible that you study the writings of the Old Testament saints, your Jewish brethren, receive the blessings of the Gospel, rejoice in the glorious inheritance purchased for you, and yet forget the Jew, the channel through which these rich privileges descend to you? My brethren, we have sinned, grievously sinned, with respect to our elder brethren of the house of Israel. Let us mourn, and be humbled on account of our forgetfulness, and awake to the high and holy privilege resting upon us! We labour in season and out of season, we pray earnestly in public and private, for the conversion of the heathen world, and it is right we should do so; but we forget our Redeemer's command, “beginning at Jerusalem.” We pass unheeded, or scornfully by the poor down-trodden, persecuted, despised Israelite, and in our unbelief imagine the Lord hath forgotten him, or that the work of his conversion is too hard for Him who has said, “All Israel shall be saved !"

The ear of Jehovah is not grown heavy with our petitions—for we have not prayed for the Jew. Let us try the power of earnest, fervent, believing prayer, on behalf of Israel, only one year, and see if God will not, as in ages past, pour out His blessing in such measure as shall fill the whole Gentile world with rejoicing and praise.

Fellow Christians, travellers to that heavenly inheritance where Jesus, the Jewish Martyr, the first Jewish Missionary, pleads for His brethren,will you not listen to His solemn command, and let the Jew have an interest in your prayers, in your spiritual affections, in your fervent and united pleadings at Jehovah's footstool? So shall a blessing return into your own souls, and the promise speedily be fulfilled, "All the ends of the earth shall see His salvation."


** Pray for the peace of Jerusalem : they shall prosper that love her.” The inhabitants of Jerusalem crucified the Lord of life and glory! Yet He says “Love her!” Let your whole souls be alive to her spiritual condition, not on set occasions, but always, and everywhere, love her ! Prove your love by praying for her, fervently, earnestly, perseveringly. Pray for the peace of Jerusalem," —that peace which can only be secured by the reception of Jesus, as the Messiah, the Redeemer. Pray for her in your most secret retirement, in your families, in the church. Mark the promise annexed : “they shall prosper that love her.

Christian ministers, mourning, it may be, the slow progress of the truth, weeping over the small number of converts to Jesus, the little fruit of all your anxious sowing,-are you careless about the peace of Jerusalem, unconcerned and prayerless regarding the salvation and ingathering of God's ancient people Israel ; and yet expecting the fulness of the Gentiles to be brought into the Church of the redeemed? Do you study, day by day, the Bible of the Jews, worship the Deliverer who came out of Zion, plead with sinners to be reconciled through the blood shed on Calvary, the fountain opened in Jerusalem ? Can you expect and receive all these blessings through the Jews, and be still cold-hearted and unbelieving, doubting the fulfilment of all the predictions respecting their future glory? Has the Lord said in vain, “I will be inquired of concerning these things!” “ Ask, and ye shall receive !” “ They shall prosper that love her?

Disciples of the risen and exalted Saviour,—the work is yours, individually ; Christ says to you, “Love the Jews! pray for them; labour for their conversion : "through your mercy they shall obtain mercy!” “What shall the receiving of them be but life from the dead?”—life to the Gentile world also. “Kings shall be nursing fathers, queens their nursing mothers." Study their past history, present humiliation, future glory;

” teach your children to love them when you talk to them of Jesus; remember He was an Israelite after the flesh, the first Missionary to the Jews.

The work is yours, collectively. Stir up the Churches to which you belong; see to it that you are all at your post, praying for Jerusalem. Is it too much to ask the Churches of the redeemed to devote one evening every three months to prayer-special, united prayer for Jerusalem? Four evenings out of 365, every year! is that too much to give to Israel's God on behalf of His own people? Is it too much to ask the ministers of the everlasting Gospel to publish the glorious message, “All Israel shall be saved !" four times a year in the great congregation?

Christian sisters, every domestic, social, and religious enjoyment comes to you instrumentally through the Jew: by the Bible, so carefully preserved by them, you have been rescued from degradation, raised to equality and fellowship, joint-heirs with Jesus Christ. Let your tender, loving zeal, your gentle, untiring earnestness be enlisted on behalf of your Jewish brethren and sisters ; remember them at all times, labour for their conversion, pray for them, and the God of Abraham shall be with you to


bless you.

The Mission.

FRANKFORT. Mr. STERN thus refers, in his journal, to a young Israelite, whose baptism he subsequently records :

For some weeks I have had visits from a into whose house I was admitted. Before very interesting young man, named S- I left my mother, she said that I miglit L-, of S—, but now in Frankfort, in be present whenever the other pupils a great merchant's house By different were taught in the Christian religion, and conversations, about the fall of man, sin, retain the best, which I could unite with redemption by the blood of Christ, regene- our Jewish religion, as she thinks one can ration, &c., I perceived that this young man, learn anywhere something for one's own though not yet baptised, is a believer in good. When I was first with this dear Christ, who is sure that Christ came as the family, though I was present at Scripture chosen sacrifice to shed His blood also for reading, morning and evening worship, yet him, a lost sinner. It was very refreshing my heart was cold and unbroken. I refor me to find again one of the lost seed of ceived not the things of the Spirit of God, Abraham belonging to Him who was bruised for they were foolishness unto me, neither for our iniquities, and wounded for our could I know them. One morning Mr. transgressions. I asked him how he be- Cour spoke of the future of Israel, and of came a believer, and be said: My mother, the precious promises which are yet to be who is here with me, and who has not yet fulfilled. I listened and listened with more found peace and salvation for her sins, was interest, and when the usual time was over, the first instrument in the hand of the I entreated Mr. Cour to tell me more of Lord for my conversion. A few years ago those things, which he did with pleasure. she would send me to French Switzerland, The time was at hand, the Lord opened my to an institution for perfectly learning heart that I attended unto the things which French. She inquired for such an institu- were spoken of him about Christ, the Lamb tion, and heard that Pastor Grünewald, of God, which takes away the sin of the who was formerly in Switzerland, knew of world. I found that not only was I born a good one. Ile recommended to her that

in sin, but that I was starding also under of Pastor Cour, in Yverdun, Canton de Vaud, the curse of the law, which I had broken.


In his last journal Mr. Stern says : Some days ago dear young Mr. S. Learly in the morning to me and said: “ I have already opened my heart to you, and you know that, by the grace of the Lord, I am a believer. Therefore I desire to be baptised as soon as possible. Since a few weeks my mother has been at the baths, but will soon return; now I should like to be baptised before her return, as she would, perhaps, binder me from doing

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I found peace in Him, the Prince of peace. When the year was passed, I left again this dear family by whom I was so richly blessed, and came to Frankfort, to my present situation. My most ardent desire is now, that my dearest mother would become a be. liever too. For me it seems almost impos. sible, as she will hear nothing about truth, neither from me nor from any other one. Not only so, she is hindering me also from having fellowship with believers, which I must do secretly.

I told him, that the grace of the Lord is unbounded, and that He, who brought him from darkness unto light, can do the same to his mother in His time; and if he cannot speak to her, yet can he pray, and the Lord is answering the earnest and sincere prayers.

My heart was full of thanks to the Lord wben I found this young — to be such a dear and simple child of God. He is acting sincerely according to his faith, not asking what men would say, or into what difficulties he would bring himself by fol. lowing the Lord. Faith gives him power to deny himself, and to take up his cross daily and to follow the Lord. Besides his mother and many Jews here, he has also an adversary in an old Roman Catholic servant, who brought him up, and who has lived sixteen years in their house. She said to him, before he was baptised, among other hard and violent expressions: When

you will be baptised the devil will fetch you," &c. 1- has just sent us, by the same servant, a note; and we profited by this opportunity to preach Christ to her, whom she does not know. She said, that Lreading to her every evening the Gospel. May the Lord bless His Word for the salvation of her poor soul !

As I believe that S- L Israelite in whom is no guile, I would not delay his desire, and sent him, with my writing, to both the reformed Pastors Schruder and Sudhof, who, after some conversations with him, fixed his baptism on the 26th of August. This solemn act was performed on the above-mentioned Sabbath-day, by Pastor Schruder, in the presence of Pastor Sudhof, Pastor Bannet, and many other witnesses. As Mr. Lbegged me to be his godfather, he received, at his baptism, the names Hermann Edward (the name of Mr. Cour at Yverdun,) S-nn.

Pastor Schruder spoke earnestly and fully about the meaning of baptism, and about the destination of Israel. Then he exhorted those who were present to receive this young man in love, as a brother in the Lord; and then he prayed especially for him, that the Lord may be his strength and his guide; and then for the Jewish people, who are still in darkness, that the Lord may have mercy upon them, and give them light and understanding to know Ilim.

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From Mr. SCHWARTZ' journal : Some time ago I made the acquaintance of Mr. C-, a pantheistic infidel, who, if he did not actually disdain, certainly disre. spected Christ. His prejudices were indeed hard to be overcome, until having pursuaded bim to read the Bible, by which his conscience seemed to wake from the lethargy into which bis fatal sentiments had thrown him. He now began to consider spiritual things; and with his progress in the New Testament came a greater concern in his own soul's welfare; intidel notions were abandoned, and God was his guide; the Gospel eclipsed the law, and Christ took possession of his heart. Yet

how hard is it to deal with many of those Israelites, who are in some state prepared for truth, when so many professors walk according to the flesh, and while even the teachers and preachers from the desks and pulpits of the land openly disguise and deny the Divine nature of Christ ! How often is the Missionary the butt for unbelieving ridicule! and yet I have experienced that even a word from an Israelite to a Gentile has not failed of good. This is evidenced in the person of a respectable citizen here of the name of A who has extensive intercourse with Jews of various character, and upon whom his unbeliel has

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exerted a most disastrous influence. I came in contact with him during a conversation which I had with his Jewish friends; it was thus he heard indirectly the truth: these things had such a beneficial effect upon him that at our next meeting his conduct was quite changed. He called afterwards upon me to acknowledge bis guilt, and expressed himself thus: “I know that my words will fall upon good ground, and therefore would confide to you the state of my mind. Since you last spoke I have been so uneasy that I could have revealed myself to my fellow-Christians, save that I feared their ridicule. I have been led away by designing men far from the truth; now faith has fled from me, and in lonely moments my heart is dreary and desolate." I now rejoice that he has found

peace in turning to the Saviour. Would that such cases were abundantly multiplied!

After further particulars of the results of Gospel preaching to Israel seen and unseen, Mr.S. continues :-You will doubtless be glad to learn that the direct and indirect preaching of the Word has been blessed to the awakening of many to decide for the Lord.

During the year 1854, fifteen adult Jews were received into the Protestant Church of this province; of these eight were baptised at Breslau, the remainder in the province. Three were regularly instructed by me, and with two others I had frequent intercourse: in all making a total of fiftysix Jews who have embraced Christianity during the time I have resided liere.

MARSEILLES. Mr. COHEN thus records another instance of confession of Christ, and of faith in Him, under peculiarly affecting circumstances :

Whenever I have witnessed the recep- prayer to the God of Abraham, Isaac, and tion of Jews into the Church of Christ, I Jacob; after which he read part of the have felt the great solemnity of the ser- third of St. John's Gospel, and the third of vice, but never before did I experience Galatians. He then addressed her in & such deep emotion in my soul, nor enjoy most solemn and touching manner, after such close communion with my Saviour, as which he baptised her in the name of the I did on the solemn occasion when R. Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, and closed H- was baptised, which took place on the solemnity with prayer and the benedicThursday last, (August 2). It is impos. tion. The other day Mr. Monod had an intersible to give you any thing like a full de- view with R.'s physician, who told him scription of the simple but touching service that her illness was such that she could of that evening. There lay R. H- not live long ; she is perfectly happy and with her deathly palo face in her bed, sur- resigned, waiting her departure. rounded by the matron, nurses, and sick I have spent much of my time during of the infirmary, and by a few private this month among the Jewish prisoners of friends. By her dying bed stood the ser- war, to whom I have preached Christ, and vant of Christ (Rev. J. Monod), who com- among wbom I have distributed nine Hemenced the solemn service with servent brew New Testaments.

LONDON. The following notices, by Mr. Wu. BRUNNER, derive increasing interest from the fact, that they refer to individuals of intelligence and respectability :

While it has pleased Providence to allow and progress with reference to those who heavy clouds to darken, for awhile, the fi- are the objects of it ; and that it has nancial horizon of the Society, and its not been affected by those changes and agents have been called upon to discharge vicissitudes which attend human things, other duties than are ordinarily connected and by which the temporal interests of our with their calling, it was very pleasing, institution have been, for a season, so shaken and a cause of great satisfaction to me, in and disturbed. Indeed, however the scenes returning to my work, to find that the may vary that pass our view, the case of same has not diminished in its interest the Jewish peoplerepresents to the Mission.

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